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I post about veganism, animal rights, and growing our activist space in the Fediverse.

Software engineer, interested in SRE

Arch user btw
Vegan btw

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nm, to random
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Me: Oh this looks cool

  • Sees crypto is involved *

Me: Clicks ❌


nm, to ADHD
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Finally made it through another chapter of this book! I’ll surely complete another soon…🤨

But, uhh, telling you about my small win pumps a sweet dopamine response into my starving brain; thx!!!

nm, to vegan
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ℹ️ Do you know about the vegan e-Sports team that races for Animal Liberation?

They're known as +MVT Racing, and they have a Mastodon profile!!

Though I'm not into sports AT ALL (wtf is a superbowl?), I enjoy reading about their sweet victories on the track.

>> Vegan activism needs to be EVERYWHEREEEE <<

If you agree, please share your vegan love by following @mvtracing.

With your help, we can amplify their activism. Boosts needed.

🏎️ 84 / 100 🏁

nm, to random
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After nearly 6 years grinding from co-op student to most-senior developer at one company, I’m back on the job market looking for a new adventure.

If you like what I do here, and are hiring SWEs, please DM me for my resume 😁.

nm, to fediverse
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Queens hit song ‘We Are the Champions’ in my eyes is about early adopters of anarchist technologies.

I’m talking about us🥇

We have no time for fascist losers like Spez, Musk, or Zuck, because WE are the champions.

OUR Fediverse lives vibrantly in defiance, as a glimmer for hope in a dying world.

Liberating our speech from corporate control is necessary for a healthy revolution.

Thank you, champion, for traveling with us on this quest for liberty.


ErikUden, to random German
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Der einzige gefährliche Flüchtling ist der Steuerflüchtling.

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The police would like to hire you.

nm, to Canada
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Politics have taken a hard-right in .

Trudeau's center-right government engulfed itself with widespread blame for causing our cost-of-living crisis.

Ordinary houses sell for $1M CAD, unaffordable to working people who've endured decades of stagnant wages.

The center-left party is associated for supporting in parliament.

Hard-hit people plan to protest by voting for the aligned Conservatives, who campaign on denial, , and christian law.


nm, to random
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I'm a big fan of Friends of Animals.

They've protected animals from exploitation since 1957.

Today they're at 492 followers here on Mastodon.

Please help me and my round number fixation by extending their reach to a well-deserved 500 followers.

You can follow them here on Mastodon at @FoAorg.

A short video introducing Friends of Animals.

nm, to ADHD
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I’ve been quite upset about my for the past few days.

ADHD is a misunderstood executive functioning disorder.

The frequent conscious experiences of being unable to exercise my will is torturous.

No matter what I do, or where I go, I’ll never truly escape the shame and disappointment I carry.

I’m grateful for my accomplishments, but am painfully aware of what could had been.

Times like this give me so much appreciation for my wife, my mom, and my ride or die friends. ❤️

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@siblingpastry I started Vyvanse about 4 months ago.

Things are better but it's far from the cure I was sold.

You have a good mindset about your ADHD. I try to be prideful and happy but it's a constant struggle.

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@siblingpastry I'm also on a mood stabilizer and an ssri

Perhaps another dose increase on the Vyvanse is due.

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@siblingpastry I'm at 40mg, the thought of taking more makes me nervous that there'd be an increase in side effects that I won't immediately notice.

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@siblingpastry You inspired me to get around to booking a meet-and-greet with a new social worker who has expertise in ADHD.

This was something I already planned to do, but now I have it in motion 😄.

Hopefully guidance from another professional will help sort things out.

nm, to vegan
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:vegan: New Vegan Alert :vegan:

@Corvid_Moon joined us on Veganism Social

I know them from Reddit, they're based AF and you should totally

>> Follow @Corvid_Moon <<

and please boost this one 🔁

1/20 🥅

nm, to vegan
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Mastodon's new compose form UI has been deployed on Veganism Social.

My feedback: Sweet! 👍

nm, to vegan
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    @streetfestival I figure r/vegan2 is the best name to quickly 'market' the sub so that it catches on.

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    @jol Since a couple of years, like half of the sub is vegetarian.

    thisismissem, to random
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    Music mood today is Tegan and Sara

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    @thisismissem I woke up with a penchant for anything by Davey Havok

    nm, to random
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    Mastodon admins are ignorant of our digital privilege.

    The software requires fast internet, and massive amounts of mobile data to use.

    Mastodon doesn't compress images because it's using a deprecated image processing dependency.

    Nobody wants to work with it because it will be phased out (when?).

    New users with slow internet wait 10 seconds because of the massive Javascript bundle size.

    The start and end to this is we're all techies with gigabit internet and the latest gizmos.

    nm, to vegan
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    Veganism Social now has regional web and database servers in:

    🌇 Frankfurt
    🗽 New York City
    🌄 San Francisco
    🦘 Sydney

    This is highly experimental, but appears to be working with our limited rollout.

    Technology used:

    • Cloudflare caching w Imgproxy
    • Cloudflare geo load balancer
    • Load balancer path rules
    • Digital Ocean managed postgres
    • Postgres read-only replicas
    • Custom deployment pipeline 😅

    We're only using the regional servers for GET requests on our API and landing (/, /about) endpoints. All other HTTP requests go to Frankfurt where our primary db and Redis lives.

    My plan for tomorrow is to make /inbox skip the load balancer and directly go to Frankfurt.


    nm, to threads
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    Another reason why Mark Zuckerberg's fedi server will be blocked by Veganism Social.

    nm, to vegan German
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    Vegane Mitglieder von troet.cafe:

    Es gibt Neuigkeiten, dass troet.cafe im April schließt.

    Im Namen unserer deutschsprachigen Mitglieder und des Rests unserer Community lade ich Sie ein, Ihre Konten zu Veganism Social zu verschieben.

    Wir bieten automatisierte Übersetzungen, Volltextsuche, eine ausschließlich vegane Zeitleiste und antispeziesistische Moderation.

    Alle unsere Server stehen in Frankfurt.

    Klicken Sie auf diesen Link, um eine übersetzte Anleitung zum Verschieben Ihres Kontos zu erhalten:


    Veganism Social: https://veganism.social/about


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    nm, to random
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    I want Veganism Social to be the fastest Mastodon instance, and use 80% less data on mobile phone plans.

    @nm@veganism.social avatar

    @marc_v_b @boerni

    It's crypto ai that runs on blockchain on ethereum and openai exxon mobile data centers.

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