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Best known for the https://jammer.social/@ludumdare #GameJam. #LDJam

#GameDev #IndieDev since the 90s. Shipped many GameBoy, PlayStation, and Mobile games. Won a car! 🚗

Focused on #WebDev, #ML, and frying up Interactive Snacks.

Into #cooking, #DIY #electronics, #retro gaming. Takes everything too far. 🤓

Coming to terms with extreme #ADHD. 😅

AKA PoV, PoVRAZOR, VA3POV on 🐷📡 | Last name=Casper+Zack | PG | He/Him 🍁

Support 🏳️‍⚧️ rights! Be kind to furries!

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mike, to random

phew... Did it! That was a lot of tweeting, tooting, honking, and whatever it's called on LinkedIn and BluSky.

ludumdare, to random

4th place in the Compo is STUPID LEGS


Overall: 4th
Humor: 4th
Fun: 9th
Mood: 25th

#LDJam #LudumDare #GameJam #LD55


@ungarblapp @ludumdare that's what I call my own legs

MBoffin, to random
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sos, to programming
@sos@mastodon.gamedev.place avatar

Every single time I check out one of those upcoming shiny new programming languages that claim to be simple:


@sos Reminds me of every JavaScript library, they all claim to be "lightweight" yet they end up being 100k. 🤦


@jack @sos I'm going to assume it's why Elon took over and renamed it X, because nothing makes sense over there.


@raptor85 @sos lol, it probably wasn't Medium, but that's how I often feel every time I visit (for a blog site this is remarkably slow).

mike, to random

I've been applying for jobs, and got yet another rejection today. Frustratingly these have all been gigs I'm overqualified for, so it would have been nice to hear why.


@nolokor Pre-everything. Never spoke to a human (via email or voice).

mike, to wordle

1,043 3/6


Excited man in a suit gesturing with the text "boom shakalaka"

steffo, to random
@steffo@junimo.party avatar

: When does Extra end?

(cc: @mike)


@steffo Same day as Play&Rate

stan, to random French

@mike I'm having some trouble with my post on https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/55/demons-on-demand/$394081/

It seems it's invisible on my feed and on the main page, I suppose I triggered some antispam, is there anything I did wrong or I can do ?


@stan My apologies for the late reply. Should have been fixed for a while. I have to manually approve users before they show up in the feed. I do that once I see a blog post or game that looks like a human wrote it.

mike, to random

My email inbox...

Cat Funny GIF

arzi, to random
@arzi@mastodon.gamedev.place avatar

So @ludumdare @mike any idea why I can't have links in my posts?

I created the account around the time the new website launched, have several posted games and other posts (with likes and comments), so I'd assume I shouldn't be tagged as suspicious?


@arzi @ludumdare there's a bug with the preview. If you publish the links should work

eniko, to random
@eniko@peoplemaking.games avatar

i'm eniko and i'm not okay
i work all night and i sleep all day

send help


@eniko There's 2 things that "fixed" that for me: I'm the driver, and I drive my wife to work at various random times including 8AM and 9AM. Also as soon as the sun comes out, the cat feels she has permission to nuzzle me in the face.


@eniko I still have the odd insomnia day, but external factors have helped me keep a normal sleep schedule... The ADHD drugs wearing off probably help too (difficulty in making myself "do" makes a good cue that it's time to pack it in).


@eniko @aeva sounds fun. 😋


@eniko 8 AM to 9 AM? 😋

ChrisPirillo, to random
@ChrisPirillo@mastodon.social avatar

serves me right for trying to enjoy a beer today


@ChrisPirillo ... Oh no...

mcc, to random
@mcc@mastodon.social avatar

Okay so let me tell you what I just wasted my like… last half hour on?

Let's say you want to get an IP address of a mDNS (".local") server. Even if your computer can connect to these, the nslookup tool will not tell you what they are. One reason you might need the IP is WSL is generally blocked from doing mDNS lookups.

The fix is:

On Linux:
avahi-resolve --name SERVERNAME.local
Or for ipv4:
avahi-resolve -4 --name SERVERNAME.local
You may have to install an avahi-utils package.

On Windows:


@mcc WSL is definitely handy, but oh my because of Windows it can be so quirky! 🫠

mike, to 3DPrinting

I placed some activated alumina dessicant in with my spool of Carbon Fiber Nylon a few hours ago, and yeah so far it is working far better than silica gel. We'll see where things are by the end of the weekend. I might finally be able to print.

Not shown, after taking the first photo, I barely had the Polybox open for a minute, when it shot up to 30% humidity. I imagine that recovered quicker than the other 4%.

Humidity sensor now showing 23% humidity.


@Farbs 🤘😎💾


Darn! The Polybox moisture levelled out instead of going lower. Overall the activated alumina is working better than silica gel, but it's clear I'm going to need to bake my carbon fiber nylon filament to get it low enough to print. I'm also going to have to see about a dehumidifier.


@linux_mclinuxface Looks like 32%.


I realized there were still some Silica Gel packets in the base of my Polybox. I pulled them and poured maybe 2 cups of raw activated alumina beads into the base (I got a huge bag of them off eBay). That should help, but I'm going to see what my options are for affordable heated moisture boxes that can hold a 3KG spool (or two).


That's a really good idea! I saw this on Amazon, a little 3d printed canister for activated alumina that uses one of those round moisture sensors as a cap. I already have some of the metal Slice Engineering canisters, but I think I'm definitely going to make some of these at some point.

This doesn't solve my wide heated dryer box need, but I love the idea of socketing a combination dessicant and sensor into more sensitive filaments (like nylon and PC).


@phranck Thanks for the tip! I guess then, so long as the hydrometer isn't used to actually cap the box shut, the desiccant shouldn't interfere.

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