Movies and video games and retail work.

Extremely bad Street Fighter player and MSFS pilot.

I speak English. Je comprends bien le français. 私は日本語を,勉強しています。

Current #AniMonday lineup: Uchuu Senkan Yamato, Urusei Yatsura, Ranma ½, and Dirty Pair.



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jake4480, (edited ) to movies avatar

FINAL EDIT: THANKS to the hive mind - mysteries solved! The 2nd is All Saints, 3rd is Jane Jensen!

#90s #1990s #90sBands #90sRock #90sMovies #10ThingsIHateAboutYou #90sMusic #film #films #movies


@jake4480 @buru5 I kinda feel like the first one might be All Saints.


@jake4480 @buru5 Actually, I'm very sure of it now.

marc, to Anime

This is a really good consideration of Carl Macek and #anime in NorthAm. It makes a fundamental point: I may think that SDF #Macross is better than the Robotech Macross Saga, but I wouldn't know what SDF Macross was without Robotech, and it's likely that any other attempt to bring Macross over would have been less interesting and more westernized.

I didn't get to see SDF Macross until the AnimEigo DVD release, and all the things that lead up to that probably don't happen without Robotech existing in the first place.

Carl Macek did the best he could with what was available to him.

Nice one, @literalgrill

marc, to Dodgers

I just spent an hour trying to figure out when the #Dodgers and #Padres #baseball games in Korea are happening in my time zone.

If I understand it correctly, the games marked as happening at 11pm ET/8pm PT on the 17th/18th are actually 11pm ET/8pm PT on the 16th/17th (which will be the 17th/18th in Korea). The games happening at 6am/3am are actually on the day they are listed on the calendar.

I have a headache now.

marc, to retrogaming

I haven't watched any of #GamesDoneQuick yet this year, but this run popped up in my YouTube feed and it definitely seems worth watching: Gyromite for #NES, played by Peanut Butter the Shiba Inu.
#RetroGaming #RertroGames #AGDQ #Dogs #Famicom

anianimalsmoe, to random avatar

Random thoughts: how do pedestrian traffic light buttons and lift door close buttons work in your country? I've travelled a lot and experienced a lot of whiplash when dealing with those two things.

Traffic lights: in many countries, pedestrian lights need to be pressed to trigger a crossing signal, unless it's a junction that's preprogrammed to trigger itself.

In many other countries, the lights are 100% preprogrammed and there might be no button or a button for blind/elderly that make the lights scream robotic sounds and probably extends the duration.

Lift door buttons: In America, I felt that the door close button did nothing. In many parts of Asia, the door might slam closed surpringly quickly

How is it like in your part of the world? Is this an Asia-America-Europe divide?


@anianimalsmoe We have both kinds of walk buttons, depending on the intersection. Most busy intersections near me make sounds (though ours are more of a very audible thok sound) and may not even require a push to activate them, but intersections that are mostly busy in one direction pair may need you to push the button to even get them to change at all.

anianimalsmoe, (edited ) to Anime avatar

While researching for AniAnimals, I realized something... A lot of anime about space has cats, but not dogs. There are specific dogs, but a majority are cats.

SDF Macross: Misa Hayase-Ichijyo's childhood cat
Macross 7 Plus: Veffidas Feaze had a black cat
Macross 7 Dynamite: Zolan marsupial cats
Macross Delta: the Mercats

Space Battleship Yamato / Captain Harlock: Dr Sado's cat Mii-kun

Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's family cat Lucifer

Banner of the Stars: Diaho and misc cats

Galaxy Angel: Baron Fitzgerald III (Goro-chan)

Galactic Railroad: Main characters are cat-people

Pics in replies :ablobcatreachflip:

#anime #AnimeCat #SpaceCats


@anianimalsmoe A lot of space scifi draws from naval and seafaring traditions, so I wonder if cats end up tied to the genre because of that (ships' cats and whatnot), consciously or unconsciously.

v, to Anime avatar

Hey dear #anime community.

Can you please recommend AMV from old and new series?

I loved very much Information High from Macross Plus by Maboroshi Studio. Also Rammstein's Engel for Neon Genesis Evangelion and I found Björk's Bachelorette for Utena Movie superb.

Please, if you have any, share your recommendatuions for #AMV

If you can give me boost for visibility that would be lovely! cheers!


@v I've always liked this Gundam one with Andrew W.K.'s version of Ai Senshi/Soldiers of Sorrow and I have an eternal soft spot for Doki Doki Productions' Right Now, but it really helps to land if you've seen the original Van Halen video.

fujiwara, (edited ) to random avatar

We should go back to games looking like PS3 games so they can have sensible budgets and pay their devs more. (I'm joking I know having PS3 quality graphics isn't the fix)

Charging $80-100 per game isn't going to solve your problems, Sony.


@fujiwara This thread makes me think about Tim Rogers' review of "The Last of Us" and his conclusion that it's "a great game... by default."

A lot of AAA games have congealed around very similar design tropes and mechanics, and I think the whole drive to "more realistic" graphics is a part of it too. Realism can be creatively stifling. Some games may have more or less open world, more or fewer RPG bits, even be more or less fantastical, but so many of them have this sameness at their core. Like, I loved Ghost of Tsushima, but it is 100% "Assassin's Creed but with a better script."

