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Fieldrecordist, Tonjäger, Podcaster, Nordlicht, verbunden mit der See, dem Meer und Aufnahmen von Klangwelten, Trainer für Sprecher im Heimstudio. Irgendwas mit #perl. Nicht immer vollkommen ernstzunehmen, mitunter sarkastisch gefärbt. #hamradio - DO7HBL

Sometimes I stream hamradio contest on Twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/qrpstation)

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Band is already awake - I am on the first coffee and we are RTTY'in the world in the México International RTTY contest. Oh, it's still early for me :)

rhaen, to hamradio German
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I am pretty sure I see some angry faces being annoyed with all those signals.

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@shuttersparks I appreciate the variety, however I like the humoan decoding part of more than FT8. Haven't had the chance to test Hellschreiber so far.

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Good morning into contest second day! I don't see sporadic-e but sporadic QSO on 80m with 5W QRP. Yesterday evening was pretty good. Got a fair amount of QSO on 80. So - for this little QRP station, pretty impressive. And no-one needs 100W - trust me.

stux, (edited ) to random
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Just put together an early "Happy Holidays" online for you all 🎄 ❤️

Not done yet but we still have a few days :blobcatgiggle:

Source, use however you like:

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@stux is that Washy or George?

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Nach langer Zeit (zu lang aber aus Gründen...) gibt es ENDLICH wieder eine neue Podcast Folge meines Field Recording Podcasts "Zweispuriges". Heute nehme ich euch mit in die Landschaft Niedersachsen - es geht bei Sturm, Nebel und Ebbe nach Nessmersiel. Ich kann euch sagen, es wird WILD! Danke allen denjenigen, die immer wieder nachfragten, nachmotivierten und sich eine Folge wünschten. Wir (ihr und ich) - sind zurück. Man beachte die Bilder, die die volle Schönheit Niedersachsens im Dezember zeigen. Aaaaach, !


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@vegos_f06 Sehr gerne - wie meinst du deine Danksagung? Danke schon einmal für das Feedback. Streng genommen ist es CC BY-NC-SA (über das SA sollte ich mir mal Gedanken machen - das NC wird jedoch bleiben - da ich nicht auf YouTube mit 10 Stunden Regen im Auto monetarisiert werden möchte)

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Dear Hamradio community, now it's in a working state. May I present: An Ansible Role for managing MMDVMHost on your Raspberry Pi hotspot.

If you ever wanted to manage your hotspot the automation way, I got you covered. Ansible is an automation/orchestration tool to roll out and configure software and systems remotely.

With ansible-mmdvm you can set up a hotspot from a second compute (or local) on your Raspberry. Update and roll out configuration changes. It doesn't feature DMRGateway so far, that's next on the list. Please note, this is a very early release that may have rough edges.

Dear hamradio YL and OM - please boost this for more reach so that we can build a reliable and open-sourced way to run our Raspberry MMDVM based hotspots or repeater.


#hamradio #mmdvm #raspberrypi #dmr #ysf #dstar #ansible #radio

rhaen, to hamradio German
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If you ever wanted to know what's going on in your talkgroups on your local hotspot, I've you covered. Right now it's in the state of "working for me" and requires some more documentation :) But here is how it looks like. It uses Munin for monitoring - yes, I already older and like

rhaen, to hamradio German
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Ok, I fixed DMR in my head. What's left? A secret guide to DMR and a sane way to program a codeplug for #anytone using #qdmr. But what's now and what to do with it? A guide? An ebook? A video tutorial series? German or English. Anyone with any comments? Is the actually useful for someone?
#dmr #hamradio #ebook

dj3ei, to hamradio
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This is the first in a series of posts discussing small transmit antennas. I intend to add more as "answers" to this.

A "natural" length for a dipole is roughly 2 x λ/4 for a dipole or λ/4 for a vertical with λ/4 elevated radials.

Shorter than that, a tuner (or a coil or two) are needed.

There's not a clear, distinct boundary, but I think of 2 x λ/8 as border region between "getting by" and "poverty", so to speak. Still shorter I call a "too short antenna".

@EI3JAB @kf4hzu

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@dj3ei @N3VEM @kf4hzu @EI3JAB

I own a Spiderbeam 7m mast (Fiberglass) and I recommend it for hiking, portable operations as it's still very short (when retracted and still relatively lightweight). I use dipole with links for 10/15m - useful for my license class. An upper & outer gives you acccess to more bands but it also requires a different feedline than coax. Therefore my dipole comes in handy and I had great results with it. For NVIS communication I tend to use a RandomWire or a short EFHW. I didn't notice a huge difference in QSO numbers compared to a Carbonfiber mast.

However, I think there is something to avoid: Getting way too deep into theory and forget to go out and operate portable. I found environmental challenges way harder to overcome than a carbonfiber vs fiberglass mast. E.g. -7°C is a challenge for the batteries and the operators. Enjoy the hobby and play outside :-)

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@dj3ei @N3VEM @kf4hzu @EI3JAB I thought the classical up and outer Features a parallel feedline and a matching unit of some sort to feature multiple bands. Everything I considered to be dipole in vertical configuration in a L-shape. The shorter outer to compensate the higher capacity for the closer proximity to ground. Tho, the dipole will be probably be resonant on multiple bands. I can be easily wrong in my understanding.

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@dj3ei @N3VEM @kf4hzu @EI3JAB I think you are on point and I made my own mistakes with that design. I had some great success with my variation and the links for the 10/15m band. It results in a reasonable Short antenna - Perfect for my class E license and I would probably Need an longer antenna to get the resonance on both bands. I will try traps in the next iteration

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