I'm the inverse of bill cosby. I talk like an asshole, but my actions are always honorable.

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All of a sudden I lost interest in gaming again and I'm reading more again. I think it definitely has something to do with work related stress. The urge to read jus increases the more time I spend in front of bright screens (eReaders are fine)....

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Those are my two favorite solo recreational activities as well, and i oscillate between prioritizing each.

Hmmm...have you found Terry Pratchett? There's a reason he's sold Rowling-numbers of books, but the Discworld has no Americas and a lot of people in the US are unaware of him.

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Okay, I did it:

I offer the radical idea that the Colorado Trump-ballot case and the application of section 3 of the 14th Amendment isn’t easy or straightforward.

Do your thing Mastodon (I always post here first).



I'm with you. As i understand, it's not a state level decision.

poloniousmonk, to politics


Ok, since all i got was mocked, i guess i have to back up a bit.

Did anyone notice that the first two star wars had depth (carter) and the third was junk (reagan)? The first matrix (clinton) vs the next two (bush)?

How about bill cosby? He got reported to the fbi every year, but was useful for shaping the narrative. He blamed the Black community for its response to systemic persecution and justified white racism.



Why do the people mocking me here think Plato was an idiot? He said the state needs to control the music. All totalitarian states exercise full control over the media. Why wouldn't America at least trim off the dangerous edges? We've been a lot closer to totalitarianism since wwiithan a lot of people want to admit. Velvet glove, remember.
Hell, watch the first season of Rick and Morty and then the first episode of s2 to see the limits. Atheists are very much not allowed a voice

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Does anyone know why Biden is still suppressing The Brink (HBO, 2015)?



Naaah, hbo doesn't let its property lapse like that. The show talks about reagan's deal with iran to hold the hostages in '79. Obama let it get made and trump took it out of the torrent world, let alone streaming. Hbo sill isn't allowed to air it.

If you don't think the us censors the entertainment, yer oblivious. The Beatles taught the right wing the importance of controlling the narrative. I could give a bunch of examples, but suspect you are impervious to new knowledge.

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Why does this pest control place have a window display of Hello Neighbor funko pops?



Did i go to hs with you?



Of course, but you might recognize the pic. Craig P was a master artist who could sketch out a realistic looking vampire's skull in minutes. At the beginning of 9th grade i asked what he did over the summer and he said, "kicked coke".

You? I'd love to know my Craig P is still alive and, if he is, he's on mastodon.



nope, Peterson.

Perko has a famous line. "So you're the guys blowing everything all to hell. Well, nobody's blowing me. All to hell."

Kudos if you get the reference.



Ahhh, i'd be amazed if mine's still alive.

I'm amazed i'm still alive.

Nice to have met a kindred.

It was JA2 that used your name. Great game.



He ran the repair shop.

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If you need to be “sold” on Biden vs Trump at this time, it just means you’re extremely uniformed about what he’s been able to do in his one term amid the most egregious political malfeasance and obstructionism in US history, (with a Republican Congress and a cockblocked Senate. So read up on reality a bit, and we’ll talk.

You can find hundreds of lists like this. This one uses small words.


Source: @rogersherman


@shoq @rogersherman

"This one uses small words."

Lol. Thx.

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The thing about nazis is, if you give them an inch they take a mile.

If i had more than 500 chars with which to work, i could lay out a trenchant argument why we shouldn't tolerate /any/ extrajudicial murder of minorities by police, even though it's a dirty job that someone has to do.

For the sake of brevity, i'll stick with ACAB. 1312. Rock and roll.

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poloniousmonk, to actuallyautistic

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So here ends 2023. It was a real scrotum-squeezer. Let's hope 2024 is an improvement.

poloniousmonk, to actuallyautistic

@AtheismActually @actuallyautistic

Does anyone out there know what drug smells like burning rubber?

I thought i had done them all, but this seems new. And horrible.

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About 2 hours ago a twist of fate found me holding a favorite book. I opened it to read the first line and was inspired...

"What's it going to be then, eh?" – A Clockwork Orange, Anthony Burgess

Who's up for the challenge?


@BonnettsBooks @bookstodon

Great opening line?

I woke up in a SoHo doorway, the policeman knew my name. He said, "you can go sleep at home tonight if you can get up and walk away."

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So much of the desire for "freedom" is actually a desire for freedom from consequences.

You already have the freedom to not vaccinate your family.

What you want is to restrict anyone else's freedom to not hang out with you.




People want to stop after the "fuck around" part, but the truth seems pretty well shod these days, and is kicking some ass at long last.

If that reads like gibberish, i'll explain.

dancinyogi, (edited ) to random

What was the BEST thing that happened to you in 2023?

Please reply and then boost the question. We hear so much negativity about this year. What is one positive thing that happened to you?



I discovered i'm autistic, and found my people.

Finding out i'm not alone for real was pretty huge. Isolation sux.

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    Besides, you can't "fight" fascists with language. They are proudly impervient to discussion, and onky "debate" until they figure out a way to kill their opponents.

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    @AtheismActually @actuallyautistic

    I noticed that bell curves tend to present as 10-80-10 in humans.

    I spotted that sexuality worked that way in high school. The 80 are bi.

    People are revisiting that idea with morality, now that we have to put the nazis back in their fucking box. 80% of people can break either way.

    So what about autism? Are we about 10%? That's plausible.

    This begs the question, who are our opposites? Is there a pathology for purely social thinkers?

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    When dogs want to force someone else to move a certain way, they don't touch-- they use "body blocking". If you want to control their movements, then you can do so most effectively by body blocking. Body blocking is as simple as blocking a path by stepping in the way. If a dog is barking at someone, for example, and you want to move them away against their will, then stand (facing the dog) between them and what they're barking at. They will probably try to move around you because you are blocking their line of sight. Step to the side when they do so you block their path. They will probably try to go around you the other way, so step that way now. You are blocking with your own body and are keeping your hands off them. When you get really savvy at this, you can even make dogs backup by stepping or just leaning towards them, and you can make them follow you by leaning away. This is really important to teach kids so they don't grab. It is also really important to teach this to others at a protest, because cops move you around this way, and you can move them around this way. Whoever the cops are facing is who they are manipulating.



    You're luck you are alive, let alone not arrested as an accesory after the fact.

    Still, good on ya.

    poloniousmonk, to bookstodon


    Just an idea: let's invent conspiracy theories.

    Twerking summons demons.

    The trans community invented D&D to fup the gender roles.

    They stopped putting the autism in the vaccines fifty years ago, but encourage gulliable idiots to raise sickly children.

    Obama is Q.

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