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“I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned.” - Rich Feynman

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I’ve never noticed this, I’d bet it’s associated with your notification settings. My only gripe is that everytime my phone restarts, I have to open the app and reselected the ask first option for calling. Otherwise the number I don’t use associated with my service plan will be what I call from :/

Why is graphene os only available on google pixels?

I want to mainly use it for privacy over its “security”. I don’t know what makes everyone fine with running it on fucking google pixels. Is there some kind of “low security” version or something for other phones? I’m so tired of certain organizations infiltrating privacy communities and making people believe in...

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Security enables privacy, that’s why they are commonly referenced together. From a hardware standpoint, Pixels are the most secure phones on the market and Google makes them with dev’s in mind. This is why Graphene OS, which is based on AOSP, currently only runs on Pixels.

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