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mojofrododojo, (edited )

am open to social democrat processes that have provided many EU countries with worker rights, health care, education etc.

not really liking the tankie / biden genocide / climate indifferent takes.

these things are not the same.






been spending too much time reading about machine learning sorry but ty for the (now obvious) explanation.

probably time for bed.


Ultimately, Biden is currently on track to lose.

If you don’t want Trump, don’t blame the left. They aren’t the primary source of his polling collapse.

See, your premise is faulty so your conclusions - built upon this fault - are doomed.

Polling is fucked. Literally, the polling we’re seeing (and saw in 2020) is worse than useless in so far as it doesn’t inform the public and deliberately distorts the ground game.

If Jill Stein hits 15% in polls we’ve wandered into bizzarro world and all bets are off anyway.

. So criticism is all that I see saving us from Biden’s terrible judgement.


  • like when he cut insulin to $35, literally saving lives?
  • saving the economy,
  • forgiving school loans,
  • stood up for unions & labor (FIRST PRESIDENT TO EVER WALK A PICKET LINE),
  • increased overtime for millions,
  • ended federally subsidized discriminatory mortgage lending,
  • went after airlines, cable companies, phone companies, concert ticket sales and hotels for their fucking ridiculous hidden fees!,
  • brought back net neutrality,
  • he’s gonna try to tax billionaires!

Look I don’t like the old shit, I’ve never been a fan and would prefer bernie but this is where we’re at: if you can’t look at that list and admit that holy shit the old squint seems to actually have some handle on the situation you’re disregarding reality.

And if you think Jill fucking Stein would do better you need to stop huffing gasoline Charlie Kelly.

mojofrododojo, (edited )

I’m just listening to assholes vroom-vrooming up and down the nearby thoroughfare day and night. Each and every one is accelerating the problems for everyone, and they can’t give a fuck.

I see nascar and f1 and think: what fucking planet is this being broadcast from?

India, pakistan and mexico are literally cooking. this week we’re predicting heat waves all over the US and Canada even.

How many dead people from heat will it take before someone says “Hey, you know, we could cut out a lot of emissions just by stopping the ‘for funs’ bullshit”?


roomba f1.

we’re fixing this shit!


Rolling coal is legal here.

I live in the states, it doesn’t seem to be illegal here. Do we suffer from the same assholes?


I think operating a motor vehicle should entail a certain degree of responsibility including environmental responsibility.

yup. and consequences for those who won’t. world’s literally cooking guys, every bit will help, and every vroom vroom revving their fucking engines is hurting. time to be adults and put the toys away.


Was wondering how long it would take someone to try to replicat Helldiver’s success with this same narrative.


This is a co-op FPS with 16-player PvE and by looking at the teaser it also involes base building, so not exactly the same type of game.

spot on

As for the narrative, Helldivers is obviously based on the Starship Troopers movie (the plot, the action, even the “patriotic theme”), which itself was heavily inspired by StarCraft.

!?? I read Heinlein’s Starship Troopers in the early 80s lol, not sure you meant that the way it reads. ST the book and subsequent verhooven movie were not inspired by Starcraft.


I probably should have been more specific in that I’m surprised it took a studio this long with the Starship Trooper’s license to build something with similar FPS gameplay and mechanics as Helldivers 2.

I know the book (great) and movie (entertaining af verhooven at his best) predate Helldivers.

I probably could have worded things better sorry for the confusion.


the book is fantastic but doesn’t really emphasize a lot of the fun themes you’ll find in the film. worth a read, it’s short af.


played 1&2 back in the day so… ok… well…

this tiny clip fails to sell much beyond claptrap, and I’m kinda… eh…


Personally I’m looking forward to smoking a bowl, ordering a pizza, and watching the stupid movie.

def the only way I’d watch this, but only if it’s already on streaming I have. this cut is also so devoid of all the things that makes the game great, it makes me wonder if there’s a lot more but the promotion is afraid to embrace the borderlands WTFery


don’t do that… don’t give me hope…


In the US, photography is not a crime and you have zero expectation of privacy in public spaces.


So close. I’ve been wondering about ways we can push them over the line of realization. 500,000 dead hasn’t done it. A few days ago they lost 65 artillery pieces in a single day. Sure there’s lots of soviet production in mothballs but this shit has been going on for two years. How much longer can they go on before the average person realizes - oh shit - we’re gonna lose this badly - ?


all that those hoops means is that the lag to fill them is a year or two. which sounds like a long time but there’s always another graduating class coming along, if the employers are willing to pay competitive wages.

And that’s a big fucking goddamn IF.


Do you know anyone with diabetes? Statistically speaking, you do, even if you don’t know you know.

Biden’s capped their insulin at $35, instead of the unlimited bullshit americans were struggling with FOR THEIR VERY LIVES.

Happy to enumerate a bunch of others but that alone should make anyone feel better about choosing biden because trump literally doesn’t believe there’s a climate emergency - he’s said on record day one he will open up drilling to everyone.

I’m not asking you to like Biden, I’m asking you to admit, there are a number of issues where it’s STARK which options we face when we choose who we vote for.


So you’ll vote for trump, who will worsen the outlook in Palestine and Gaza in LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE WAY he can?

Biden’s fighting with Bibi, trump will encourage him. It’s not the binary you think it is.




so…? you won’t vote biden, and you say you won’t vote trump. why are you pissing and moaning about it all so much if you’re just gonna sit around with your thumb up your ass DOING NOTHING?

jfc get a grip


you piss and moan about how bad it is and only want to make things worse.

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