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Multiplex. Amateur Mensch. Mit Migrationshintergrund. Antifa. Klassenkampf treehugger, tofu-munching Wokerati usw.

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KimPerales, to random
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Republicans can no longer lie about the US economy bc it's going gangbusters & Americans are feeling it:

"The US is growing above trend .. wages are growing faster than the rest of the inflation basket, so real disposable income is rising .. alongside this is a MASSIVE wealth effect from the stock market & the housing market .. &, all of this comes on top of healthy HH balance sheets. .. US consumption is more durable than the bears believe."
-Goldman Sachs

#Bidenomics #GOPLies #VoteBlue2024

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@KimPerales And yet #US voters aren't that keen on #biden

Perhaps it has to do with lived experience?

stiofi, to Europe German
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#Europe and the #US are talking the talk, but #China is walking the walk in the renewable electrification of their economy.

Adam Tooze on Chartbook:

"The beginning of a new era: How the 'global' energy transition is happening in China."


#NotTheWest #energytransition

gigold, to bikes German
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An der Ampel stehende Autos auf der Straße rechts überholen - ja, oder nein?

Ich reihe mich lieber ein; halte rechts überholen für ein Sicherheitsrisiko.
Und merke zudem, dass viele Autofahrer nicht wissen, dass Radfahrende das dürfen - und dann allergisch reagieren.

Was denkt ihr?

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@gigold @bikes

Es hängt von meine Stimme in der der Besitzer des Todeskultzeuges ab.

pvonhellermannn, to random
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Very good news! Hah!

(This “hah” is aimed at all those explaining to me on here why the travel ban was deserved)

Travel ban overturned: Major victory for Professor Ghassan Abu Sittah following successful ICJP and ELSC legal challenge against German authorities


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Will this be reported in the German press? I doubt it.

ChrisMayLA6, to random
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Interestingly, Friedrich Merz, head of the German Christian Democrats, believes that:

'The continental Europeans were not entirely blameless when it came to Brexit... We lost patience with the special role that Britain always played in European politics. We didn’t do enough to help them come to a different referendum result'!

Bittersweet for Remainers, but an indication that their/our own campaigning failings were compounded by complacency(?) in the EU about the referendum.


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@mina @ChrisMayLA6

Bullshit from Merz. Britland got countless exceptions. They were never enough for the Brexiteers.

Merz is shaping up to go into coalition with fascists in the next German government.

These allies along with the conservatives in the EU are working to neutralize all social benefits of the EU.

This is the context of his misinformation.

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@mina @ChrisMayLA6

Every word that emerges from 's gob is a lie.

Does this sound familiar in the context of ?

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@mina @ChrisMayLA6

I hope you are right and we get to enjoy that delay @Mina.

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@mina @ChrisMayLA6 @Mina

I don't think they'll have the numbers.

But "sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof".

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@ChrisMayLA6 @mina I was kind of of that opinion as well.

But the EU is moving rapidly rightwards even without the UK.

The German is playing a significant role in this.

seems to want an alliance with 's grouping.

ryanhoulihan, to random
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  • stiofi,
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    @ryanhoulihan I'm not that well up on MMA but I suspect this geezer is from Dublin.

    fkamiah17, to USpolitics
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    What the bloody hell is wrong with Joe Biden???

    "Joe Biden’s tale about cannibals bemuses Papua New Guinea residents"

    #USPolitics #MadAsCheese


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    It's always about the #oldwhiteman .

    "Cannibalism was practised by some communities in the past in specific contexts, said Kabuni, such as eating a deceased relative out of respect, to prevent their body from decomposing. “There was context. They wouldn’t just eat any white men that fell from the sky,” said Kabuni."

    stiofi, to art
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    These new frescos from Pompeii are begging to be captioned:

    ¨The song was very nice sweetie, but now that I´ve seen your instrument, I think I´m developing a headache.¨

    #art #histodons #archeology #ancientrome

    jon, to random
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    In all my years working in EU politics in various policy areas, I have always had this nagging sort of fear, Yes Minister style, that the officials and the lobbyists are sharper and better informed than the politicians they're working with

    Yet the main railway lobby in Brussels - Community of European Railways (CER) - is an awful association. Incapable of putting together anything coherent and sensible. But no-one else, with any scale, is either. It's really grim

    @stiofi@troet.cafe avatar


    But that's a symptom of a structural issue isn't it?

    The #EU and the nation states represented by the post-democratic #councilofministers are dominated the #roadlobby.

    Joined up rail planning is poisonous to these #FossilCapitalist interests.

    Lazarou, to random
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    Blinken upping the language, sure to infuriate the Beast Netanyahu.
    Just words though still, stop sending military Aid. It's as simple as that.

    #WCK #WorldCentralKitchen #Gaza #Blinken #Netanyahu

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    @hannu_ikonen @Lazarou

    Yep. It seems to me that is actively promoting the campaign. If his fellow psycho wins then the comb-over mass murderer can really get to work.

    I don't get why and the can't take action and suspend military and intelligence cooperation with .

    After all, and further right Jews in America are going to vote Republican - whatever happens. What have the Dems got to loose?

    But is beyond human(e) understanding.

    DrALJONES, to random
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  • stiofi,
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    Another day, another low in the 's crimes against humanity in .

    I'd like to think that the states whose citizens were killed would break off relations with 's psycho government.

    But they won't. And EU nations will continue supplying arms.

    Just more preaching and no action from the likes of .

    liztai, to random
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    Episode 10: What I watched in March

    I had such a crazy quarter at work that my drama-watching has slowed down a lot! However, I still managed to catch a few things


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    Thanks for your recommendations for #CDramas !

    I'm trying to tune my ear to Mandarin.

    I'm not much into phantasy, preferring contemporary PRC and RC soaps. Especially those with social issues content.

    Anything more to recommend like Draw the Line?

    @stiofi@troet.cafe avatar

    @liztai Wonderful. Thanks for the tips!

    @stiofi@troet.cafe avatar


    Watched a bit of The Long Season. I'm hooked. I love the older Taxi driver.

    #cdrama #NotTheWest

    stiofi, to Scotland
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    #Scotland looking solid. They could win this.

    #scovfra #w6nations #womens6nations #rugby @rugby

    cstross, to random
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    New blog entry: Announcement time! https://www.antipope.org/charlie/blog-static/2024/03/announcement-time.html

    (Yes, I'm on one of the Hugo award shortlists. And there's other stuff too …)

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    For me the series is, among other things, significant #Brexit #fiction.

    KissAnne, to Finland
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    what is this building in the center of ?

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    @KissAnne OK:

    Shrine, food stall or a public toilet?

    I'd like it to be the latter. Why shouldn't conveniences look great?

    I love curved wood structures.

    stiofi, to Rugby
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    Right. Weekend.

    Gottle of Geer.


    What are the hashtags for #FRAvIRE #womens6nations?

    Where to watch? Please boost and reply.

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    @jaz You usually know these things - Women's Six Nations 2024 hashtags n tings...

    stiofi, to Israel
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    "#Israel has not changed course. The supplies entering #Gaza are woefully short of the minimum calories Israel specified before the war. American airdrops of supplies and emergency port are a pitiful pretence of a substitute.

    #Famine is unfolding in Gaza today. We should not have to wait until we count the graves of children to speak its name."



    davidaugust, to random
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    @davidaugust All purely theoretical tax rates.

    If you can afford tax avoidance specialists billionaires pay little in any jurisdiction.

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