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The #Sustainability #Index (Coming soon) - #Environmental Blog, News & Guides about sustainable Products, #Companies & their impact, #AI, #Privacy, #Satire, #Journalism, #Politics, #Pacifism, #AnimalRights, Cleaning up trash in #nature 🌲 & #Vegan / #Vegetarian topics much more 🌍

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eonity, to random
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I actually tested this with Meta’s AI. The results… well…

(See image in my reply to this)


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Gargron, to BelieveInFilm
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I’ve got a new camera! Pentax KX. Unlike the Canon Ae-1 Program, it’s fully mechanical. Everything seems to be in working order, except the focusing ring being misaligned and rotating past infinity.


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@Gargron New-old camera 👍

geekmomprojects, to random
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Had some custom temporary tattoos made to hand out at #Teardown. 😁

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@geekmomprojects Is it a board? 😀

madeindex, to mastodon
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feed right now:
Trump Trump 🍊 😅

madeindex, to email
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Just got this Meta Ai #update:

A beautiful #email informing that they will update their privacy #policy for the 100th time?

Thank you #Meta for your amazing #Ai and for completely ignoring peoples #privacy over and over again 😂

Please please go ahead use all our #data as you want:
"...on the legal basis called legitimate interests for using your information to develop and improve AI at Meta."

#German #guide on how to op-out:

#Satire #FCKmeta #MetaAI #software #tech

Gargron, to BelieveInFilm
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Redwood trees in Big Basin Redwoods State Park.

📷 Canon AE-1 Program
🎞️ Kodak Vision3 250D
🔭 Canon FD 28mm

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Very nice composition with the 3 trees ! 🖼️ 📸

madeindex, to environment
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If you haven't yet you should probably watch 👍

the is an extremely interesting person as well:
He used to be a who "...spent 14 years in silence and prayer during his training." & went on to become a 🎥

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It can be a bit slow in the start 😅 - Best to watch it alone.

Absolutely underrated & too unknown 👍

Same, amazing that there are other people who know & appreciate it! 🤞

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Do you mean Francis Ford Coppola participated in the ?

Can't find it in his :

or what do you mean? 😀

madeindex, to Germany
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#Germany (& others) should get a .gov #domain for their governmental websites e.g. ".gov.de"

Would help:

  1. #Authentication as #government both nationally & internationally
  2. Unification of domains & easier discoverability of #gov institutions (especially for foreigners)
  3. Ranking on search results


@Bundesregierung @bsi
CLICK HERE 4 .gov.de:
https://www.denic.de/ueber-denic/kontakt/ 😂

Image: CC0 https://madeindex.org

#web #internet #Deutschland #satire #tech #it

madeindex, to microsoft
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#Microsoft wants to take #screenshots of our #screen every few seconds now? 📸

This wonderful #AI "feature" for #Copilot+ #PC is called #Recall.

"Recall is currently in preview status. During this phase, we'll listen to customer feedback..."

Here is our Feedback to the beloved #MicroScreen #Corp:

#FCKMicrosoft & #FCKWindows 11 😘

More about this soon 👍


#Satire #Privacy #design #tech #technology #software #computer #Humor #snapshot #spyware

madeindex, to privacy
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From 100 people I try to talk to about , maybe 1 wants to 😅

Many know or suspect the issues with the collecting their but they try their best not to think about it, because they seem to feel helpless against it anyway.

Best way to change minds seems to be - living with privacy and answering questions when people notice your behavior & promoting / supporting alternative & .

has a big that cares about privacy, glad to be here!

warandpeas, to random
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Friendly Reminder 🐙

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very cute > very dark 👍

madeindex, to opensource
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Why doesn't use an such as by default?

Does a pretty good job & has 80+ instances available at:

https://searx.space/ 😀

That should ensure a better uptime & reliability than & of course - way better everything - than 👍

More about it at:


nixCraft, to random
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DuckDuckGo, Microsoft Copilot, ChatGPT's web search, Ecosia, and Qwant all stopped working this morning because of Bing API. 😂 And they want Microsoft Copilot deeply integrated with Windows OS. Imagine someone is unable to book emergency medical appointments because Microsoft Copilot is down or you can't withdraw money or transfer funds through netbanking because AI and screenshot services are down. This is a good example of why we must not trust someone like Microsoft for anything serious.

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dansup, to Pixelfed
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I'm experimenting with new profile layouts in the new Pixelfed app.

Which one do you prefer?

(current, alt 1, alt 2)

Alt 1 design
Alt 2 design

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@dansup alt2

gamingonlinux, to linux
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Sounds like a privacy nightmare. You should consider 👍

One day this will type of stuff will end up mandatory, and even if it’s local it’s being fed into an AI. This stuff will get abused.

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appassionato, to brazil
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A drone view shows Coca-Cola boxes and bottles floating in the water near trucks, amid flooding in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil. REUTERS/Amanda Perobelli


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@appassionato @photography

So beautiful and yet so horrible...

The water is probably as healthy as the content of bottles 😋

derpostillon, to random German
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Nach Absturz im Iran: Weltweite Trauer um schönen Hubschrauber https://www.der-postillon.com/2024/05/rip-hubschrauber.html

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@derpostillon savage

appassionato, to astrophotography
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Aurora Dome Sky

The image was captured on May 10 during early morning hours from Arlington, Wisconsin, USA. The panorama is a composite of several 6-second exposures covering two thirds of the visible sky, with north in the center, and processed to heighten the colors and remove electrical wires. The photographer (in the foreground) reported that the aurora appeared to flow from a point overhead but illuminated the sky only toward the north.


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@appassionato @photography
wow, absolutely incredible 😍

eonity, to random
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Have a cat.

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The dot next to the mouth - looks a bit like a french (beauty mark) - ❤️ 😸


nixCraft, to random
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This is funny. OpenAI, who scraped the entire internet to build its product, is now enforcing copyright via notices. They still don’t give credit for stealing content from everyone, yet now acting like holier-than-thou https://www.reddit.com/r/ChatGPT/comments/1cnvyzp/

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Microsoft's influence on OpenAI clearly showing... ☠️

melroy, to random
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Luna in clothing rack. I don't think this can be comfortable. Also my cloths are dirty again. 😬

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So comfortable 😹

How many floors of clothing do you have? ;)

kristinHenry, to drawing
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Thinking about a string of thoughts as a string of beads today.

I didn't get around to posting yesterday's drawing here, but it's on my Patreon and Ko-fi:

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very cool, looks like organism under the microscope!

dansup, to random
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"We have enormous freedom. That’s not a gift that was given to us, it’s a legacy that was left to us by centuries of struggle. By centuries of people that most of whose names are completely forgotten, the ones who created the freedom and the rights we now have, and that will be taken away unless you constantly defend them."

  • Noam Chomsky
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Definitely, our is getting less and less by the day!

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