Retired career surfer. A fan of #sportscar racing, #rally and #motorsport in general. #Miata #MX5 driver. I enjoy #driving, #WRC, #WEC, #aviation, #travel, and #cycling. #fedi22. Woke. Antifa. Europhile.

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chad, to random

The super secretive RCMP live stream is up... 👀


@ned @chad That just about sums it up, yes.

Skepticat, to random avatar

If a salesclerk has to get you a larger size of the clothes you're trying on, they should also be required to bring kleenex and a shot of vodka.


@Skepticat Hear, hear!

gregeganSF, to random avatar

After 50 years, the theme song from the TV show “Green Acres” just started playing in my head, but I have no memory of elaborate calculations I performed, and 3,000-line programs I wrote, over the last 3 years. Maybe I should turn everything I want to recall into awful jingles.


@gregeganSF Take Manhattan, just gimme that countryside.

chiefgyk3d, to ai avatar

Currently learning about #AI and #ML in #dentistry.


@chiefgyk3d Too bad they can't spell. It might give them that competitive edge.

cosmicallyf, to random

Jesus saves.

Satan has a second mortgage.


@cosmicallyf Jesus saves.

Satan kicks in the rebounds.

vlrny, to random avatar

I am having A Day. 😠

Stupid nightsweats so bad I am washing bedding today. Put pillows and duvet outside (on day it finally wasn't 🤬 raining) to air out.

Sky went from clear to pouring in a blink.

Am now trying to put feather pillows in dryer one by one. Temp was was too high on first attempt.

I now know what wet, singed duck feathers smells like. Ya'll are lucky I can't toot a smell.

Also, HOW can a duck can become both singed and wet!? 🤔 Is a curious odor unlikely in the wild methinks.


@vlrny Every cloud...

mxhdroom, to random

Before we get all giggly with the news of the RCMP launching an investigation into #DoFo's Greenbelt land-swap scandal, let's just remember the RCMP has been investigating the campaign contribution irregularities/kamikaze-candidate scandal with the UCP in Alberta since 2019 and we've heard crickets.

Breath-holding not advised. #onpoli

Dylan, to random avatar

Just had some Conti Extreme Contact DWS slapped on. The ride home was plenty comfortable — on par with the rest of my Continental Experience™️. Going to take out the car later on once traffic dies down. Gotta brake in these mfs.

Side note, Mike at Mike’s Hubcaps in Hicksville, NY is the best wheel & tire shop I’ve ever been to. He’s fast as hell and affordable. He swapped my summers for all-seasons in under 30min.


@Dylan We had the DWS06s on a Ford Fiesta a couple of years ago. Great tires. I assume you have them on the #Miata; let us know how they work!

Strandjunker, to random avatar

Republicans should be forced to carry Kevin McCarthy to term, even if it endangers the life of the party.


@Strandjunker Toot of the Day, right here.

LALegault, to random avatar

You can tell the convoy is en route to Ottawa (coincidentally on Truth and Reconcilliation Day) when there are zombies on the overpasses with Canadian flags (they had one appropriated ‘every child matters’ flag just to be the worst), police all over the place and I went to Starbucks and the barista was so rude about my mask, I left. Bizarre.


@LALegault I flipped the finger yesterday to a pickup flying Canadian flags and F*ck Trudeau flags here in New Minas. Meant nothing to him, but felt good to me.

These asshats have no idea what they're protesting. They just need a place to belong because normal society has shunned them.

mxhdroom, to cycling

Sure, rub it in. #cycling

juglugs, to random avatar

As you get older, you begin to suffer the occasional series of increasingly humiliating micro-injuries:

"How did you hurt yourself?"

I slept wrong.

While I was driving, I happened to yawn while checking my blind spot.

I drank water too hard.


@juglugs Can confirm.

mxhdroom, to Miata

We just arrived home from the annual Maritime Club "picnic" at Jost Wineries in Malagash, . Approximately 50 cars appeared, which is amazing given the weather at the start of the day. It was a 300 mile/500km day for us.

Thanks to Blaine, the rest of the MMC executive, and for the event!

