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I’m into Emacs, Org, Linux and Free Software, Photography and Jogging. For anything non tech I use @oatmeal

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oatmeal, to emacs
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#emacs / Audio transcription with listen

I was trying to use alphapapa's 'Listen' package, which was already installed, for audio transcription, but I struggled to find an intuitive way to skip forward or backward w/o leaving the working buffer. Also challenging was the fact that my keyboard only has a play/pause key.

But since 'listen' seemed to default to #VLC, I decided to use playerctl to control it, regardless of how it was launched. It's a command-line tool that works with MEPRIS players, and I could bind custom shortcuts in GNOME Shell to the play/pause key + a modifier.

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@sachac oh of course :) I’ve used it for a while should configure it in my new setup … thanks!

oatmeal, to emacs
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I find org-sliced-image hilarious... it works incredibly well, but its raison d'être is somewhat questionable, I guess.

Anyway, it improves the unpleasant experience of scrolling the content of a buffer which has visible images. No images are harmed in the making of the buffer more fluid...


oatmeal, to emacs
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#Emacs As far as I'm concerned, the jury is still out on TopSpace, but the more I use it, the more I think it makes sense... esthetically though it looks better with line-numbers off.

"TopSpace is an Emacs minor mode that lets you display a buffer's first line in the center of a window instead of just at the top. This is done by automatically drawing an upper margin/padding above line 1 as you recenter and scroll it down."


TopSpace Enabled

oatmeal, to internet
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How many more of these stories are needed to make people realize they need to leave X and make it irrelevant?

[…] While X does have a policy around sharing private information, the company’s terms of service on March 20 did not mention a policy related to outing the identity of an anonymous user, and Benarroch did not respond to a request for clarification. On March 21, after WIRED published this story, X updated its privacy policy to specifically prohibit posting the ”the identity of an anonymous user, such as their name or media depicting them.”


#SocialMedia #Nazism #X

oatmeal, to MLS
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I wish #Mozilla would have a clear and consistent direction, and commit to it. Discontinuing services like Mozilla Location Services (#MLS) is disappointing, and very google-like. IMHO developing privacy-respecting alternatives to existing commercial APIs should be precisely where their focus lies considering how quickly they’re loosing market share with #Firefox ... 🤷🏽‍♂️

[…] Developers and 3rd-party projects that use #MLS to detect a users’ location, such as the freedesktop.org location framework #GeoClue, which is used by apps like #GNOME Maps and Weather, have only a few months left to continue using the service.

https://github.com/mozilla/ichnaea/issues/2065 via @hyperreal

oatmeal, to israel
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#Gaza / UN experts condemn ‘flour massacre’, urge Israel to end campaign of starvation in Gaza

UN experts condemned the event as a "flour massacre" and urged Israel to end its campaign of starvation and targeting of civilians.

[…] “Israel has been intentionally starving the Palestinian people in Gaza since 8 October. Now it is targeting civilians seeking humanitarian aid and humanitarian convoys, […] Israel must end its campaign of starvation and targeting of civilians.”

[…] “We have said before: we are alarmed to see an entire civilian population suffering such unprecedented starvation, so quickly and completely, […] We have been saying for months that widespread famine is imminent in Gaza.”


#Isrsel #WarCrimes #Gaza #flourmassacre

oatmeal, to israel
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/ for the 3rd time US vetoes action in Israel-Hamas war, blocks call

“leader of the free world” 😬

"A vote in favor of this draft resolution is support to the Palestinians right to life. Conversely, voting against it implies an endorsement of the brutal violence and collective punishment inflicted upon them," Algeria's U.N. Ambassador Amar Bendjama told the council before the vote.



oatmeal, to emacs
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Trying to install rocm on Fedora 39 was really messy... containerized ollama with# rocm support was relatively easy to get running. Used this recipe from https://github.com/prawilny/ollama-rocm-docker/tree/master... only had to point at another repo for rocm itself, since the one used there does not exist anymore.

RUN git clone --recursive <https://github.com/jmorganca/ollama.git> ollama-rocm &amp;&amp; \  

Was able to pull models in, but it crashes on running any prompt.

oatmeal, to orgmode
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I think this might be useful when tracking tasks in files and not having to worry about how many there are, at least theoretically.

This package aims to dynamically update the =org-agenda-files= variable by appending/deleting a candidate org file when it is saved. This limits the number of files to visit when building the agenda. The agenda buffer thus builds faster.


oatmeal, to random
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Did #mullvad remove its Israeli servers, or just for me 🙄​ many Israel sites are still blocking access from outside of Israel still these days.

fedora, to fedora
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@fedora nice to read that “3% of the revenue from each #Fedora Slimbook ultrabook sale will be donated to the #GNOME Foundation”.

oatmeal, to climate
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“White men (as we’re called here) are often referred to as giaman [liars or fraudsters in Tok pidgin, the local language], I don’t want to giaman.”


