Canadian #DigitalNomad and #MultiPod, which I guess means I'm perpetually indecisive - can't decide where to live or what to do with my life :D

I live in an #RV and #travel across North America.

Profile: bald man with a beard and glasses stands in front of a tree that's twice as wide as he is tall.

Header: large bus-like RV parked on the side of a highway, next to rocky coastline under a gray sky.


#Asexual #Ace :heart_ace:


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nomadave, to NovaScotia

Long day on the road driving through Quebec. Stopped at a travel stop in Woodstock, New Brunswick for the night.

Tomorrow is the last leg of our journey to #NovaScotia

#RVLife #DigitalNomad #Canada #Travel

nomadave, to random

I can't get over how the #ActuallyAutistic community makes me feel.

I feel like I've come home to a family I never knew. A family that is way more like a family than the one I grew up with.

Thanks everyone for reaching out and responding to my barrage of self-discovery posts over the last couple of weeks. I appreciate it so much 💚🙏


@ahbon @actuallyautistic For me, the closest thing I could think of was during periods of time in which I'm hyper-fixating on something.

The level of excitement, engagement, focus - even obsession - is unreal and unmatched by anything else in my experience.

When I'm fixating on a new interest, I can't get enough of it. I can't stop thinking about it.

Those are the only times I could say I've felt "truly alive", and that "if all of life was like that, life would be amazing."

ADHDefy, to ADHD avatar

I finished a book for the first time in... I literally don't even know how long!!

I know some people with #ADHD are bookworms, but unfortunately, I am not. I want to be, and I enjoyed reading very much growing up, but as an adult it's just become so hard to wrangle my brain into picking up a book and then keeping it on track for more than a page or two at a time.

But damn it, I did it, I enjoyed it, and I feel immensely proud of myself for it. It took me longer than I wanted it to, and I had to wrestle with a bit of internalized ableism and shame... and you know what? I'm gonna do it again.

That's right, friends. Watch out, because on his own timeline, this guy's going to have read two whole books in recent memory. 😎


@ADHDefy Nice job! 👏 👏 👏

As someone whose interest in reading ebbs and flows, I sincerely congratulate you :)


@ADHDefy If you don't mind me asking, what did you read? Fiction or non-fiction?

alexstandiford, to solar avatar

We've cleared most of our belongings leftover in our storage shed in Dover. I have 4 solar panels that I need to either sell, store, or use. I have our travel rig with me right now, so I'm thinking it's time to mount them to the roof. I think I can get all 4 mounted, but it's going to be reeeeeeeeally tight. Hoping I can because 1200w on this rig would be amazing.


@alexstandiford Good luck! Hit me up if you need a hand :)

izabelamisiak, to ADHD


If I "have" to do a Thing, especially for my own projects, it has to be the only thing on my list for the day, no one should distract me, and I need all the attention I can muster.

All the rest of the random quests, favors, errands, and to-dos with a deadline in 2 months? Oh, sure, I can do it all in one afternoon, no problem.

Life with my AuDHD brain would be easier if I could just do only sidequests without any pressure or meaning 🤦‍♀️



@izabelamisiak YES! side quests for life. That would be lovely



Yeah, this totally sounds like me. I don't consider myself social, but I do try to be sometimes, but its really difficult to relate to most people.

The only time I find being social easy is when I find someone who shares an interest of mine, and we can talk about the interest.

@theautisticcoach @actuallyautistic

nomadave, to ADHD

Trying out a new app for daily planning. Where's the "all of the above" option?

#ActuallyAutistic #ADHD #Neurodivergent

nomadave, to ADHD

What are some ways #AuDHD folks balance the need for planning and routine with obsessive hyperfixation?

I feel so balanced and well when I have a daily planning routine, but I often can't keep it going for more than a couple of months.

Either I lose interest, or an obsessive fixation takes over and completely burns me out.

I'd love to find some longer-term strategies for maintaining balance.

#ActuallyAutistic #ADHD

nomadave, to random

It's funny how a song can take on an entirely different meaning depending on the circumstances and context of your life.

I've listened to Numb by Linkin Park hundreds of times over the years.

But after realizing I'm #ActuallyAutistic, I broke down in tears listening to it the other day. It made me think about how masking feels.

