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Science fiction author, social media assistant, and a peaceful soul who wants to admire all of your pet photos…especially if they’re of rabbits. I’m allergic to most furry pets, so I’m living vicariously through everyone who isn’t. 🐰

I also love to boost and toot about art, fitness, food, prehistory (especially Neanderthals), writing, social justice, and occasional amusing stories from here in Toronto.


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KissAnne, to Finland
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@KissAnne What a cute dog!

That’s a big temperature change. Is it normal for Finland for this time of year?

MsHearthWitch, to random
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Two of my friends lent me a portable AC they can't use in their current apartment, and I might cry. Holy fuck what a difference it makes in my office.

Gods bless community. We were not meant to do this all alone!

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@MsHearthWitch That is fantastic news.

KissAnne, to weightroom
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@KissAnne Good job! Wow, that was a lot of work for you two.

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@EVDHmn @actuallyautistic @actuallyadhd I love that song. Thank you for sharing.

KissAnne, to home
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@KissAnne That looks like such a peaceful place to visit.

lydiaschoch, to food
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Farmer’s market season is almost here and I’m excited.

Who else also enjoys seeing what’s new at your local farmer’s market?

Strawberries are at the top of my shopping list. I’m also hoping someone will be selling kohlrabi this year. 🤞

Strawberry Shortcake Food GIF. Closeup gif of someone chopping up strawberries for strawberry shortcake.

eribosot, to random
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#frogs Mapinguari tree frog (Dendropsophus mapinguari) photographed by Pedro L.V. Peloso

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@eribosot If you’re not already aware of #FrogsOfMastodon, you might love that hashtag. And they would love all of your amazing frog photos. :)

lydiaschoch, to random
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My Follow Friday recommendation for this week is @futurebird.

She is an intelligent and thoughtful person who loves to talk about math, politics, social justice, science fiction, science, and ants.

I learn something interesting every time I visit her feed.


Loukas, to random
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Journalism needs to focus on what's new, what's surprising and what's uncertain.

That's why the news can give you such a false picture of reality - because lots of important things are not uncertain. And they're not that new; but we just don't talk about them in the media because they are no longer 'surprising'.

As Hans Rosling said, you can't get an accurate picture of the world from the media, you need actual education for that.

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@Loukas Thank you for sharing these thoughts with us.

KissAnne, to Finland
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We had a terrible traffic jam in . Especially in . Busses were late or they didn't arrive at all. Trams didn't work. The last time something similar was experienced in more than 50 years ago.

A traffic jam
Busses in trouble on the road

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@KissAnne Wow!

KissAnne, to wow
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Olen tänä vuonna pudottanut painoa -11,1 kg ja kävin tänään verikokeissa. #Sukurasite eli kokonaiskolesteroli oli tippunut 3:een ja triglyseridit 4,95:stä ja 4,25:stä 1,54:ään!! Vähän saa hehkuttaa! ☺️👋 Nimimerkki #Karjalainen verenperimä

This year I have lost -11.1 kg and I had blood tests taken #today. The total cholesterol had dropped to 3 and triglycerides from 4.95 and 4.25 to 1.54!! #Wow! ☺️👋#weightloss #health #suomimastodon #finland #terveys

A cheerleader cat is jumping and screaming yay

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@KissAnne Good for you!

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@KissAnne You’re welcome.

lydiaschoch, to hiring
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I recently discovered Chronically Capable, a job board for people with disabilities or chronic illnesses: https://www.wearecapable.org

It’s mostly U.S. based for now, but there are ads for other countries, too. I want every one of us jobseekers to find the perfect position this year. 😊

Boosts are warmly welcomed to this post as are suggestions for other hashtags to include if I’m missing good ones.

mostaurelius, to books
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A pack horse librarian delivering books in rural Kentucky in 1938. During the Great Depression, the Pack Horse Library Project was a Works Progress Administration (WPA) program in which the librarians, who were often called "book women" or "book ladies," delivered books to remote parts of Appalachia.

source: https://www.facebook.com/GoodwillLibrarian


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@mostaurelius @bookstodon @gargantua This is so cool. Thank you for sharing. What a wonderful thing they did.

KissAnne, to DigitalNomadHub
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My fiance is still at . I thought I'd be diligent and cut some with a wood splitter. Oh that was ! The wood kept getting stuck in the cutter blade (branches made cutting difficult)! I had hit the wood with the poll of an ax to get it loose. I had to change all my clothes after 45 minutes because I was so sweaty.

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@KissAnne Good job! This is impressive.

lydiaschoch, to random
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Is reading random Wikipedia articles the modern equivalent of reading encyclopedias? It feels pretty similar to me. 🤔


lydiaschoch, to Toronto
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We saw nothing during the eclipse other than a much darker sky than one would usually see at 3:20 pm thanks to how cloudy it was here.

The streetlights were triggered to turn on in the middle of the day, though, which was cool.

If vampires were real, they would have been able to come outside and frighten the humans for about 10 minutes there…at least until Buffy the Vampire Slayer showed up. 😛

#Eclipse #Toronto #SolarEclipse #Vampire #BuffyTheVampireSlayer

lydiaschoch, to StarTrek
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Now that I’ve seen the first two episodes of the final season of Star Trek Discovery, I have a request for future Star Trek shows: let one of your characters have a few pet rabbits.

Think about it. Rabbits are the perfect spaceship pets.

They’re quiet, only eat plants, don’t need to be walked, and are cute as heck.

KissAnne, to Finland
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The in north will be -35 C (-31℉)!! ❄️😲

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@KissAnne That’s chilly! Stay warm.

lydiaschoch, to Horror
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The books I’m sharing are free as of today in Canada and usually the United States of America, too. If you do not live in those countries or are reading this after April 4, 2024, I do not know if they are free or available for you.

Please tag me if you want a boost for your lists of free speculative fiction books from other parts of the world. 💜

, ,

mike, to coffee
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We're visiting the family today for Easter Dinner. My nieces are getting baskets of beans from us. 😋 #Easter #AprilFools #Beans

Inside the plastic bean casings are black beans and garbanzo beans (AKA chickpeas).

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@mike This is too funny. I hope your nieces were amused, too.

Rasta, to random
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I have to tell you something exciting!
And I may come back with photos and give my morning StoryTime about this.

Amaryllis is easy to start from bulbs , everything I own has been cloned 20 x.
Recently, out primary ones went to seed,. a pot full of rose-like petals, and tiny seeds.
You know me and seeds.. Had to try it from SEED not BULB this time.
I just grew my first Amaryllis from seed.

And I have a bag of seeds.
If you live close, I'll give you one?

photos are coming. You'll see

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@Rasta That’s awesome!

Mrfunkedude, to random
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It's a rainy day here in the southern half of California.

My poor girlfriend and dog just went for a walk before it started to pour down. They are going to be soaked when they get back. Better have some towels ready.

I'm going to do some baking for her sister #today and maybe some livestreaming.

Keep warm and dry everyone!

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@Mrfunkedude That’s nice of you!

KissAnne, to mastodon
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Have a wonderful my dear !

lydiaschoch, (edited )
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@KissAnne I’d like to think that the next scene will involve all of those little lizards (crocodiles? Alligators? Dinosaurs?) imprinting on the little chicken and spending the rest of their lives protecting it. :)

lydiaschoch, to KindActions
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@SabiLewSounds There’s a small gift card that’s given to one reviewer every week and a larger gift card you get once a year, but it’s otherwise unpaid.

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