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@susurros @palestine

The #ethnocide in #Palestine is Israel’s original sin. It’s pretty obvious what #Germany is getting out of “supporting” Israel when #nazism is on the rise there again.

oatmeal, to Bangladesh
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“By that point in 2018, #Myanmar’s military had murdered thousands of #Rohingya people, including babies and children, and beaten, raped, tortured, starved, and imprisoned thousands more. About three-quarters of a million Rohingya had fled Myanmar to live in huge, disease-infested refugee camps in #Bangladesh. And Meta? By that point, #Meta had been receiving detailed and increasingly desperate warnings about #Facebook’s role as an accelerant of genocidal propaganda in Myanmar for six years.”

kissane, to random
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Over the next two weeks, I'll be publishing a series of four (well, 4.5) posts about Meta's role in the genocide of the Rohingya in Myanmar.

Part I is up now, along with a little meta-post with notes on terminology and sources and ct.



These posts are aimed squarely at people like me and my tech-world peers—people who work on and care about social technologies.

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@kissane I was watching this just before I saw your post. Some very chilling interviews with monks explaining why duty to country and faith comes before the “human rights” nonsense.

oatmeal, to Palestine
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Britain’s Grave Historical Responsibility for the Palestine Tragedy, Arnold J. Toynbee (June 1, 1968)

"To my mind, the most damaging point in the charge-sheet against my country is that #Britain was in control of Palestine for thirty years – 1918-1948 – and that during those fateful three decades she never made up her mind, or at any rate never declared, what her policy about the future of Palestine was. All through those thirty years, Britain lived from hand to mouth, admitting into #Palestine, year by year, a quota of Jewish immigrants that varied according to the strength of the respective pressures of the Arabs and Jews at the time. Those immigrants could not have come in if they had not been shielded by a British chevaux-de-frise. If Palestine had remained under Ottoman Turkish rule, or if it had become an independent Arab state in 1918, Jewish immigrants would never have been admitted into Palestine in large enough numbers to enable them to overwhelm the Palestinian Arabs in this Arab people’s own country. The reason why the state of Israel exists today and why today [1968] 1,500,000 Palestinian Arabs are refugees is that, for thirty years, Jewish immigration was imposed on the Palestinian Arabs by British military power until the immigrants were sufficiently numerous and sufficiently well-armed to be able to fend for themselves with tanks and planes of their own. The tragedy in Palestine is not just a local one; it is a tragedy for the World, because it is an injustice that is a menace to the World’s peace. Britain’s guilt is not diminished by the humiliating fact that she is now impotent to redress the wrong that she has done."



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@tzafrir @israel @palestine

I think you’re missing the point. The clue is in the title “massacre”… Einstein and Arendt were not the only Jews to condemn it.

But once again, as you like to do, regurgitating disinformation from Zionist Wikipedia, where you’re an operator who enables the settler-colonizers re-writing history, every Palestinian village is an armed fortress that needs to be “purified”.

Also worth mentioning that the main “authority” to doubt the gravity of the massacre (or the mere “event” in Zionist Wikipedia #newspeak) in the article you’re trying to pass as legitimate source, is the Israeli historian Yoav Gelber - member of the defunct neo-fascist Tzomet party - who, conveniently, is an oft cited source about the 1948 war on the Zionist Wikipedia, while Morris is only allowed when his finding support the preferred narrative. Otherwise he’s an #antisemite.

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@tzafrir @israel @palestine first you rewrite the Zionist Wikipedia to suit your narrative needs, then you cite yourself as an authoritative source 🤓 job's a good'un

oatmeal, to Judaism
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#Einstein's relationship with #Zionism was complicated, but his warnings were prophetic.

"I should much rather see reasonable agreement with the Arabs on the basis of living together in peace than the creation of a Jewish state. My awareness of the essential nature of #Judaism resists the idea of a Jewish state with borders, an army, and a measure of temporal power, no matter how modest. I am afraid of the inner damage Judaism will sustain—especially from the development of a narrow #nationalism within our own ranks, against which we have already had to fight strongly, even without a Jewish state." ----- Albert Einstein, 1938.


oatmeal, (edited ) to Israel
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Where’s the Dome of the Rock (قبة الصخرة)? City conveniently omits the most notable landmark, and possibly one of the most photographed buildings on earth, from the photos of Jerusalem covering the walls of a giant public .


oatmeal, to uk
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“It’s not just even that they invested in these companies and made dividends off of or got customs revenue, It’s that they were willing to have their brand literally branded into the flesh of people. This was because, at the time, the slave trade was seen as the way to build an empire and the way to make money to funnel money back into the royal pocketbook.”

louis, to random
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Any remarks on or alternatives? I still enjoy hand-writing notes a lot, but they get lost easily.

Remarkable has some history of removing features and replacing them with "subscriptions" after the buy. I'd love to hear from owners.

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@louis I was almost tempted a year ago. I see someone already mentioned using a different cloud for storage. That’s exactly the sort of thing I check first. They could support WebDAV (and thus Nextcloud) out of courtesy, at least, but that’s obviously not a priority. As nice as it is to have ssh access, that’s not enough for me and if I don’t have to (ie work) I wouldn’t buy one.

oatmeal, to palestine
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#Palestinian-Italian researcher Khaled al-Qaisi, a translator, researcher and student in the Department of Oriental Languages and Civilizations at Sapienza University of Rome, has been detained by #Israeli occupation forces since 31 August.



dekkzz76, to random
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whats your audio media set up?

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@dekkzz76 omg, no streaming ….

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