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UkMudeok, to BBC
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I'm hearing that the #bbc documentary on the #burningsun scandal is eye opening. I plan to watch it on the weekend. #kpop

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@s1m0n4 @UkMudeok I watched this morning (the BBC has put it on YouTube). Yikes! I had recently watched the Military Prosecutor Doberman and this same type situation was one it’s plot-lines. Not one you want to see actually happening in real life. It made me sad to hear at the end that the same stuff is still happening (allegedly) in the Gangnam clubs today- but then again what is to be expected when they acquitted to police officer involved of all charges.

stux, to random
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I need your help ❤️

Over 4-5 days new server- and media storage bills are coming in for this month

Currently I am still over €428 short this month😿😟

For upcoming weekend I have a server migration planned to scale down the costs by another €200 on the main servers but that will only take effect next month

If you can, please help out 🙏


Thank you ❤️

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@stux Sent you some ko-fi. Thanks for all your hard work!

mastodonmigration, (edited ) to random
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Cohen today said it was Melania's idea to spin the Access Hollywood tape as "locker room talk." We will most certainly get strong push back on this from team Trump in the days ahead, but let's recall that immediately after the tape came out just prior to the 2016 election, Melania was all over the media pushing this 'totally unfair' "boy talk" damage control canard.

Here is just one example from an interview with Anderson Cooper on October 17, 2016:


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@mastodonmigration It still irritates me that at one time I actually felt sorry for Melania not knowing that she is of the exact same ilk as Trump. Good grief our press- this was right before the election and Melania just softly murmurs inanities and Anderson Cooper just nods along or pushes back with all the will power and strength of a single strand of dandelion fluff floating merrily on the breeze.

TonyStark, to random
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Media’s breathless, hysterical, round-the-clock, clickbait coverage of the protests is yet another example of how the fourth estate has abandoned any and all responsibility to inform and educate in exchange for advertiser-luring clicks.

I am still waiting for the major part of the media to own up to their role in helping to elect Trump in 2016. Their coverage of everything else has been failing us all and this is no different. A large portion of people have also apparently learned nothing.

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@TonyStark @mastodonmigration MSM in the US has decided they prefer being the fifth column and the clicks it gives them over their role as the fourth estate.

shoq, to random
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Does anyone know of a topical anesthetic, prescription or OTC, that can numb incision pain that just doesn’t want to stop burning when pressed on by my airboot? I need some relief.

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@shoq There are OTC lidocaine sprays and creams that you can get at any drug store. Just be careful if incision still open anywhere.

notthatkaren, to television Korean
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Since I am doing my month of Hulu/D+ subscription-needing to make my #kdrama watch list for those dramas only on H/D+. So far I have:
-a shop for killers
-flex x cop (started)
-the impossible heir
-one dollar lawyer (finished)
Any good ones I am missing? It’s hard to find the #kdrama stuff on H/D+. I wish it had a sort by language option like Netflix does. Suggestions welcomed.

s1m0n4, to television
@s1m0n4@ohai.social avatar

#kdrama #DoctorSlump ep 9-10

I know nothing impressive happens right now, but I still love it!
Nevertheless I hope they find a new plot line because there's not enough material to get to episode 16.

@notthatkaren@mstdn.social avatar

@EllenInEdmonton @s1m0n4 Yes, I have been a bit disappointed with several of the Nexflix #kdrama offerings recently (Welcome to Samdal Ri, Doctor Slump, King of the Land, etc). I think you hit the nail on the head observing that they seem more geared to western tastes. I hope this is not a trend that continues. I understand wanting to appeal to a larger audience- but if broadening that appeal causes it to loose its uniqueness (or “weird loveliness” as you called it😀)…that will be sad indeed.

cs, to television
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Why is it that when women in #Joseon dramas are in disguise as men, they are so obviously not. Are we supposed to suspend our disbelief? Is there another explanation? Perhaps that we are supposed to believe that no one would dare consider that a woman would wear men’s clothing? #KDrama #Kdramas

@notthatkaren@mstdn.social avatar

@cs As women had no rights in the #joseon period (just like in TX), how would you not expect them to dress as men to make a living?

Vinjii, to television
@Vinjii@wandering.shop avatar

I need a or recommendation where the romance has a happy ending, please? I cannot afford to have my heart shredded by fiction currently.

And my brain doesn’t seem to be able to deal with words currently so I’m not reading.

