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By day I am a computer programmer with Index Data, where I have been happily and gainfully employed for 20 years.

By night, I am a vertebrate palaeontologist with the University of Bristol, specialising in sauropods: the biggest and best of all dinosaurs.

I am an advocate for open access, open data and open source, and also for open peer-review though I'm beginning to think pre-publication peer-review might be a mistake. I support #LFC.

Email: dino@miketaylor.org.uk
ORCiD: 0000-0002-1003-5675

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mike, to random
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I'm lisening to Miles Davis's "Kind of Blue". I'm sorry to say I can't really understand what all the fuss is about. (I do realise that's a fact about me, not about the album.)

mlawton, to random
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I’ve been thinking about the argument that fatigue is one of the primary reasons for the recent struggles for

I think Klopp has rotated the squad far more than in recent years. But then it occurs to me that the reason he’s done so is because of injuries rather than the luxury of choice. While this is a deep squad, it has suffered from wildly different player combinations (particularly in defense) which are often prone to miscommunication and a lack of chemistry.


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@mlawton That is true. But it's bizarre that the miscommunications seem to be at their worst right now, when we finally have out first-choice defence back.

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@mlawton Reacclimatization makes some sense; but it should be easier for Ali, Trent, Robbo and Konate to slip back into their positions than it was for Kelleher, Bradley, Tsimikas and Quansah to step into their shoes.

drmambobob, to random
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Ads on Amazon Prime videos are incredibly frustrating. Just why???

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@drmambobob For the most obvious of all possible reasons. To make you give them more money.

Their business model is literally "impose pain until they give us money to make it stop".

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mike, to random
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First thing: that was an excellent Atalanta performance. Let's not forget that.

Second thing: this was poor from

BUT some of the responses I'm reading on here beggar belief. I see people saying Liverpool CAN'T win this tie, that the League is gone, that the whole team needs to be disbanded and a new one bought.

Astonishing short-termism. Come on, fans. We're better than this. Aren't we?

rmounce, to random
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Another interesting idea... what is the coverage of the vanished journal 'Heterocycles' in Sci-Hub?

Apparently only 36.7% according to the Sci-Hub Stats Browser: https://greenelab.github.io/scihub/#/journal/25864

#JournalFailure #Heterocycles #VanishingJournals #SciHub

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@rmounce Presumably because Sci-Hub has stopped harvesting new content in the last couple of years.

davidallengreen, to random
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Mild-mannered Everton being continuously shafted while brash Chelsea and Man City flaunt their extravagances is pretty much a metaphor for UK generally.

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@davidallengreen I couldn't agree more. Even as a Liverpool fan, I can't enjoy seeing what's being done to Everton while Man City just keep spending their way to trophy after trophy with absolutely no consequences.

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@shinybat @davidallengreen It feels as though the sheer scale of their wrongdoing has flummoxed the authorities — they won't prosecute a single charge until they have got all 115 of them lined up and ready to go.

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@davidallengreen @shinybat Maybe. Not being a lawyer myself, I've always wondered how much more effective your representation can really become by spending (say) £2M instead of £1M.

mike, to random
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"Premier League has created the impression of a rigged game with PSR" says a Guardian headline today: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2024/apr/09/premier-league-psr-profitability-sustainability-rules

That's true, but not mostly for the reasons the article discusses.

It's because everyone knows Man City have been cheating their asses off for a solid decade, with absolutely no consequences; yet Everton and Notts Forest are getting hammered for much lesser transgressions.

So, yeah, it's rigged. In favour of the club with ghe most money.

WHAT a surprise.

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@mlawton Yes, quite. But it's so much easier to prove they're Big Men by fining Nottingham Forest.

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@mlawton Ah, Casablanca, the 20th Century Shakespeare. So replete with lines that have passed into the language that when you watch it now, it feels like a collection of clichés.

mike, to random
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These "fifteen minute cities" certainly sound like a terrible plot! Just look at the awful things that have been done to Paris!

