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Russians storm airport in attempt to attack passengers of Israeli flight (www.jpost.com)

Footage reportedly from the scene shared on local Telegram channels showed rioters chanting “Allahu Akbar” and stopping cars in order to check the documents of passengers to ensure they were not Israeli or Jewish. The Russian state-owned RIA Novosti outlet reported that police officers and the National Guard were present at...


Dagestan’s most prominent religion is Islam with about 83% wikipedia, so it’s not that surprising that they both support the struggle of the people of Gaza, as well as protest the war in Ukraine wikipedia.


I agree that would be too far, but where do you read that they wanted to kill them? I only read that they want to expel them, which is perfectly understandable.


Someone was watching CJ the X, I see… 😃 (last meme in the vid)


Yes, and then you should call it conception-day sex


Yes, lol.

But in my defense, I’ve had this saved on my phone for over a year, and I probably got it from /r/196 to begin with :p


For anyone who wants a comprehensive overview of gamergate:

Innuendo Studio’s Gamergate Talk (50 minutes)

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