@notthatkaren@mstdn.social avatar

@AnnaAnthro @Vinjii Both were fatastic. I have quite a fondness for sageuks, so liking The Red Sleeve didnt surprise me. But 25-21 did- I was hesitant to watch as I thought it would be a teen drama. But wow, it was so much more.

jendefer, to books
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Any recommendations for good SFF/speculative books that are written first person? My wife and I are really enjoying reading the Murderbot books aloud to each other. Part of that is the great writing and sparkling personality of the main character, but I think part of it is also the different vibe of first person writing, where the narrator is telling a story to the audience. I'd like to find more books like that.

@notthatkaren@mstdn.social avatar

@notroot @RubyJones @jendefer @bookstodon Yes, Robin Hobb is just incomparable as a master of prose. She can rip your heart right out of your chest- the last book…wow. 16 books sounds like a lot, but each trilogy is different yet builds out the world and clicks more puzzle pieces together. And it goes without saying…Nighteyes is probably my all time favorite animal companion from any book I have read.

shoq, to random
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Trump is on live, rambling in classic Trump style. He’s a victim, doncha know?

@notthatkaren@mstdn.social avatar

@shoq An author I followed on Twitter posted something a few years ago that rambles around my head to this day. He has a series about some robin-hood like master con-men. His con men are brilliant and fantastic. His observation (can’t do it justice) was about why many Trumpers stay is due to the embarrassment of admitting being conned by a complete idiot with no redeeming values. I feel this every time he blathers about being a victim. You have to actively want to be conned at this point.

GottaLaff, to random
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Via reporter Mark Satter:

Jared Moskowitz, emerging from the SCIF, says “it’s definitely not about aliens,” and “it confirms there is no intelligent life in Congress.”

So there you have it.

@notthatkaren@mstdn.social avatar

@GottaLaff Is this in regard to the “national security threat”? Sorry, too many things happening today- losing track about what's about what.

tomcoates, to random
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Okay I finally did a full write up of the event I went to just before Christmas at @meta in San Francisco in which they laid out their plans for integrating Threads with the Fediverse. It's very long and thorough. Love to get people's thoughts. http://plasticbag.org/archives/2024/01/how-threads-will-integrate-with-the-fediverse/

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@mmasnick @tomcoates Apropo of absolutely nothing, glad to see you back on the Fediverse. Hope you stick around a bit and the scolds pi$$ off this time around. You are a trusted voice.

@notthatkaren@mstdn.social avatar

@maegul @mmasnick @tomcoates Yeah, correct. But I still want to encourage the voices I feel are important. Fruitless it may be, but at least I am trying. Sigh.

liztai, to television
@liztai@hachyderm.io avatar

You know, one of the most interesting criticisms I heard of #KDramas this year was that it's becoming too "Westernised". (This was in some forums I've been in.) TBH, I didn't understand what they mean, but when I watched #TheVigilante, I got an inkling. It felt unnecessarily violent, gory & had little heart. It was well-executed but I just didn't feel moved by the main lead's murderous motivations.
Don't know, something feels off with Kdramas lately but I can't put my finger on it.


@notthatkaren@mstdn.social avatar

@liztai I have noticed a few of the new releases do come across as “Hollywood trying to imitate a kdrama”. Like- King of the Land might just as well been written by Hallmark for all its lack of substance beyond a ridiculous romantic fairy tale about rich people. Most kdramas (even the fluffiest romcoms) still explore society and society’s ills. US series seek to provoke emotion- Korean series seek to evoke emotion. It’s a big difference.

emmaaum, to television
@emmaaum@zirk.us avatar

Is anyone watching any or even or which is kind and gentle right now? I need to not be so isolated.

@notthatkaren@mstdn.social avatar

@emmaaum I don’t know if you would classify as kind and gentle, but the #kdrama “Romance Is A Bonus Book” is heartwarming with a happy ending- triumph after perseverance. It’s a bit silly and sad and happy. Being an avid reader, the drama being set in a publishing company (that loves and values books and writers) was an added “bonus” for me.

GottaLaff, to random
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⚠️Yet another #recall

Tyson Foods is voluntarily recalling about 30,000 pounds of its dino-shaped chicken nuggets after some consumers reported finding small metal pieces in their patties.