I've become so numb
I can't feel you there
I've become so tired
So much more aware
By becoming this
all I want to do
is be more like me
and be less like you

IzabelaKaramia, to actuallyautistic avatar

I did the Online Monotropism Questionnaire survey and my results are:

Monotropism Score: 222 / 235

Average: 4.72

This score means that you are more Monotropic than about 95% of autistic people and about 100% of allistic people.

@actuallyautistic #ActuallyAutistic



Not surprised by this at all!

Monotropism Score: 199 / 235

Average: 4.23

This score means that you are more Monotropic than about 60% of autistic people and about 97% of allistic people.



@theautisticcoach @actuallyautistic
I didn't like coffee for the longest time, but started to like it 6 or 7 years ago.

These days, I mostly just drink it out of habit and it's what my wife drinks in the morning, so it's convenient.

I've tried starting my day without coffee and there's no real noticeable difference with or without for me.


@theautisticcoach @actuallyautistic I didn't like pizza until I was well into my 20s, among many other foods "everybody" eats.

Now it's stuffed crust with ground beef, mushrooms and onions 🤤

Gina, to random avatar

Ugh I have a very intense work deadline today and I kept on waiting for the 'right moment' and 'nooo I first have to do xyz before I start otherwise it won't work' knowing full well I just need to force myself to do SOMETHING and after 8 hrs of staring at my laptop like a hypnotized potato and googling spanish villas I'll now have to work until the early morning to get this stuff done.

Anyone else suffer from dumb brain syndrome?


@Gina @AnAdhdGuy I'd suggest a second opinion. Inattentive type ADHD doesn't present with the hyperactivity as much.

The fact that they called you lazy is indicative (in my mind) that your assessor was biased and doesn't fully understand ADHD.


@JeremyMallin @actuallyautistic After exploring ADHD in myself, I've self-dxed as autistic recently as well. I'm 38.

nomadave, to ADHD

I have my first #ADHD assessment appointment tomorrow and so far today I've received two email reminders and one text reminder from the clinic

They sure know their clientele 😂

AuthorHelp, to authorindiespeak avatar

@AuthorHelp @authorindiespeak @writingcommunity This was super helpful, thank you for sharing!

mystique, to Autism

When the world becomes ‘too real’: a Bayesian explanation of autistic perception

We suggest specifically that attenuated Bayesian priors – ‘hypo-priors’ – may be responsible for the unique perceptual experience of autistic people, leading to a tendency to perceive the world more accurately rather than modulated by prior experience.

#autism #actuallyautistic @actuallyautistic #psychology @psychology @academicchatter


@mystique @actuallyautistic @psychology @academicchatter this is exactly what I was trying to describe in a post here the other day! thanks for this 💚

nomadave, to solar

Today's project: making brackets from aluminum flat stock for mounting flexible solar panels with an air gap underneath them.


Here's a shot of my existing mounting setup. There's aluminum T track mounted to the roof with industrial strength double sided adhesive tape, then the panels themselves are mounted to the track with brackets I made.

There's an air gap underneath the panels for heat dissipation by way of that corrugated plastic stuff.


Now, here's what I'm thinking for the next set of panels.

Same aluminum T track mounted to the roof, but instead I'm cutting aluminum flat stock that will run the entire width of the panel. The panel gets glued and bolted to this bracket, then the bracket gets bolted to the track.

I could just glue these panels to the roof, but having an air gap will help them last longer (well, that's the hope) - and bolting them to a track makes them easier to replace if needed.

nomadave, to solar

Balancing my time between work and planning my summer hobby projects.

Trying to figure out the best bang for my literal buck... trying to decide between a 4G/LTE/5G router, more solar panels, a second inverter... those are probably the largest purchases I'm considering.

Leaning heavily towards more solar panels having the biggest impact for my money. I've got 1400W now. Bumping that to 2100W would be a significant improvement.


@alexstandiford What do you mean?


@alexstandiford Ah! No and I kinda prefer to keep them separate so I can dump gray and black separately. Especially here at my in-laws cottage, where we don't have a sewer hookup, we leave the gray valve open and only use the portable tank for black + black tank rinse water.

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