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Small-time opensource developer, big-time opensource user from #Slovakia.

I like to #run.


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Gustodon, to spiders
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Today I learned that can use electric fields to propel their silk strands through the air, allowing for longer flights than wind alone would provide.

I was stunned and amazed.

And then I remembered that spiders have been evolving for more than three-hundred million years. Their super-powers should come as no surprise to anyone.

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@Gustodon Ooh, that has potential for some rather juicy conspiracy theories! :)

Are superintelligent spiders secretly controlling our brains with their electric fields? How can we be sure one way or another?

Were the tinfoil hat wearers right all along? o_O

preslavrachev, to ai
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C’mon, we’ve all been using LLMs on a daily basis for more than year now. You’d think people would slowly start to get the idea. But no.

Why is everyone still using an LLM and looking for accurate answers? They are obviously not built for that.

You use an LLM to get yourself off your writer’s block, to get a few ideas how to move on, not for it to solve the end equation for you. Duh!


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@peterbutler @preslavrachev Same here. There are dozens of us, dozens! :)

iamdtms, to random
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Microsoft is rumored to be planning the acquisition of Valve for 16 billion dollars

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@iamdtms Please don't feed the rumor mill that just spreads misinformation. You're better than that. 🙄

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@iamdtms That's beside the point, and I'll start worrying about it if it becomes anything other than a fever dream some random account on twitter made up to boost their popularity or something.

The important part is that you are spreading this made up crap, helping them. Even the article itself disparages the claim. Check your sources, instead of mindlessly propagating misinformation.

elizabethtasker, to random
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“Do you believe… in the Moon?”

Which was one of the more amusing slips I’ve heard during a Q&A session at JAXA, and left me wondering what crazy conspiracy theory I’d just walked into 😂

(What was actually meant was “do you believe there’s water on the Moon”, swiftly corrected but not before the whole room had collapsed with laughter.)

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@elizabethtasker We all need to believe in the Moon, to boost its self-confidence! :)

ticho, to running
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I did not plan to go #running today, but... it's raining! How can I not go?! I love running in the rain! :)

angiebaby, to random
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  • ticho,
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    @angiebaby Really it's all just chemtrails lit up by red and green space lasers.

    miriamrobern, to running
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    First run since twisted ankle in November. Some observations:

    a) holy shit am I out of shape

    b) phone can now just ride in bra strap. awesome!

    c) so out of shape

    d) boobs are heavy? sports bra very necessary. there is way more bouncing and swinging than i expected.

    e) parts of route enclosed by trees triggers The Fear now, which always surprises me

    f) jfc i have no stamina any more

    g) butt also bouncing, wtf?

    h) felt so good to be outside and using my body again

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    @hankg @miriamrobern For me, the second run after a longer break is always the hardest. I don't know what it is, maybe it's psychological, maybe I feel cocky and already regaining form after the first run, but the second run always sucker-punches me. :)

    JustBrogrammer, to running
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    I was going to say she must have a different training plan than I do but thinking about it, I think this is accurate.

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    @WTL @JustBrogrammer For me, it's the initial impulse to get my ass up and start gathering running gear.

    Same idea, different manifestation. :)

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    @WTL @JustBrogrammer My "I don't wanna" goes away the moment I start consciously moving through the house, picking the running clothes, water bottle, etc.

    rcr, to running
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    Just back from a short run. 800m hillrepeats with 60eg. The tricky part was the 32°C (fels supposedly like 37°C) and the 75% humidity. Now trying to cool down, literally.
    Photos from yesterday.

    Zurück von eine kurzen Lauf. 800m Bergaufläufe mit 60Hm. Das knifflige war die Temparatur von 32°C (soll sich wie 37°C anfühlen) und die 75% Luftfeuchtigkeit. Versuche mich jetzt abzukühlen, im wahrsten Sinne.
    Bilder vom Vortag.

    #running #run #Laufen #Läufer #SoutheastAsia #Südostasien

    Eine Graswiese im Vordergrund, mit Gräsern und Blumen. Dahinter bewaldete Hügel, die sich einer Meerküste entlang entstrecken.