TheDinosaurDave, (edited ) to LEGO
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This week for we have another that .

This one I would rate as easy. The mammal is probably one of the most well known extinct animals of all time

Reminder: hide your answer behind a content warning. This will allow others to guess without a hint. I will post the answer tomorrow (and to anyone who guesses correctly).

This was designed by S7evinDE - https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-42669/S7evinDE/mammoth-saber-toothed-cat-alternative-build-for-21320-dinosaur-fossils/#details

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@TheDinosaurDave Off topic, but: please don't use URL shorteners! They are unnecessary here (all URLs count as the same length), they bring trackers in, and they introduce a potential point of failure.

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@TheDinosaurDave Ah, that does make sense!

vruz, to random
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All I have to say about the game is what a piece of business was Mac Allister.

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@vruz Indeed. People will understandably focus on the goal, but the miraculous thing about him is that he always somehow finds a way to have time on the ball to pick the right pass. He's almost impossible to dispossess.

mike, to random
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The word "thunderbastard" was coined for such moments.

Hat off to Mac Allister!

mike, to random
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Such a high proportion of the goals #LFC concede seem to be bullshit in one way or another. Own goals, defelctions, balls given away needlessly in midfield, goalkeepers and centre-backs colliding. We are a weird team.

zarfeblong, to random
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I guess the takeaway from the xz backdoor situation is:

If you’re an open-source project maintainer, and somebody starts getting on your case for not doing enough free work for them, you reply “big Jia Tan energy there” and then block them forever.

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@zarfeblong Hard cases make bad law. I'd want to be careful about adopting such a rule.

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@beetle_b @zarfeblong I don't really disagree, but ...

If I spent ten days writing a beautiful patch only to have it rejected because of the tone of my communication, I don't the lesson I learned would be "I need to improve my tone". It would be "It's a waste of time trying to contribute".

@mike@sauropods.win avatar

@zarfeblong @beetle_b That's true. But project maintainers are also perfectly capable of being jerks, and I find myself thinking the Selfish Rational thing to do it not put myself at the mercy of their capricious whims.

No-one comes out of this ahead.

mike, to random
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Well, that game was an absolute misery to watch. Yet in a game when the ref gave Brighton absolutely everything, #LFC still win by:
goals: 2–1
xG: 2.78–0.44
shots: 30–9
on target: 8–3
big chances: 4–0

But you just know the narrative is all going to be about unlucky Plucky Brighton were.

dinotoyblog, to random
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Upcoming release from PNSO (New for 2024)(Pt. 2)
Written by <a href="">Guest</a>

4.9 (30 votes)

It’s been awhile since the last PNSO reveal, but now check out Yiran the Lufengosaurus.

The light green coloration looks very sharp. And it’s always great to see a new basal sauropodomorph figure.

Support the Dinosaur Toy Blog by making dino-purchases through these links to Ebay and Amazon. Disclaimer: links […]

Read more... https://dinotoyblog.com/news/upcoming-release-from-pnso-new-for-2024pt-2/


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@gay_ornithischians @dinotoyblog I've not seen it.

ajsadauskas, (edited ) to tech
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My real worry with Google's voyage into enshittification (thanks to Cory Doctorow @pluralistic the term) is YouTube.

Through YT, for the past 15 years, the world has basically entrusted Google to be the custodian of pretty much our entire global video archive.

There's countless hours of archived footage — news reports, political speeches, historical events, documentaries, indie films, academic lectures, conference presentations, rare recordings, concert footage, obscure music — where the best or only copy is now held by Google through YouTube.

So what happens if maintaining that archival footage becomes unprofitable?

#tech #technology #Google #enshittification #youtube #video @technology #capitalism #film #television #cinema #art #arts #SocialMedia #business #economics

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@jeroen @ajsadauskas @pluralistic @technology @fanf @brewsterkahle And THAT Is why commercial companies want to destroy archive.org

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