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a beautiful robot, dancing alone · showgirls über alles: kylie, angèle · masto · last.fm · listenbrainz · lovekylie

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wth ‘taylor’s version’? like there was an o.g. eras tour that made money for scooter?

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The last show of hers that I saw was on the Dedicated tour in 2018. She played in San Francisco during Pride Week and worked it perfectly. My +1 was out of town and that was likely for the best. It ended up being the gayest show I’ve seen, and I’ve seen Kylie six times.

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OSM has a lot more data inside than the website shows - in dense shopping areas you can’t zoom in far enough to see all the POIs, much less business names.

I’ve read before that using cached previews was done to stay accessible to less-powerful mobile devices, which would have smaller CPUs that would be taxed by rendering the native vector data. I view it as a branding disadvantage that OSM appears, from desktops, to have less info than alternatives. But that’s a battle that’s been had many times before, one might as well argue over paper vs plastic.

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Welcome! I’m a new amateur in the States. Like you, I peek in here and find that at the moment, it doesn’t take long. The frog boil has worked quite well in Reddit; the frogs are staying in their pots even as enshittification becomes obvious (pro tip, it’s spelled IPO). Unlike you, I’m new enough that I have nothing worthwhile to contribute yet.

As for Mastodon, I’m on an instance with a 5k character limit. Some instances run modified versions known as glitch or hometown, which allow the admin to set a limit (well) above 500. I didn’t find a handy list of these easily, but a little searching in google or r/Mastodon may turn up ideas.

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i hadn’t realized that the ist’s were separate

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It’s a very heavy building - multiple stories in earthquake country, and I’m not on the top floor. Everything dies when I leave the nook with the windows. NOAA works literally only on the windowsill, TRACON almost never clears the noise floor once I’m not near the window, and I hear some smaller UHF repeaters away from the window but haven’t yet heard the 2m (it’s not super high traffic, so can’t say I haven’t just been unlucky).

We’re allowed on the roof and I’ve been up there, everything’s peachy. When I’m at the office downtown, I’m on a high floor, so I can pick up the 2m easily even though I’m on the other side of the building.

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Everywhere at once

As a Truly Casual Taylor Fan Honest™, I’ve been amused at just how many news categories she’s dominating by not even quite being there. Every macho man in the U.S. is wound up about her either for politics (or rather, the fear that she’ll say something about politics) or for football (or rather, the idea that she’ll be...

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they’re trying to save time, so i had always wished for something that would waste their time. like a bollard that popped up and stayed up until the next bus came. money matters, but it does indeed matter differently by how much you have. these are misbehaving dogs. the corrective is best served up right at the point of infraction, and by taking away the advantage they were trying to get

Santé : l’eau en bouteille déborde de centaines de milliers de nanoplastiques par litre (www.liberation.fr) French

Les résultats ont montré que chaque litre contenait entre 110 000 et 370 000 particules par litre, dont 90 % de nanoplastiques, le reste étant des microplastiques. Le type le plus communément retrouvé était le nylon – provenant probablement de filtres en plastique utilisés pour purifier l’eau –, suivi du...

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« barbie girl » du groupe aqua. je mets pas de lien, on me tuerait

Why can't OSM zoom in farther? (www.openstreetmap.org)

In the web UI, OSM can’t be zoomed in far enough to see the names of POIs in reasonably dense areas. I can get around this by going into edit mode, and mobile apps don’t have this restriction. But the out-of-the-box experience, for non-insiders just using the web site, doesn’t reveal all that OSM has to offer....

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MusicBrainz’ Picard app could start that, in a huge batch. But it would still require a bunch of eyeballing. I only do an album at a time, now and then.

Simple Mobile Tools bought by ZipoApps? · Issue #241 · SimpleMobileTools/General-Discussion (github.com)

with the simple tools suite being sold to a purveyor of non-foss things, remind me of your favorite lists of recommended apps? i was using simple contacts and am not immediately sure of a good replacement. i would want one without internet permissions, which was why i disabled the google builtin.

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