In a way, it's kind of wild to look back and think that, like, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Street Fighter II were once the biggest games in the world.

marc, to retrogaming

Apparently #Analogue Duos are shipping (mine has been at "label created" for 2 days now), but my experience with them as a company has been so poor that it has now completely put me off getting a Pocket too. This Reddit thread sums it up nicely. I may as well be the last comment, except my order was through in the first minute of pre-orders. First in, first out, anyone at Analogue? That's how I do the orders where I work. #retrogaming #PCEngine

marc, to baseball

I recently found out about—and have been going through—Baseball Reference's #ImmaculateGrid game, and I will forever be thankful for the careers of Rickey Henderson, Edwin Jackson, Todd Zeile, and Nelson Cruz for the number of "played for team x and team y" squares they have given me. #baseball

RickiTarr, to random avatar

Name a film you've seen that left you with the thought, "This is art." If you want to explain why it made you feel that way, that would be pretty cool of you.


@RickiTarr In the Mood for Love.

It's visually stunning, and it hit me so hard (figuratively) that I couldn't move (literally) for a few minutes after it ended.

marc, to Anime

Visual storytelling is so fascinating. In ½, Shampoo has been nothing but a quirky—if slightly terrifying—antagonist since her introduction, but one sad drawing, sad line, and sad music flourish and I instantly feel so bad for her.

marc, to movies

The Way of the Dragon ‘猛龍過江’ (1972).

Undoubtedly the best Bruce Lee movie so far. I know enough about him to see pretty clearly what he was working through in his movies, but he was kinda right. He should have been one of the biggest Movie Stars in the world. The man just has every kind of charisma.

#movies #film #CineMastodon

marc, to Youtube

FunFact™: The #YouTube anti-#AdBlock popup doesn't seem to appear if you aren't logged in.

Like, say, if you open a link in a Private Window.

MacOS users can also investigate the IINA media player and "Open in IINA" browser extension.

dangoodin, to random

Is there any way to modify how embedded toots look? When I embed toots in my Ars posts, there are only a few lines. I'd love for them to include more. Also, the scroll bar on the right is almost invisible.

I prefer to embed instead of posting a screenshot, so please don't suggest that.


@dangoodin @MildlyAggrievedScientist <iframe src="" class="mastodon-embed" style="max-width: 100%; border: 0" width="600" height="700" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe><script src="" async="async"></script>

BlackAzizAnansi, to random avatar

I hate to sound old but is it just me or was broadcast TV back in the 80's and 90's a lot better than what we have now quality wise?


@BlackAzizAnansi Joke theory that makes some sense: There are roughly the same absolute number of good shows being made in any era, but since there are increasingly more shows being made to cover vastly more delivery options, the good ones are less obvious and may not be in the places they once were.

vga256, (edited ) to Canada avatar

just photoscanned the IKEA #Canada 1986 catalog.

it's different than the general ikea catalog that's already online, and i've never seen a canadian edition preserved before.

it's amazing how - almost nothing has changed in 35 years, aside from minor stylistic changes to materials and design.

have fun finding your parents' basement furniture in here


@vga256 I had the exact half bunk-bed setup shown in the little inset photo of scan 52/page 109 as a kid, including the BOJ desk and ARKITEKT desk lamp. We probably bought it around that time, too.

marc, to Anime

How influential was Uchuu Senkan #Yamato on later #anime? It even innovated the Bright Slap. #AniMonday

marc, to Anime

For my viewing, I had my usual episodes of Uchuu Senkan , , ½, for better (Ranma is still great) or worse (Yamato is not).

Most significant was the last episode of . What an interesting series. I'm glad it ends with a lighter episode, and that all the Knight Sabers had a chance to shine. A really solid 7 for me. Classic cyberpunk style in rich 80s OVA animation. Killer soundtrack. Too bad it didn't get its chance for proper closure at the time.

Now I have to figure out which OVA will takes its place in the fourth spot next week.

marc, to random

In an effort to educate myself a little about #joshi #puroresu, I'm watching AJW Dream Slam 1. It's really, really good, befitting its reputation. I am, however, slightly disoriented by the fact that there two hard cameras on opposite sides of the ring.

pixel, to Emulation avatar

Can anyone help me figure out how to emulate switch games? Retro game ROMs seem to be easier to find, but I want to play pokémon Legends Arceus but I don't know which switch emulator is ideal, nor where to get its rom. Any help is appreciated 💕

#emulation #switch #pokemon


@pixel I don't really mess with newer emulation much (lack of interest), but I think yuzu is the preferred Switch emulator.

I've also never set it up, but I think the key files it needs can be found pretty easily searching DuckDuckGo for "yuzu keys"

dancinyogi, (edited ) to random avatar

Who learned to type on a real typewriter?

Please boost for a wider demographic.


@dancinyogi My high school had a couple of rooms of IBM PS/2s, but it also had a room full of IBM Selectric typewriters for a "keyboarding" class.

IIRC, you could take keyboarding in grade 9, intro to computers (on the PS/2s, obv) in grade 10, and programming in grade 11 (QuickBasic) and 12 (C).

cliffwade, (edited ) to fediverse avatar

Does your computer have a CD/DVD drive in it currently?

Please BOOST for maximum exposure to the


@cliffwade Not in any of my computers, no, but I do have a USB BluRay/DVD/CD burner.

marc, to JapaneseMusic

#JMusicFriday is doing #AnimeEndings, so I will once again point people to the Mari Iijima version of "Runner" from the last episode of Super Dimension Fortress #Macross (the other episodes are Makoto Fujiwara). A very fitting send-off to the show.

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