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Dreamer of new worlds. Anarcho-municipal-confederalist. The People's Techbro.

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riotmuffin, to random
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Copaganda is heavy around here this week after a coupla cops kicked the bucket. So here’s your regular reminder what the most dangerous professions in the US are… note what is NOT on the list

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czottmann, to Russia
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Here's a great “Russian govt” explainer article from one of my fave German journalist crews, @Krautreporter.

Google Translate did a good job, so I recommend reading it:

> Russia has become a mafia state, with a powerful boss at the top: Vladimir . Many of his decisions seem irrational, and many events in seem completely insane […] But if you understand Russia as a mafia state, then […] a lot of other things suddenly make sense.

https://krautreporter-de.translate.goog/politik-und-macht/4934-don-putin-und-seine-feinde?shared=e547c3e4-8838-456c-b320-bea5b0b6de14&_x_tr_sl=de&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=wapp https://krautreporter-de.translate.goog/politik-und-macht/4934-don-putin-und-seine-feinde?shared=e547c3e4-8838-456c-b320-bea5b0b6de14&_x_tr_sl=de&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=wapp

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@czottmann @Krautreporter
This story is just an anecdote, but I think it drives the point home quite clearly. Its gangster shit on full open display: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/patriots-robert-kraft-vladimir-putin-stole-my-super-bowl-ring/

ItsTrainingCatsAndDogs, to random
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  • unikitty,
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    What if everyone knits matching hats tho? /s

    RD4Anarchy, to random
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    Check this out:

    "You're not a serious person. Fucking "anarchists" LOL gimme a fucking break and grow the fuck up. Morons."

    Same person:

    "I miss the Obama years."


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    @RD4Anarchy @HeavenlyPossum
    Good luck to em! They're gonna be talking about voting for months. Its gonna get tiresome even for them I'm sure.

    RickiTarr, to random
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    Trad Wife memes are always like a traditionally attractive skinny blonde woman in a white dress, in a field of flowers, holding hands with their immaculate children. The text always says something like, Why are you working a job, instead of doing your true calling? This is Godly Motherhood!

    This how I know these are made by people who have never been around children, or possibly even women, and also never had to worry about money.

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    @SocialistStan @RickiTarr
    And deliberate bad-faith meme-ing. Its the same as those 1950's ads with "this is what they took from you" labels. Pure nonsense pumped out to radicalize people.

    misc, to random
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    People like to say that "AI" is different from crypto in that there are actual useful applications, and that's true. But the vast majority of people you're expecting to come up with those applications are the same people who were just trying to build products on the blockchain.

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    @ftranschel @misc
    In an age of machine-generated SEO spam, web portals and directories are due for a comeback.

    Soon: Join Unikitty's webring of artisan human-created content!

    unikitty, to random
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    Unikitty's postulate:


    skykiss, (edited ) to random
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    A cautionary tale.

    “The cardinal error of the Germans who opposed Nazism was their failure to unite against it. At the crest of their popular strength, in July 1932, the National Socialists had attained but 37 per cent of the vote. But the 63 per cent of the German people who expressed their opposition to Hitler were much too divided and shortsighted to combine against a common danger which they must have known would overwhelm them unless they united, however temporarily, to stamp it out.”

    —William Shirer

    Democrats united. No matter anything. Unite.

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    Yeah but what does "stamp it out" mean in this context? I get that "not electing Republicans as much as possible" helps but that doesn't seem sufficient.

    wdlindsy, to random
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    "Biden is not evil. Trump is truly evil," Robert Reich says in a statement I excerpted here yesterday critiquing the "voting for the lesser of two evils" argument that justifies putting Trump back into the White House by voting third-party or refraining from voting.

    Negative responses to Reich's statement run the gamut:



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    I mean... Biden was also a driving force in the Drug War and the Iraq War, so he may be substantially lesser but he is hardly "not evil, not even a little bit"

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    @JoeChip @wdlindsy
    Kinda makes you think twice about the whole situation doesn't it?

    pluralistic, to Watches
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    It's time for action

    #horology #anarchism #sign #nola

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    @RickGaehl @pluralistic
    And in colonized territories, it started with the missionary's bell.

    Clocks and bells were a critical part of bending people's lives to clock time (as opposed to natural time)

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    Just solar time, seasons, and the Unix epoch for our digital buddies.

    gabriel, to random
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    Strongest adaptation: Will to live


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    RickiTarr, to random
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    Y'all I guess I should start getting my questions from Quora!

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    This is like how vegans keep ending up on desert islands with a pig.

    RD4Anarchy, to random
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    @neonsnake @passenger @magitweeter @violetmadder @RD4Anarchy @HeavenlyPossum @AdrianRiskin @whatzaname @ciggysmokebringer @gnutelephony @ThatWeltschmerz @FrenchPanda @glitzersachen
    I'm very much opposed to the central-planning dear-leader top-down USSR type of "communism"

    But knee-jerk anti-communism is absolutely fascist-adjacent even if plenty of liberals have been brainwashed into thinking that way.

    cstross, to random
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    OpenAI have a problem: it's not just training text that ChatGPT can reconstruct when prompted, and DALL-E does the same with images—including movie, TV, and computer game scenes and characters. Reductio ad absurdam: trademark-infringing output from a two word prompt ("animated toys"): https://garymarcus.substack.com/p/things-are-about-to-get-a-lot-worse

    Being sued by the NYT is bad enough. Being sued by Disney? That' gonna hurt

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    sidereal, to random
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    Interesting. Just read an article that included the sentence "the period March 2020 to March 2022 – the whole course of the pandemic."

