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Ghostbusters. Perfect in every respect, and endlessly quotable.


There’s not only one game left. The league plays 38 games, 33 before the league splits in half, then 5 more.

sanguinepar, (edited )

The whole of Germany shall be declared a united, indivisible republic.

Not really for a non German to say, but see no reason why not.

Every German who is 21 years old shall be a voter and be eligible for election, assuming he has not been sentenced for a criminal offence.

I’d say 18, make it he or she, and remove the criminal offence part.

Representatives of the people shall be paid so that workers may also sit in the parliament of the German people.

No to this - unelected representatives are accountable to nobody.

Universal arming of the people. In future armies shall at the same time be workers’ armies so that the armed forces will not only consume, as in the past, but produce even more than it costs to maintain them.

Absolutely not. Arming the entire population sounds like complete insanity.

Maintenance of justice shall be free of charge.

Depends exactly what is meant by that - certainly I don’t think people should have to pay for the police to uphold the law and I think there should be some form of legal support so that those who cannot afford lawyers can still have competent representation when they need it.

All feudal burdens, all fees, labour services, tithes etc. which have previously oppressed the peasantry shall be abolished without any compensation.


All baronial and other feudal estates, all mines, pits etc. shall be converted into state property. On these estates agriculture shall be practised on a large scale and with the most modern scientific tools for the benefit of all.

Depends on specifics, but generally, yes, I’d agree with this (although I’d also not want coal mining, etc, to be a mainstay of the economy given the environmental issues it causes)

The mortgages on peasant farms shall be declared state property. The interest for these mortgages shall be paid by the peasants to the state.

Not sure about this one. I don’t have a problem with people having private property, as long as there are significant balances to protect the least fortunate through tax-funded national social programmes.

In the areas where leasing has developed the ground rent or lease payment shall be paid to the state as a tax.

Not sure I follow what this means. Is it saying that the state would become the landlord? Bit dubious about that, but it’s hard to say.

All private banks will be replaced by a state bank whose bonds will have the character of legal tender.

No, don’t agree with this. Having a range of competing banks seems better to me, as long as there is also strong and enforced regulation of their practices.

All means of transport: railways, canals, steamships, roads, posts etc. shall be taken in hand by the state. They shall be converted into state property and made available free of charge to the class without financial resources.

Certainly in favour of national infrastructure being nationalised, and of either free or heavily subsided use for those who need it. Although that could be hard to establish in a cost effective way, so perhaps just universal subsidy instead of means-tested.

In the remuneration of all civil servants there shall be no difference except that those with a family, i.e. with greater needs, shall also receive a larger salary than the others.

Feels unlikely to work IMO - firstly because you’d not be paying more senior people more, even though they’d be taking on more work/responsibility, and partly because I don’t think it’s government’s job to incentivise having larger families.

Complete separation of church and state. The clergy of all denominations shall only be paid by their own voluntary congregations.


Limitation of inheritance.

Depends on the type of limitation - taxation, yes, absolute limits, no.

Introduction of strongly progressive taxes and abolition of taxes on consumption.

In general, yes, but it’s a bit vague this.

Establishment of national workshops. The state shall guarantee the livelihood of all workers and provide for those unable to work.

Second part, definitely. Not sure about the guarantee of livelihood, feels like it would be bad for productivity and innovation. Again though, it’s a bit vague to really say.

Universal free education of the people.

Yes. And healthcare too.


Maggie’s Farm by Bob Dylan

Radio Friendly Unit Shifter by Nirvana

All the Best by R.E.M.

Intro by The Prodigy (not a song, technically, but a clear statement of intent from Liam Howlett)


Yeah, I’m going mainly by the ironic title to be honest - it always feels to me like Cobain’s snarky response to studio pressure to make another Nevermind. I’ve not looked into closely though, I have to admit.

What's a common occurrence in your hobby that you think shouldn't be?

For me it’s driving while under the influence. If you couldn’t tell, I like me some ganja. However I have long since held the belief that it is utterly insane to drive while under the influence of most substances, with maybe nicotine and caffeine being the exception. All too often I see other stoners smoking and driving,...


That’s a really fascinating, if depressing insight. I’ve long wondered what it’s like for “normal” (nah, fuck it, just normal) people in subcultures with so much baggage.


People who gatekeep like that just scream insecurity to me.

Imagine being an asshole to someone who either chooses not or can’t afford to, buy very expensive equipment. Utterly pathetic.


You may know this already, but in Scotland, the term “pishing” is synonymous with “pissing” - ‘going for a pish’, ‘he was totally pished’ (drunk), ‘i pished myself laughing’, etc.

Just a heads up in case you ever decide to come here and ask someone where a good place for pishing might be :-)


Jesus, what a bunch of freaks those people sound.

I mean, set aside that you outsmarted them with an unexpected move, but, oh no, you mean the evil side didn’t do things by the book?? Who’da thunk it?


Exactly - really glad it worked out, especially if that’s how the others are going to react! :-)


Sounds rotten :-(


Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands.

But it’s a difficult choice, too many classics.

I also considered picking All the Tired Horses :-)


Masters of War is a fabulous song and one I often forget about when I think of Dylan. Time to put that on again, I think!


That wee kid in the hunting garb is hilarious.


I know it’s only a cartoon, but that’s kind of a shitty thing of Miss Wormwood to do IMO. Could be that Calvin would have thrived with this new teacher, but his card is marked from the start.


Didn’t work on Thursday, but here’s another go - Endo and Jones off, Szoboszlai and Elliot on.

Possibly also Jota for Nuñes, but maybe a bit early for that.


I think an early goal and the confidence will flood back. It’s just getting that goal though.

sanguinepar, (edited )

Well, that was awful. Not that it would have made any difference, but thought there should have been more than 7 minutes. However they could have played until Tuesday and they still wouldn’t have scored.

What a time to have a complete slump in form.


I had a look and found this app, but it’s not FOSS (as far as I know) and it says it won’t work on my phone because of the Android version. Sharing just in case, but I realise it’s probably not going to work for you either:

EDIT - another one, but this time it would work on my phone, so hopefully yours too. Still not FOSS though, sorry:…


Used to work in a theatre, and I came round a corner at work one day and almost ran straight into Susan Sarandon. Tim Robbins stood there looking unimpressed, as I apologised :-)

sanguinepar, (edited )

David Foster Wallace: You’ll stop worrying* what others think about you when you realize how seldom they do.

  • It might ‘caring’ rather than ‘worrying’, I’m not sure, and can’t be bothered finding the book to check it.

It’s also possible that DFW didn’t coin this phrase.


That’s a pretty accurate way of looking at things.


Not a major event, but there’s a number of football ⚽ matches I wish I could have been at, not least the 1961 and 1968 Scottish Cup finals.


Definitely not discontinued. The Dev’s workflow has been like this for years (when it was a Reddit app).

He works like a madman for a spell releasing update after update, fixing issues, introducing features, etc, then takes a break for a while and then comes back to it again.

Also, he replied to a query about Sync 3 days ago, so still active I’m glad to say :-)

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