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pokkiff, (edited )

Consider chewing Xylitol gum after eating. Xylitol directly fucks up the bacteria that cause tooth decay. Make sure to get a brand that is mostly Xylitol (I like Pur).

However, be careful if you have a dog, because xylitol is super poisonous to dogs!


Totally agree! I recently switched to a non-xylitol sugar free gum because we got a puppy. But if Xylitol is an option, it adds that extra boost!

Hosting Images for Website?

I have a Wordpress site and recently ran into the problem of having too many images for my hosting services. But my job involves photography, so I was wondering where a good starting point would be to set up a physical server in my home to host all my photos for my website on Wordpress. Is that possible? I don’t know where to...


I know this is self hosting, but I would probably just drop them in a S3 bucket with static hosting enabled and be done with it. Never have to worry about availability or big transfers eating up your upload at home. Probably wouldn’t cost more than a dollar a month.


If Wit is to be trusted, it all eventually converges on Doug.


Cute little tri! Love the spots on the nose. We have a tri who is almost a year old, they are pretty fun!


We make homemade pizza from scratch regularly. If you can find this yeast https://i.imgur.com/SkUbMVE.jpg, there is a super easy recipe on the back that doesn’t need a rise. We can go from starting the dough to eating in about 45 minutes. Highly recommended!

What are your guys' thoughts on the new episode? (fedia.io)

I went in pretty skeptical, but I have to say, it's good enough for me to feel comfortable saying it's actually more Futurama. There's a small hump to get over with the voice actors having aged, but unless you're an existing hardcore fan who's listening for it, I think Hermes is the only that sounds noticeably different, but I...


I kinda appreciated that the whole episode seemed a bit slower. I remember the last reboot feeling much quicker paced than the originals.


The Ashtray Maze! My pick as well, I wish there was a way to go back and just play that section again.

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