Brightly coloured Miatas (including a Martini-liveried ND) sit in a parking lot at Jost Wineries in Malagash, Nova Scotia.
A group of Miatas in a parking lot.
Members of the Maritime Miata Club gather for lunch at Jost Wineries in Malagash, Nova Scotia.

dancinyogi, to random avatar

The wrinkles around my eyes mean I've lived long enough to see how damaging it can be to make a big decision on a whim - AND ALSO not to jump to conclusions. When it comes to the big stuff, I pause, reflect, weigh, then react. Sometimes my reflexive reaction is right on target, but sometimes it's not. It's when my gut reaction is wrong that I'm thankful for the wisdom that made me pause in the first place.

If someone asked me if I'd return to my 20s or even 30s, I'd say no.
Wisdom > Wrinkles.


@dancinyogi Hear, hear.

hanse_mina, to Ukraine

The Russian MoD claimed that one plane, Tu-22M3, was only "damaged", but the first pictures from the Soltsy-2 airbase say otherwise.



@hanse_mina That'll buff out. 🙄

dgar, to random avatar

Snow White confirms: 6 out of 7 dwarves aren't Happy.


@dgar Corollary: one out of seven dwarfs is Grumpy.

dworkin, to random avatar

Hate to break it to MAGAs but Trump’s bogus report will be nothing but more evidence used against him in court.


@dworkin ...and it will end with a plea for further donations which will come flooding in because the rubes and cult members know no better.

dgar, to random avatar

Them: This is a photo of me when I was younger.

Me: Every photo of you is when you were younger.

~ Mitch Hedberg


@dgar "I used to do drugs. I still do, but I used to too." - Hedberg

Free_Press, (edited ) to news avatar


Listen to the entire hour long phone call.

In the hour-long call, Trump can be heard berating Georgia's top election official and insisting that he won the state of Georgia.

“There’s no way I lost Georgia,” Trump said on the phone recording, obtained by 11Alive through a state government source. “There’s no way. We won by hundreds of thousands of votes.”
#News #GOP #Politics #USA #Trump #MAGA #Republicans #BREAKING #BreakingNews


@Free_Press I read the transcript as I can't stand to hear his voice, but Jaysus.

He's a wannabe mob boss and not a very articulate one at that. It's a wonder he didn't send some "muscle" to Georgia to "convince" Raffensperger to find the votes.

If y'all put him back in the WH in 2024 all bets are off.

dancinyogi, (edited ) to random avatar

The phone you grew up with was a -

Please boost for a wider demographic


@mike @dancinyogi THAT'S ME!

GottaLaff, to random avatar

Please, sir, threaten to hang me again! I just can’t get enough of it!

Former VP Pious McKissAss, ladies and gents:

Via @atrupar:

CHUCK TODD: Do you consider yourself a MAGA Republican?

MIKE #PENCE: You better believe it.


@GottaLaff @atrupar Why is he running? Shouldn't he just endorse his idol and get it over with?

What a pathetic human being he is. A dyed-in-the -wool cult member.

BlackAzizAnansi, to random avatar

I don't know how to describe it but this post 2016 society has kinda broken me in a way that I can't describe. Yes, I get it, "Lol things have always been bad" blah blah blah, but this dystopian shit is something different. I think the combination of just seeing how comfortable people have become just being outright cruel and bigoted combined with the apathy and just flat out resignation of folks who may be decent, but they've just normalized all of this bullshit killed my youthful spirit.


@BlackAzizAnansi Hear, hear...

w7voa, to twitter avatar

"Free expression for everyone" is what X () is all about," says new CEO Linda Yaccarino.


@w7voa Consider me a 25%er, then.

georgetakei, to random

In the red states of Kansas, Kentucky, Montana and Ohio, where the people have had a chance to vote statewide, abortion rights have won out. This is a loser issue for the GOP and a galvanizing one for Democrats everywhere.


@georgetakei I believe Kentucky to be more blue than most people realize.

dancinyogi, to random avatar

I don't drink, hardly at all. I have a beer or two when I shoot pool, maybe a glass of wine if I go to dinner, that's about it. A client gave me a bottle of Zinfandel, so I'm sipping it as I cook.🍷

Disclaimer: The toots to follow were tooted under the influence of next-level insanely strong wine, and I cannot be held responsible for whatever the heck I publish henceforth.


@dancinyogi If that's what happens with Zinfandel, stay the hell away from Grenache.

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