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b0rk, (edited ) to random
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poll: do you use git on the command line or in a GUI?

(you can pick more than one option if it’s a mix of both, sorry magit users I didn't have space for you in this poll)

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@b0rk does a TUI count?
I use a mix of CLI and gitui

kev, (edited ) to random
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After nearly 6 weeks, I've decided to end my extended trial of Kagi search, it gives little value over DuckDuckGo and is a waste of money.

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@kev if you have a personal server, you might be interested in selfhosting searxng.
You can aggregate searchs from different engines, filter out domains, redirect domains (e.g. reddit.com -> old.reddit.com), etc.

codinghorror, to random

When someone really loves you, they delete all that ridiculous querystring nonsense from the end of the hyperlink before sending it to you. 💘

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orizuru, to rust
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For the developers out there that are fluent in both and a functional programming language like or : Do you feel like one can still learn a lot of useful new concepts by diving into the latter two languages (after already learning rust)?

I'm tempted to look into haskell or ocaml. But don't know if honing my rust skills (while forcing myself to use the functional features), wouldn't already get me most of the learning benefits.

danjac, to rust
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My first project! Took a couple hours, but not as painful as I thought it would be.

It probably needs some improvements but works well enough...


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@danjac congrats

Btw, you can you can install rust programs by running the following from your project root directory: cargo install --path .

timClicks, to random
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which dying hill are you standing on?

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@timClicks is the best way to consume content on the internet. No, I'm not gonna "like and subscribe". Don't want to feed the algorithm.

danjac, to rust
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Managed to get through most of the book over the weekend - I tend to jump back and forth a lot in learning, so some things not completely understood yet (e.g. lifetimes and wtf 'static means).

Some thoughts - the Rust type system and compiler will really do their best to stop you breaking shit, and that is IMHO a good thing.

Most of my career is spent in maintenance - bug fixes & features. Speed of writing code is never the problem. Speed of fixing it is.

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If you already enjoy writing in a functional style, and want some easy performance boost, have a look at . If you have an iterator that could be run in parallel, it's literally just changing iter() to par_iter().

orizuru, to neovim
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Is there any plugin out there that provides the features of 's todo/agenda, but using syntax?

I really miss those features, but I'd rather use markdown (since it would be easier to migrate from my current setup).

orizuru, to rust
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I already loved the rust compiler and the tooling around it, but after a few days of doing in , I'm even more impressed by how good they have become.

Giving a try as well.
Fumbling with the keybinds, but I wish was this snappy (and required so little config).

cjerrington, to random
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I'm not an expert yet, but being able to navigate Updating Docker Containers is only the next phase of using them.


#100DaysToOffload (88/100) #Docker #selfhost #selfhosting

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scott, to programming
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A thought just struck me, fuck command line options, why not just use environment variables? What makes git commit --message "fixed shit" better than message="fixed shit" git commit?

edit: apparently environment variables don't work the way I thought they did. I thought you could prefix a command (without a newline or semicolon between) with vars and they would be set only for the command

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@scott Do you mean like this?
message="fixed shit"; git commit

Then you'd have message defined as "fixed shit" for that shell session, which might overwrite other variables you have saved.

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@fribbledom @scott

Still, seems like just adding ";" would change it to a dangerous behavior.
Command line options sound like the best option.

livingcoder, to bevy

I just published my second game! It's a text adventure that I was trying to make for a game jam (but there was no way this was going to be done in a week). Please let me know if you enjoy it or have any critical feedback. I'm open to all feedback!


It may not yet work on mobile (until Google and Firefox get WebGPU working in their browsers).

#bevy #game #gamedev #textadventure #indie #indiedev

@orizuru@mastodon.world avatar

Interesting concept.
I would change the font on the main text (not the title, just the things the player was to read to progress). The font is not the most comfortable, IMO.

I think I'm stuck though 😅 .
Can't seem to get the phone, or swimming lessons.

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@livingcoder Went as far as helping Johnny, but can't seem to get them to meet.
I think I'll throw in the towel on this one, the last sequence is eluding me.

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@livingcoder Oh I already did that (sorry I meant I helped him out with the painting).
I can't make him and Beth meet.

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@livingcoder Done!
Finished the game. Thanks! :)

grumpygamer, to random
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I have a 300 line Bash script that fully automates my build process. Rewriting it in Python won't make it any faster or make the game come out any sooner, but I'm having a hard time resisting the call of the coding siren.

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campuscodi, to random
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Just a reminder to everyone to never use Chrome for anything than downloading another browser.

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@campuscodi use wget to download your browser.

grumpygamer, (edited ) to random
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John Riccitiello...

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Regardless, the signal has been sent.
How many indie devs will be considering picking up an open-source alternative for their next project?

It's too late to switch engines for games that are coming out soon, but seems like a business risk to leave the fate of your next projects at the mercy of the whims of Unity's CEO.

isagalaev, (edited ) to random
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What is your main browser (engine)?

Re-running a poll I saw on Mastodon a while ago, before various migrations. Just collecting numbers, not seeking advice or anything. Please boost for reach.

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Considering how many FOSS fans exist on the fediverse, the poll is likely to be very biased towards Firefox.

ppatel, to rust
@ppatel@mstdn.social avatar

I've gotten far enough in my learning phase that I can truly consider writing an app for myself. It will no way be consumable by anyone but me. Early code, probably buggy as hell, not efficient. When I think I'm done with my early experiments, I might actually consider writing a full app for others to use.

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yakkoj, to random
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you know what's scary?

In 1989, I could fit DOS, Windows, Wordstar, dBase III, and a bunch of other stuff onto the ST225 hard drive (20MB formatted; none of this "DoubleSpace" stuff) and still have room on the hard drive to save files.

Today, you're hard-pressed to be able to fit all of a single fancy-pants web page into 20MB, with all the calling out to third parties it does.

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@yakkoj Just checked my website: 700K
But now I'm feeling bullied into compressing my images.

lizardbill, to random
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The strength of 1000 transistors. 🤣

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@jens @lizardbill that's where he keeps the transistors.

matdevdug, to tech
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I love interacting with who are just not interested in anything new. A friend I worked with a few jobs ago learned C in school and that’s the only language he’s ever worked in.

He learned how to deploy applications with RPM packages and that’s it. I was talking about containers and he just couldn’t imagine using one. He runs a pretty successful team on C11 and I can’t argue with the results. It’s a nice reminder that all these tech trends are entirely optional.

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@matdevdug they might be optional, but not embracing some is definitely going to limit your opportunities.

matdevdug, to random
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    @matdevdug you just need to raise some VC money for your joke.

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