@notthatkaren@mstdn.social avatar

@GottaLaff Gosh, it's almost as if all those years of hollowing out and defunding all of our public regulatory institutions (to benefit corporations/shareholders) was maybe not a good thing (for the public).

stux, to random
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It's super late and time for some sleep :sleep: :pusheentired: :stux:

Gooodnight my dear friends :mastodon: :fediverse: ❤️ :blobcathearts: :blobfoxsnugowo:

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@stux Sleep well. Today is my one year Fediversary. I lucked into signing up on mstdn.social and have had a year free from hassles. Thanks so much for being a great admin! You are appreciated.

briankrebs, to random

I like to announce a reboot of our home wireless network by flashing the lights and playing a pre-recorded message on the speakers throughout in the house, where a female voice calmly intones: "3 minutes until self-destruction."

@notthatkaren@mstdn.social avatar

@briankrebs I had to look up what #BOFH meant, and now I can't stop laughing.

GottaLaff, (edited ) to random
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Via @emptywheel:

The FIRST thing Republicans do under SpeakerJohnson is use a terrorist attack as an excuse to protect rich tax cheats.

Jake Sherman:

HOUSE REPUBLICANS' Israel aid bill is out.

It offsets $14.3 billion in Israel aid with $14.3 bllion in cuts to IRS from the Inflation Reduction Act.

ADDED: https://mastodon.social/@emptywheel/111329385856052199

@notthatkaren@mstdn.social avatar

@GottaLaff @emptywheel Is any single journalist going to ask how you offset something by cutting out a cost (IRS funding for enforcement) thats purpose is to decrease the deficit? That is not an offset.

GottaLaff, to random
@GottaLaff@mastodon.social avatar

Via Acyn, who provides video but I can’t copy it over at the moment:

Liz Cheney: I would urge that people think about as we look at the threats globally, the notion that we've got Republicans saying we're going to defund the FBI and defund the DOJ, Jordan wants to stop a number of programs that have kept us safe since 9/11. That is very dangerous.

Tapper: But you're not ruling out a presidential run?

Cheney: No, I'm not.👀

@notthatkaren@mstdn.social avatar

@GottaLaff Anyone paying attention saw that coming. It made me ill seeing all the D’s flock around her over the Jan 6 stuff. Yes, she did a good thing (after the fact- after voting for him again-after), but this was the bare minimum that should be expected of someone elected to office. That this isn’t the expectation is beyond me- and even worse were D’s stating they would vote for her because she did one good thing- notwithstanding her horrendous hard right political views and voting record.

flexghost, to random
@flexghost@mastodon.social avatar

Texas is running concertina wire along the border

…with New Mexico

Not pictured: running new wire for the power grid.

Image of Texans, crouching, totally ready to protect Walmart behind them

@notthatkaren@mstdn.social avatar

@flexghost I had to read that twice- New Mexico not Mexico? Texas is putting concertina wire across the border to another state in the US? I mean…..

Teri_Kanefield, to random


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  • notthatkaren,
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    @Teri_Kanefield While your posts may anger a few who just want to be angry, for many of us your posts are the rationality in this sea of hype news and sound bites. You’re also a huge help for us non-lawyers in parsing through all the legalese that otherwise might be misunderstood or misinterpreted. Thanks for all you do. It would wear down the best of us.

    GottaLaff, to Fox
    @GottaLaff@mastodon.social avatar

    🫣Florida Gov. and Republican presidential candidate Ron (R) and California Gov. Gavin (D) have agreed to participate in a televised debate in November that will be moderated by host Sean Hannity.


    @notthatkaren@mstdn.social avatar

    @GottaLaff Newsom is good with quick recall of facts/figures and not scared to go on the offensive (too many D’s just play defense)- so he’s a good choice. But, man I feel bad for him- it’s going to be him against DeSantis, Hannity, and the weight of the Murdoch empire.

    w7voa, to random
    @w7voa@journa.host avatar

    Three-quarters of voters say they’re concerned about President Joe Biden’s age and mental fitness, while nearly two-thirds have concerns about the multiple trials former President Donald Trump is facing, a new national NBC News poll finds. https://www.nbcnews.com/meet-the-press/first-read/poll-overwhelming-majorities-express-concerns-biden-trump-ahead-2024-r-rcna111347

    @notthatkaren@mstdn.social avatar

    @w7voa MSM busy creating the horse race they desire. Remember when actual news created the media narrative rather than the media creating the narrative they want and making the news fit that narrative.

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