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Radiohead fan

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Fuckin’ hell, you pay that much for school photos?

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I wonder if OP’s kids went to a prestigious private school?

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How is the availability of high-quality internet a first world problem? I live in a developing country and it’s way better than this LoL

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Ah, fellow Southeast Asian I see

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Really geography has a big influence, it’s all about cost of a cable vs. possible rate of return from subscribers.

Oh yeah totally. I live in a country with lots of island and it’s a logistical nightmare. As a result, the eastern most part of my country still doesn’t have internet. It’s not even because the government is incompetent, it’s because it’s hard. AFAIK at least

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WOW. This is such a nice job!. I really like the combination of blue and wooden brown. And the plants too. It feels like a high-fantasy book!

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I’m not sure if I agree on the microtransaction part, but I do agree when you say that internet gaming community have too much outrage now… Can’t people enjoy anything nowdays?

What gets you downvoted?

What sort of post or comment gets you downvoted the most? Especially if you don’t think it’s bad behavior in the first place, or don’t care. Does not have to be on Lemmy, but we are here… One of the good things about Lemmy IMO is that it’s small enough to see the posts that are unpopular. If you do “Top Day” on...

stackPeek, (edited )
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Can I be honest? Religion. Anything related to it, somehow will get someone downvote me. Even if I just mention “God” or something. I get that I should “separate the church from the state” or I should be secular here or whatevs, and I respect that. It’s not like every time I mention I force it down to everyone’s throat!

Tbh I wanted to make a post that greet everyone on Lemmy that are doing Ramadhan fasting at first, but now I don’t even feel like doing that. There’s no point of posting it, I guess, if it got downvoted and no one wants to see it.

I guess this means that Lemmy isn’t much different from Reddit…

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Have fun and be yourself :)

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Thank you, sorry for being negative.

Happy Ramadhan for those who celebrate it!!

Using AI to spot edible mushrooms could kill you | AI tools are good for some things, but don’t trust your health to apps that make frequent mistakes (wapo.st)

In particular, know how to identify the common and deadly species (eg: much of the genus Amanita) yourself, and get multiple trustworthy field guides for your part of the world.

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Identifying mushroom has always been mysterious to me–how did they differentiate many of the mushroom? Especially I heard that there are so many different mushroom that looks identical

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