    This is actually very interesting to me because a problem I've been having lately is a lot of people refer to the pandemic as being over, but I have no idea when they think the pandemic ended.

    Once again, the state of emergency associated with the pandemic is legally over, but the pandemic itself is very much still on.

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    Wastewater levels are up again. Just flew for the holidays. Maybe a dozen other people masked in the airport. Absolutely wild the level of denial or ignorance or not-caring.

    glynmoody, to random
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    Benjamin Netanyahu refuses to discuss postwar plan for Strip - https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/dec/27/benjamin-netanyahu-israel-refuses-to-discuss-postwar-plan-for-gaza-strip killing thousands of innocent civilians for months with no visible plan for rebuilding afterwards - that'll work...

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    @glynmoody @brendo
    This is the real plan. Extermination little-by-little until people give up and forget.

    the_etrain, to random
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    His name is Hark. He's a Harold Angel. He likes singing. That's my understanding, anyway.

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    You mean like this guy?

    blogdiva, to random
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    there is no shame to use all the social services you have paid with your taxes, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A WHITE, MID/HIGH INCOME EARNER.

    welfare is racialized in this country to deprive all Americans of the social services WE PAY for.

    it’s imperative y’all flood social services offices because if you don't, that's why the griftocracy keeps cutting local, state & federal budgets.

    so here’s what you can do after losing your job:


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    One reason I support universal benefits (even for the wealthy!) is exactly what you say in this thread: WHEN EVERYONE USES SOMETHING IT BUILDS SUPPORT FOR THAT THING.

    If rich people take transit, they will want it to be nice. If rich people want transit to be nice, it will get more funding and become nicer.

    If everyone goes to the same schools, people with power have incentives for those schools to be humane and well-funded.

    Means testing means more overhead and worse services. It means people left out by mistakes or arbitrary caps. Universal benefits FTW!

    sidereal, to random
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    Never understood meal prepping: it's like all the work of home cooking, but with a !FUN! twist that ensures your food is never actually fresh when you eat it

    @unikitty@kolektiva.social avatar

    @sidereal I often do a batch of lentils or soup and have that on hand. Agree about salads and pasta tho.

    HeavenlyPossum, to random
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    Israeli forces killed three Israeli hostages in Gaza on Friday.

    The hostages were apparently trying to surrender while displaying a white flag. The IDF shot and killed two immediately, then hunted down and killed the third while he begged for his life in Hebrew.

    Now, we could imagine that this was a singular and unique tragedy. Maybe these soldiers were particularly murderous.

    But it seems more likely that this incident offers a window into a more general approach by the IDF to killing men in Gaza, including men who are surrendering, and that we only found out about this instance because the victims in this case happened to be Israeli hostages, prompting a public investigation.


    @unikitty@kolektiva.social avatar

    "behaving in offensive and disrespectful ways toward the civilian population"

    That is a heck of a way to describe intentionally starving people.

    unworthyBeatrix, to random
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    I'm not saying HRT options are disappointingly limited, I'm just saying bioluminescent RGB strips with lights dancing in trans pride colours down the sides of my legs should really be something I can take a pill for.

    @unikitty@kolektiva.social avatar

    I'm afraid embedded light strips remain in the realm of scalpel work... for now

    Laukidh, to random
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    Emailing the DNC that I see we vetoed another ceasefire vote in the UN and that I hope they have a plan for when lots of people don’t vote for Biden.

    @unikitty@kolektiva.social avatar

    @shekinahcancook @Laukidh
    Do you think threatening people is a good way to get people excited for your political program?

    skykiss, (edited ) to languagelearning
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    With the exception of some Airlines flights that appear to possibly be performing aerial surveillance over northern , the international carrier flight paths seem to be avoiding airspace.

    • Active Conflict Zone Syria has been in a state of civil war since 2011. The ongoing conflict, as well as Turkey & Russia bombing Kurds make the airspace over Syria highly dangerous and volatile.

    • Risk to Civil Aircraft: There is a high risk to civil aircraft. Syrian AD systems may misidentify aircraft, which may be targeted in error or caught in crossfire during ongoing air attacks involving Russia, Iran. Missiles may erroneously lock on to civil aircraft.

    There have been incidents where civil aircraft were caught in dangerous situations. In Feb 2020, an A320 enroute OSDI/Damascus was caught in crossfire during an attack by 4 Israeli F-16’s, forcing it to divert to a Russian controlled air base.

    Russia props up Syrian dictator. Putin, Erdogan kill Kurds.


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    This is some A+++ anti-fascist content!

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