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Deus, (edited ) to Futurology

If only we had paid the annual ₹99 or $0.23, perhaps (just perhaps) #WhatsApp might not have sold out to #Meta. #Privacy #Channels @mastodonindians #india

/Description in Alt text


@Deus @mastodonindians WhatsApp would've been the new meta then. Why you being so optimistic about some companies. All have the same philosophy.


@Deus Let's submit to meta then.

stux, to random avatar

Like my little boii, it's time to get some sleeep :sleep: :stux: :pusheentired:

Gooodnight my dear friends! :mastodon: :fediverse: :flan_hug: ❤️ :blobcathearts:


@stux Night night stux

indianewswatch, to india avatar

UP Police to Use Hindu Lunar Calendar to Track Crime, Says Spurt in Crime on 'Darker Nights'

In a circular to the police force, UP police chief, Vijay Kumar, said that state-wide analysis of crime shows that there is a rise in crime a week before and after the new moon of the Hindu traditional calendar.

#UttarPradesh #UPPolice #superstitions #crime #policing #hindutva #BJP #india


@indianewswatch that's just them using science? Or u need a western certificate to validate it?

roanescence, to showerthoughts


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  • roanescence,

    @BackOnMyBS exactly. Like why tf was it overthinking that. As if i was gonna get into this situation when i open my eyes next morning. :thisisfine:


    @Mbourgon Ooff gonna take so much energy. Hope i have a moster drink there :blobnomcookie::blobnomcookie:


    @Oyster_Lust I'm strong.

    stux, to random avatar

    For those who believe todays music, video games & movies are causing mass shootings:

    You are WRONG.

    If this was the case it would happen all over the world. Here in Europe we listen to the same music, play the same games & enjoy the same movies but we do not have daily mass shootings because we don’t have the GUNS.

    GUNS are WRONG


    @stux true. But having these games, music video & stuff WITH ALSO HAVING ACCESS 2 GUNS AND HAVING THESE MASS SHOOTING INSTANCES AS EXAMPLE FOR THEM is the full argument ig.

    Cus it sure does make it feel like ur in game. when a kid gets depressed & picks up gun. So all of the three things contribute to the mass shootings. In EUP they aren't so many guns, hence no instances of mass shootings to make it a norm.

    So to eliminate the problem— take the guns and other elements get eliminated itself.

    indianewswatch, to anime_titties avatar

    What the Rice Export Ban by India Has Achieved

    The ban on rice exports has disrupted global markets, threatening food security in the poor countries of Africa and South Asia. It is unlikely that either Indian consumers or farmers will benefit from the move.

    #RiceExportBan #rice #NonBasmatiRice #FoodSecurity #export #trade #FCI #farmers #agriculture #india


    @indianewswatch such a funny analysis of the matter. Takes a lot of guts to be proud with such absurd arguments.

    roanescence, (edited )

    @favrion @AlmightySnoo it's scary how unstable, impulsive, crazy, persuasive they are. I see many jobs getting destroyed after our generation. I can literally not think of how a genz is gonna be like a data analyst. I would like to see many outliers tho.


    @jhulten yeah I'm not completely against how they are and i understand that them being like this might be helpful too in the future tech and/or advancement of human civilization. While i still think it's quite sloppy right now. And yeah we might've been more disastrous then the last gen.
    As much as i agree that if i were in last gen, I wouldn't want to miss and not see how much development we've seen in my time, I actually fancy your gen and society of that time. It's just FOMO, innit?


    @waz no it was just a critical comment and i didn't even see the initial comment so ofcourse i was generalising.


    @ExtraMedicated @canihasaccount we can't blame them fully. Who would've thought carl segan would be right when he used to say that temperature will rise or When some used to say capitalism needs a check and balance.


    @Hazdaz @smellythief feeling jealous of word limit per post in lemmy. 🤗


    @AbyssalChord @Hazdaz i mean that's actually the biggest issue with apple that they've managed to build a exclusive ecosystem to monopolize.
    If you feel good when u are ABLE to work simultaneously on different devices within apple ecosystem then maybe open source or fediverse doesn't attract to that much.

    While u might like to have every device from apple, SOME MIGHT NOT! and they got no choice not to, if they choose to use one thing, atleast that comfortably.


    @AbyssalChord ever though of having a linux pc with that too?


    @AbyssalChord shall i fall in into the apple world? Are all open source systems or linux users fricking around? And it'll all lead to us going back to apple? Enlighten me :thisisfine: :bulbasaurroll:


    @AbyssalChord no I'm not being sarcastic. I really mean it cus it happens with other things too like when u initially use apple notes and then u move to many things like notion then obsidian (i still do) and stuff and then i hear people say they reverted back to apple notes. So were you like as enthusiastic and hopeful for anti-monopoly and for using linux etc before?


    @STUPIDVIPGUY @aCosmicWave I'm trying and eliminating are sources of entertainment from these websites since the saturation of entertainment content is much more than educational ones now.

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