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Obligatory: “Ranked Choice” is a specific use of ranked ballots. It’s subpar. It beats what we’re doing now, but anything beats what we’re doing now.

What you want is a Condorcet method like Ranked Pairs, where the winner is whoever beats everyone else. RCV just picks whoever can scrounge together 50% first. RCV would not elect a candidate who is literally everyone’s second choice. Ranked Pairs would.

The simple alternative is Approval Voting, where you let people check all the names they like. It matches Condorcet results… somehow. There is no good reason we’re not using it everywhere.


You owe it to the country to not hand our government over to fascism. Voting for the immediate alternative isn’t a blood pact.


Fuck your analogy.

One of two people is going to be in charge of the country seven months from now. You can have the boring liberal with an awful allegiance to a questionable ally run by a power-hungry bastard… or you can have our very own power-hungry bastard, who is also going to give the aforementioned bastard everything he wants.

Don’t choose more evil.


Have they tried money?

It was demanding work and paid only $9 per hour with no benefits.

Question answered.

And Jesus fuck, it’s not like there’s no money going into healthcare.


90% of everything is garbage. If AI changes that ratio, it won’t change it by much.


The most visible uses are stupid - but the technology can easily improve actual human effort. Starting from text and churning out ten thousand tiny variations is just a demonstration of how far it can be stretched. You could feed in a sketch and get get a finished texture, with all the wonky false-color channels. You could change a voice actor’s performance to sound like someone else giving that performance. You could filter in-engine footage for cutscenes that look eerily realistic while staying on-model.

None of which will fix the scope creep that’s slowly killing the industry by turning every project into a five-year-long gamble the employs a thousand people and still manages to crunch for eighteen months straight. Guys. There’s game jams where teams that’d fit in an elevator produce fun products in a matter of weeks. You wouldn’t need to fixate on magical future technology if you committed to releasing a game about once a year… instead of making ev-er-y single pitch the biggest and bestest and prettiest thing evarrr.


And kills people who are excessively rude toward them.


Neural networks are magical anywhere that near misses are good enough.

Companies keep using them as if they’re infallible, when lives and fortunes are at stake.

Tech is not the problem.


The tech is not the problem.

mindbleach, (edited )

Ranked ballots - proportional representation - end districting altogether.

And of course throw out this illegitimate court and all its Calvinball pronouncements.


“Cut ties with,” as if the studios were made independent. You shitcanned them. You fired four and a half thousand people, because of unrelated gambling problems.


On one hand: oh nooo, a network was trained on intellectual property, this is completely unprecedented and a big deal somehow.

On the other hand: the company itself using that for commercial purposes, like a promotional event, and tacitly admitting they’re ripping off exactly one person, is not gonna go down the same way as an image generator that occasionally gives mice big black ears.


… while demanding “NPUs” that don’t really exist, so they can force you to use the AI nonsense grafted deep into the guts of the system, powered by constantly spying on everything you do.

Or you could just use Mint.


Nah, it’s the next version of Guilty Gear, ΔRC♓︎.

They tried numbering once and it did not work out.


The trick is to say “[thing] is bullshit!” on a forum site and have people rush to explain why you are an eejit. Way better than Google these days.

(Case in point: if you use a terminal to do any file operations with a wildcard, use ./* for all the stuff in this directory, instead of just *.)

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice (2024, dir Tim Burton) (www.youtube.com)

After an unexpected family tragedy, three generations of the Deetz family return home to Winter River. Still haunted by Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton), Lydia’s (Winona Ryder) life is turned upside down when her rebellious teenage daughter, Astrid (Jenna Ortega), discovers the mysterious model of the town in the attic and the...


Pacing, budget, focus, general irreverence.

The Venture Bros. is a fairly specific satire of Johnny Quest and other kids-versus-supervillains media. It’s grounded, and being grounded is half the joke. Ultimately these characters exist in the mundane world and just act like total weirdos. The comedy is vicious, but often bone-dry. It occasionally gives episodes to tertiary characters to remind us that even henchmen have lives. The show has that Seinfeld quality where everyone is kinda broken in a predictable way. Growth is possible, but even when that doesn’t lead to killing off a happy character, it means the stakes and consequences of each episode have to be realistic.

Rick & Morty is a freewheeling multiverse that can do anything whenever it wants. It was created by two guys who honed their comedy on a platform where being the funniest thing of the month secured one more episode. There’s no laugh track, but the naturalistic dialog is relentless. Keeping most episodes centered on an asshole scientist and his hapless grandson simplifies the hell out of the audience experience - their bickering answers questions. Which is very helpful, because the show will invent and then blow up whole planets, including ours.

Basically, the closer Adult Swim comparison for Rick & Morty was Aqua Teen Hunger Force.


They’re not even second place in that sentence.

The Atari 8-bit line did okay at best, in a very wide field. The ST was as doomed as all other 68K systems. The Falcon was a brilliant machine - specifically, it was a NeXTstation. Their portables had it going on, but that market was teensy and they weren’t hot in it.

Admittedly their later computers did better than their later consoles, which, I mean, Christ. How do you release the 5200 without 2600 compatibility when the goddamn Colecovision has 2600 compatibility? Which snort proposed making the Lynx bigger?


Any sane court would connect these dots and punish retaliation.

Shame we’re so short on those.

mindbleach, (edited )

Years ago I found myself explaining to Chinese Room dinguses - in a neural network, the part that does stuff is not the part written by humans.

I’m not sure it’s meaningful to say this sort of AI has source. You can have open data sets. (Or rather you can be open about your data sets. I don’t give a shit if LLMs list a bunch of commercial book ISBNs.) But rebuilding a network isn’t exactly a matter of hitting “compile” and going out for coffee. It can take months, and the power output of a small city… and it still can’t be exact. There’s so much randomness involved in the process that it’d be iffy whether you get the same weights twice, even if you built everything around that goal.

Saying “here’s the binary, do whatever” is honestly a lot better for neural networks than for code, because it’s not like the people who made it know how it works either.

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