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markstos, to Indiana
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#Indiana : The proposed SB 52 legislation is anti-transit and is opposed both by Bloomington's transit agency as well as Health by Design at the state level.



Please contact your state reps and ask them to Vote No.


milosz, to random
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I'm torn between pure Debian and LMDE installation.

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@milosz LMDE is Linux Mint packages installed on Debian. So if you were going to install Mint on Debian, it’s the same destination via different routes.

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@milosz If you don’t mind Ubuntu-based distros, also check out PopOS and Regolith. https://regolith-desktop.com/

Both include more advanced tiling support.

ajsadauskas, to fuckcars
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What can you get to within a 15-minute walk of your house?

A recent YouGov survey asked Americans what they think they should be able to get to within a 15-minute walk of their house.

Of these choices, I can currently walk to all of them from my apartment, aside from a university (no biggie, I'm not currently studying, although there is a Tafe within walking distance), a hospital, and a sports arena.

How many can you get to with a 15 minute walk from your house?


markstos, (edited )
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@ajsadauskas @fuck_cars I built free software to quantify amenity categories within a 10-min walk:


My default categories:

  • Arts / cultural space
  • Bank / ATM
  • Bar / pub
  • Barber
  • Bike shop
  • Bus stop / Rail Station
  • Café / Tea Shop
  • Car share station
  • Community center / place of worship
  • Daycare
  • Fitness or Sports Center
  • Grocery store
  • Hardware store
  • Laundromat
  • Library
  • Liquor / cannabis store
  • Park
  • Pharmacy
  • Restaurant
  • School
  • Retail / boutique
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@intensely_human It was a weird option to include in the survey anyway, along with giant sports arena.

dnkl, to random
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Building IKEA furniture like a true Viking.

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@dnkl I hear building IKEA furniture with a partner can be a good marriage test.

chronicallydave, to bloomington_in
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Valentine’s Day Breaking News: Red-tailed hawks nesting on Indiana University, Bloomington campus



'sDay BloomingtonIN#

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@chronicallydave @bloomington_in Good guess about the flight plan!

markstos, to mechanicalkeyboards
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Some fans are celebrating the 40th day of year with and photos of their keyboards that are 40% or less the size of a full size keeb.

Here’s my Unicorne by Boardsource and a custom cable by MechCables. Each half of the keyboard includes a joystick.

The keyboard layout is described here: https://mark.stosberg.com/markstos-corne-3x5-1-keyboard-layout/


markstos, to bloomington_in
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New daily Bloomington podcast, the 812


The focus is on local government. Hosted by Steve Volan, former city councilmember.


markstos, to india
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markstos, to linux
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Dear , If I'm installing a Linux distro on a laptop for the purpose of selling it on which Linux distro do you think would have the most interest? because it's common? Mint? Or is the typical Linux buyer more likely to wipe and re-install anyway for good measure?

I checked a few recent Linux laptop sales, and they mostly had Linux Mint Cinnamon, sold by Maybe I should follow their lead here.

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@alcinnz Elementary looks fun for me to try, but perhaps Mint is the practical choice of the two for a 10-year old laptop.

markstos, to Indiana
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The state of is considering legislation to block local governments from passing their own regulations aimed to prevent erosion and preserve water quality by restricting building on steep slopes.


markstos, to linux
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I tried setting up a #passkey with PayPal today. If all my devices were made by Apple, I'd be all set. But Windows and #Linux desktops are not supported, along with any browser not made by Apple or Google.

If every login involves Google or Apple being involved, I can't see how this is the "future of passwords". #security #CyberSecurity

And being able to use passkeys on some devices and browsers and not others just seems like a mess.

markstos, to climate
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Climate change: when even ads that say “Make this your ski home” quit including photos with snow.

markstos, to email
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If you've got an hour to spend on and subscribe to more and more people, the chance of seeing the content by any one person is diluted unless some algorithm boosts it.

With subscriptions, the more you subscribe you, the more email you have to delete. Noisy email lists may be more annoying than noisy social posts because there's more delete.

Do we subscribe to fewer, high quality email lists than social accounts as a result?

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#RSS sits in the the middle in that it often delivers long-form content more like email newsletters, but you don't have have to delete feed entries you've read, although perhaps you may feel the need to unbold them.

markstos, to TeslaMotors
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folks: Do all not charge when it’s real cold out or this just a problem? Because if we want all cars to go electric ASAP, this seems like a problem. https://www.foxbusiness.com/technology/chicago-area-tesla-charging-stations-lined-with-dead-cars-in-freezing-cold-a-bunch-of-dead-robots-out-here

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@Rjdlandscapes It sounds like it has to do with the physics and chemistry of batteries and not station-specific. So most Supercharger stations are working fine in sub-zero temps?

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@Rjdlandscapes Ah, then it checks out it was a Fox News story and they didn’t highlight relevant context.

markstos, to programming
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For MLK day here in the US, I'm going to be doing some equity work with and mabe some and posting some updates throughout the day in this thread. If that's your jam, follow along.

Otherwise, you may want to mute me for 24 hours, because this may get noisy. 🧵

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@crankylinuxuser To create that, I queried Overpass Turbo where "highway" was equal to cycleway, footway, trail, or residential, or where "sidewalk", was "both", "left" or "right".

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@crankylinuxuser Here's a map comparing the 15-minute walk to the grocery from "legally allowed" locations (reddish) vs locations accessible by walking along a sidewalk, trail, bike facilities or residential road (greenish). Will I be comparing this contrast to at least one other Kroger location in town? You betcha.

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One weird thing about the ped bridge in noth is that it doesn't connect a sidewalk... on either side. On the south side it dumps you on a fast road on the north side it dumps you an in elementary school parking lot without even a crosswalk to it. There could be a straight line path from the bridge to the grocery, but no attempt is made.

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Why build a ped bridge if it's not going to connect anywhere useful, or safely? "Pedestrian Bridges of North Texas" captures the vibe of how our government often uses pedestrian bridges to solve transportation problems. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mu5JqkufLtE

CelloMomOnCars, to random
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"The [researchers] say the “report reveals how these East Coast opponents are not solely local – they are embedded in a network of seasoned interests and think tanks that have perfected obstruction tactics for decades.”

One striking aspect of the anti-OSW network is the sharing of tactics and rhetoric, both in mainstream media and on social networks, said Slevin."


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@CelloMomOnCars What climate denial and climate doom have in common is that they are both excuses for inaction.

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