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@dessalines you forgot my fix Filter_removed_comments_from_search

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And actually has no mechanism to store value… so called value is based on a pure speculation

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You do know that value is a subjective form of perception right?

No, I don’t. Who told you this crap? Read this, seems you need this right now -> en.prolewiki.org/wiki/Value. You are welcome

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Dude, please stop spreading misleading information about value creation, made up value definitions and hiddenly legitimate crypto claiming out of thin air that people holding it were not scammed/manipulated/fooled, but acquire crypto because of some “value” they see in it

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looks pretty ponzi to me, mods comments made things even worse ^_-

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I cannot agree, we should try to help people to avoid ponzi. It is hard for people to resist marketing campaigns and opinion leaders trying to involve more people into ponzis

I made wanderer - a self-hosted trail and GPS track database (lemmy.world)

Over the last two months, I developed wanderer. It is a self-hosted alternative to sites like alltrails.com or in other words a self-hosted trail database. It started out more as a small hobby project to teach myself some new technologies but in the end, I decided to develop it into a fully-fledged application....

Mastering rust with basic data structures and algorithms

Rust is beautiful and at the same time pretty hard language to learn. While mastering it and digging deeper, I decided to play around basic data structures and algorithms. I put a repo with some theory, implementations and examples on github mainly for myself, but maybe someone will find it helpful, or share more effective...

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I took some cpp examples as guidance. As for geek for geeks agree, one shouldn’t blindly trust it and better use several sources. Adding more reliable sources is definitely point of improvement. I also used introduction to algorithms paperback book, but was lazy to add it as a source ^_^

One-post-account?! You belong to r/bitcoin top!

Today, I noticed an interesting thing about some hot posts in r/bitcoin. Some of the top posts are written by relatively old users, but their activity seems to be limited to just these posts and comments on them. I wonder whether the hype has awakened some dormant audience, or if these users are kind of hype men trying to warm...

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Probably the only thing that makes it stable

Mock Ponzi Scheme Organizers, Not Victims!

I think that in the bwockchain community, our principle that differentiates us from similar crypto-skeptical communities like Buttcoin should be not to mock people who were fooled into Ponzi schemes, but rather to criticize the organizers and beneficiaries of the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency Ponzi schemes.

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