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    @rcr Beautiful location to run in, but that humidity... ☠️

    ticho, to running
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    ticho, to running
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    My favourite local stretch of #running trail, where every spring, this beautiful bright green carpet grows right in the middle. 🤩 🌱 🌱


    amyfou, to Dogs
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  • ticho,
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    @amyfou Don't worry, guys, the big warm shiny ball will be back tomorrow... RIGHT BEHIND YOU! :)

    loadingartist, to random
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    a new comic about the end of the world ☢

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    @loadingartist See also: No looking up puzzle solutions in online walkthroughs or youtube guides. :)

    ticho, to running
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    After yesterday's windy and rainy 20km #run, we continued today with another 20km in lower altitude and fairer weather. Just as beautiful, and just as fun. First a climb on a hillside covered with some kind of white orchids, then across wild pastures into a forest. Lot of free-roaming cows, at some points there were so many that they blocked the entire path and sides, so we had problems passing through (their sharp horns can be scary up close). #Sardinia is very pretty for #running or #hiking.

    A runner on a stylish small stone bridge, spanning across a small pond of water. Various kinds of trees are all around.

    RickiTarr, to random
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    Family: Are you going to church on insert religious holiday?

    Me: Not if the church doesn't believe everyone deserves equal rights.

    Family: Why are you being difficult?

    Me: My values are important to me.

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    @RickiTarr Why is the church being difficult?

    The_KamikaZEN, to fediverse
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    Good morning, #Fediverse! Had a relaxed 6.66k run (🤘🏻😉🤘🏻) to start the day. And bumped into one of my favorite neighbors, Oso (bear) a sweet Pyrenean Mountain Dog who’s a veritable walking teddy bear 😍

    #Running #Runner #ZenRunner #DogsOfMastodon

    Apple Fitness screenshot showing my workout stats
    Apple Fitness screenshot showing my route and performance graphs
    Me posing besides a sweet white Pyrenean Mountain Dog

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    @The_KamikaZEN Oso seems happy to be included! 🤩

    ticho, to running
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    Today was the last run of the first training block. We went up on Montaña Negra, an old dormant volcano. The area around it is unreal, a mix of volcanic wasteland and light pine forests. All the trails are prettily lined with small stones, and very runnable. We also practiced fast downhills among volcanic rubble while juggling pinecones and other distracting shenanigans, all to get the mind occupied so that the legs and eyes can take care of safe passage by themselves.


    Trail through a pine forest, along a hillside.
    View from a hilltop, showing scattered trees and darkened rock gravel, with paths crisscrossing.
    Trail through a pine forest, covered by old pine needles, and surrounded by trees and low shrubs.

    SmudgeTheInsultCat, to random
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    @SmudgeTheInsultCat The proper parting words on a call are "this should have been an email".

    WTL, to running
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    Wednesday: 90 seconds of plank, followed by 6.5 km of #running (-8°C with a windchill of -13°C).

    Slept in until about 8:45am, then started my day; such a late start makes a mess of timing my mornings, but clearly I need the rest.

    Today marks the 9,496th day I've been married to @TAV (26 years to you “normal” people who don't count days, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    And yes, we did have our wedding reception in a pool hall because we wanted to have some fun. https://leroux.ca/an-articulation-of-love/

    Young couple leaning over a pool table cue in hand, lined up with the cue-ball.

    @ticho@mas.to avatar

    @WTL @TAV You guys look lovely, but I'm afraid that is an illegal pool move - only one person to a pool cue. 🚓 :)

    amyfou, to Dogs
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  • ticho,
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    @amyfou That doggo looks so happy! 🐶 Thanks for this photo, it made me smile. :)

    badlogic, to random
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    What a wonderful little tool for the artistically impaired like me.


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    @badlogic Reminds me a lot of fibre channel SAN diagrams between disk arrays with multiple controllers on one side, SAN switches in the middle, and servers with multiple FC adapters on the other side. Each disk visible over 8, sometimes even 16 redundant paths!

    Ah, the good old times.

    b0rk, to random
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    for folks who have been asking when this zine on Git I'm working on will be released: you can sign up here to get an email when it comes out! https://wizardzines.com/zine-announcements/

    @ticho@mas.to avatar

    @b0rk ...or you could offer a working RSS feed, so people do not have to give out their email addresses and still get the same information.

    Or, at the very least, remove the non-functional RSS feed reference from the header of your website, if you do not want to offer a RSS feed. 🤷

    @ticho@mas.to avatar

    @b0rk Nice.

    Maybe it's just a bug that the application+rss link at https://wizardzines.com/zine-announcements/ has an empty href tag?

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