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You know who says changing beef consumption is impossible so it’s meaningless to even try? Beef industry spokespeople.

I mean, what’s more impossible - changing Western dietary habits or changing the entire structure of capitalism and representative democracy that allows rich people to own private jets?


The majority of children born today are born in densely populated - and highly polluted - cities where they can’t see the stars, and are unlikely to ever have enough disposable income to travel for pleasure. The thesis holds.


I say housing is a right. That’s why I posted this.


Not sure beating up old men for hot takes benefits anybody.


Cryptocurrency is the online equivalent of the neo-Nazi bar.

You know how the story goes, with the bartender who tells the customer “you have to throw out neo-Nazis as soon as you see the uniforms or the tattoos, no matter how polite and well-behaved they are. Because if you let Nazis stay and get comfortable they’ll invite their friends, and word gets around that Nazis can drink comfortably at your bar, and customers who don’t want to drink with Nazis leave, and suddenly you have a Nazi bar”. You all remember that story?

Well, cryptocurrency in online spaces - especially futurist spaces and technological spaces - it’s a lot like that. Cryptocurrency supporters are constantly looking for opportunities to promote cryptocurrency. And they obviously see a movement like solarpunk, which talks a lot about decentralization, and mistrusts the global financial system, and so on, as fertile ground for shilling cryptocurrency.

And if you let cryptocurrency supporters hang out and talk about how awesome cryptocurrency is, they will inevitably start shilling their particular flavor of cryptocurrency. And that’s inevitably a capitalist scam and will inevitably harm anyone stupid enough to fall for it.

And the problem is not just that cryptocurrency is a capitalist scam. It’s that, if you don’t shut down cryptocurrency talk aggressively, you get more cryptocurrency supporters. Because the crypto bros see that cryptocurrency discussion is allowed, and they join in, and they invite their friends, and they start shilling their scams. And then you get crypto spammers and scam bots and the personal messages inviting you to elite investment opportunities and all the other scummy garbage that infests cryptocurrency websites. You either block cryptocurrency talk or you get a website full of crypto garbage.

In other words, cryptocurrency supporters need to be shut down as quickly and ruthlessly as any other bots and spammers. Because if you don’t you inevitably get a website full of bots and spammers.


Yes. Approximately 73 million people per day, to be exact.

Talk about the API user revolt all you like, the statistics clearly show all those moderator complaints did exactly two things: jack and shit.


He did, in fact, want to be prosecuted. Are you familiar with the concept of civil disobedience?

Wait, does America suddenly have a record number of bees? | (Probably, and it's bad news - farmers get tax benefits for beehives, and all the invasive honeybees are starving out native bees) | WaPo (

I try very hard to stay hopeful for the future. But it’s hard to stay optimistic when even the good news is actually bad news.

this is how NOT to convince people to vote (

Please, tell me more about how I feel about Donald Trump getting a second term. I’m sure making me feel guilty over something I have literally no power to affect will encourage me to waste time on empty virtue signaling instead of using my political and social energy more productively.

maugendre, to climate avatar

Humans do not do climate change.
Some activities do climate change.

period during which human activities have impacted the environment enough to constitute a distinct geological change.

living organisms, and the energy contained within them.

community and interactions of living and nonliving things in an area.

began at the end of the last glacial period, about 10,000 years ago. @anthropocene @technique @climate @climate


Humans do not do climate change.
Some activities do climate change.

Is this the climate denier version of “the Civil War was about state’s rights”? An intellectually dishonest linguistic distinction used mainly for propaganda?

I mean, if some activities do climate change who the fuck do you think is doing those activities?


Some of us told you Biden’s climate bills were performance and pork and wouldn’t make any difference. Some of us told you the goal was to funnel money to political allies, not save the environment.

You told us to vote harder and donate more money to Democrats in the midterms and it would work out somehow.

Yeah. How’s that “most environmentally friendly president in history” talking point working out?

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