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Toronto. Geek. Space. TTRPGs. Injury prevention. IT. Italian greyhounds. He/him.

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shoq, to random
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ICYMI: “Oh, snap!”

Trump’s Truth Social stock tanks after new SEC filings reveal $58m loss in 2023


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@shoq It used to be said of Trump that he couldn’t sell booze, football, steak, or gambling to Americans. I guess we need to add social media.

noondlyt, to random
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A picture is worth a billion dollars

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@noondlyt @dannotdaniel The value of the company was always imaginary.

slcw, to LGBTQ
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I can't imagine being as successful and imaginative as #JKRowling, and dedicating my life to the perpetual harassment of #transwomen. Like, what the hell went wrong in her life to trigger a detour from the money and the adoration of fans to target a vulnerable minority demographic? It's just so weird. And it's only trans-women she has a problem with. She never says anything about #transmen. Maybe someday we'll learn her origin story.

#LGBTQ #transRights #Pride


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@slcw @quixoticgeek It really is baffling.

w7voa, to random
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Share price of Trump Media & Technology Group slides following a new financial filing showing the social media company is extremely unprofitable. https://www.tradingview.com/symbols/NASDAQ-DJT/

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@w7voa Did the people who originally purchased the stock not know this? Its lack of financial success has been pretty public.

annaecook, to random
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I will forever curse SEO for making me have to read personal stories before I can ever get to a recipe

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@annaecook @bmacDonald94 There must be a way to make a browser plugin that just skips to the recipe.

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@Tarnport @privateger @annaecook @Theriac @bmacDonald94 I love Paprika — it’s terrific!

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@ned @Tarnport @privateger @annaecook @Theriac @bmacDonald94 Smoked paprika is especially great, almost as great as Paprika the app.

hotdogsladies, to random
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The work continues.

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@katieonviolin @hotdogsladies But where did they hook up the turbo encabulator?

ned, to random
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And what about his suggestion to just give it to "the fastest and cheapest bidder"?! 😮 What a fucking moron.

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@gooba42 @ned SpaceX seems to be his only company where things actually work, probably because the people actually in charge day-to-day are seasoned space industry folks who understand engineering.

ernie, to random
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@ben You need a cool icon for Share Openly. Would love to add it to Tedium.

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@contrarian @ernie @ben For me, the yellow background makes it look like a warning — “Danger: Stuff could go all over the place!”

siracusa, to random
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Now here’s a company that knows how to leverage its market power to crush competition and then shrewdly “self-regulate” at the last possible moment in order to avoid severe consequences (or so it hopes…)


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@siracusa Serious question: why is putting all the traditional Office apps together not also problematic? Various other companies make separate word processors or spreadsheet apps or presentation software/services — why is including Teams problematic, but putting Word, Excel, and PowerPoint together ok?

futurebird, to random
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. . . some of these carpenter ants are— how to put this? Obese. Look at these gasters! At what point do we start just calling you a replete? Everyone thinks the big majors in Camponotus pennsylvanicus meant to fight and dig— but I think they are more into bulk food storage.

Another chonker in an adjoining room. The expanded gaster has white stripes— the white is either good or ant fat cells.
A side view of one of the big ants.
yet another view— the distended ants stay in the nest the majors on patrol have gasters half this size.

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@futurebird How much expansion can chitin do?

Alice, to random
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Today's pop music is seriously terrible. I feel bad that the kids of today will never be able to experience new music with the high caliber that we had in the 1990s, such as "I'm too Sexy" by Right Said Fred and "Who Let the Dogs Out?" by the Baha Men.

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@Alice They have no mambos, much less 5.

lisamelton, (edited ) to opensource
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March 31 was already significant to me because that's the day in 1998 when I helped Navigator become .

Now this day has a whole new meaning for me as a woman. And it's my first that I celebrate publicly since coming out to everyone on June 21 of last year.

To all my siblings, I see you. Even if complete visibility isn't possible for you right now. You still matter. You're still loved. And you're still trans. Never doubt that. 🏳️‍⚧️🫂💖

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@lisamelton Congrats to you, Lisa!

luis_in_brief, (edited ) to random
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Attn @danhon and other Culture heads: Robin Sloan has dropped a note on Culture: https://www.robinsloan.com/moonbound/muscular-imagination/

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@luis_in_brief @danhon I love the Culture novels and their humane optimism, but like Star Trek, I feel there’s a bit of sleight-of-hand in getting the society to post-scarcity, and it’s arguably the post-scarcity which is doing a lot of the utopian heavy lifting. If no one wants for anything, if everyone can have all their desires met, a lot of the conflicts in politics and economics fall away. Trying to create utopia with our current limits is much harder.

cstross, to random
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Big clue here: Elon doesn't read books.

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@cstross If he understood them, he wouldn’t be as big a fan of the Culture novels as he apparently is.

futurebird, (edited ) to random
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I try to ease my guilt about keeping feeder roaches (dubias) by making them fancy meals. Here we have carrot peel rosettes topped with banana and garnished with bee pollen and pumpkin seeds.

You may be the 5th generation to live in a box as ant food but at least someone was willing to cook for you. Poor little goobers.

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@futurebird I presume the girls much prefer live food?

@michaelgemar@mstdn.ca avatar

@futurebird Presumably one also doesn’t want species that could be invasive if it gets out (even if “invasive” just means “infest my house”).

RickiTarr, to random
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One of my favorite Shower Thoughts, for when trying feels frustrating:

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@RickiTarr I saw that a while back, and it really did adjust my sense of things.

GottaLaff, to legal
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Via Lisa Rubin: 🧵 1/…

According to reporting & judging from ’s social media, his camp is considering another motion to recuse Judge Juan Merchan on the basis of his daughter’s leadership of an online strategy firm that has, among other clients, worked for Biden & other Dem candidates.

Trump moved to recuse Merchan last May—and his daughter was the principal reason why.

@michaelgemar@mstdn.ca avatar

@GottaLaff Are we applying this same standard to spouses of Supreme Court justices? Just asking hypothetically…

futurebird, to random
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Five two-day old (based on their lighter color) majors waiting for their exoskeletons to harden. I remember what a big deal it was for me when this colony raised their first major! Now they raise up new generations in bulk. Camponotus discolor (little red ruby carpenter ants)

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@futurebird It’s fascinating to me that creatures with such a tiny brain can have such different personalities.

DemocracyMattersALot, to random
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Rep. Tim Walberg (R-MI) suggested that nuclear weapons should be dropped on Gaza, the Detroit News reports.

Said Walberg: “It should be like Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Get it over quick.”

He added: “We shouldn’t be spending a dime on humanitarian aid.”

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@DemocracyMattersALot @Npars01 So MAGAs are now all “Nuke the Holy Land”?!

grant, to random
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@grant @dannotdaniel I disbelieve.

swearyanthony, to random
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Things I want from a kettle: make water hot.
Things I do not want from a kettle: an engaging interactive experience.

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@swearyanthony @Npars01 Imagine, for example, trying to turn on your washing machine, and have screen reply “404 — Page not found”, or you kettle indicate “Cannot connect to Wifi network. Try using cellular hotspot to turn on device.”

joy, to random
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I hadn't been paying attention all that much, but recently I started hearing a loud vehicle parking near my place. Like I can literally hear/feel the walls shake. Anyway, I went outside and there's someone with a Cybertruck parked right outside my kitchen wall. 🥴

What's worse for them is that the spot is at a driveway curve and that thing is sticking out. It's only a matter of time until it gets hit.

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@joy How is it making a noise? I would have thought an EV would be relatively quiet.

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