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Polyglot, using PHP since version 3, currently leading technical delivery and change in a Python, backend team.

I Love Linux, NodeJS, TypeScript, Python, PHP, Ruby, Golang, C.

Can be a snark, especially if stressed.

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nano, to random
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"think twice about wayland. it breaks everything!"

x11 doesnt support multiple monitors. you might think it does, but its just one big virtual screen spanning across your displays. its a hack. multiple monitors on x11 is a hack. and we want this to be the defacto display server for linux? give me a break

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Okay, explain why that is an issue. Windows also makes a giant surface when using legacy screen-capture

nixCraft, to random
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Friend: What's your Plan B career if AI replaces you ?

Me: resistance leader who will led one of the earliest uprisings against AI 🤖 the job is practically impossible to replace by AI 😂💥

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IDK, you kinda have to play mass effect to see it, but it's possible.

ChrisMayLA6, to Women
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Of course, it was bound to happen... men accused of rape have discovered a new defence: sexsomnia - the admission of the sexual act but a claim it was done while sleepwalking.

While, I'm sure there may be some genuine cases, my guess is that they are a vanishingly small proportion of the number of men who have used (and will use) this a defence for sexual assault.

The medicalisation of defence for violence against women must be resisted...


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You know what. If it were possible, I'd want them locked up or put to sleep anyway, as they are clearly a persistent danger

pubkit, to fediverse

PubKit is a free service for ActivityPub developers!

We're eager to launch the beta and help ActivityPub developers test and improve their projects.

Everyone wins when we work together, and we're proud to provide a service that benefits everyone.


#pubkit #activityPub #developers #fediverseDevelopers

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Finally a pricing page that is perfect 😂

jackofalltrades, to iran
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Iran launched more than 300 drones and missiles at Israel on Saturday night, in the Islamic Republic’s first ever direct attack on the Jewish state.

Through its mission at the UN, Iran declared the mass aerial attack, which Tehran dubbed “Operation True Promise” was a retaliation for the bombing of an Iranian diplomatic building in Damascus on 1 April, and that it now considered the matter closed, unless there was further action by Israel.


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@jackofalltrades I mean... that isn't smart is it? To hit and then quit "I consider the matter closed"... Bless em.

Even among scuffling children, the matter will re-open.

GeePawHill, to random
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Aight my friends, a little help: Can you connect me to Martha Loerke, of Open Society Foundations?

She knows me, and I her, but from a long time ago.

i swear to god it's not a stalker thing. Back in the day we were friends. If you need her to vet it, and YOU SHOULD, she knew me as Mike Hill, not "GeePaw" Hill, at Oberlin, and in DC.

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@GeePawHill If she checks her LinkedIn then she will know. Sent a DM

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@acf @GeePawHill
This was useful, but maybe shouldn't be "public"?

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@acf @GeePawHill
yes that much was obvious; but its still not your information to decide is public.

I shared a private 1:1 message with Michael with the uncensored email. I Did not post it publicly just because others do.

It might not be illegal or a crime to share information from a public website publicly; but it's not very nice. It's not far away from doxxing.

lewiscowles1986, to random
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Mirosoft introduced Ad-tech to the start menu in Windows 8


I Complained about this being a gateway into ads in the desktop then, over a decade ago.

You are late to this party KDE

lofty, to random

I'm an abandonware radicalist; not only should abandoned software have its source released, abandoned hardware should be opened up to development to stop it being ewaste.

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Agreed. At the point you don't sell something; let someone else take up the mantle.

But MuH investment... no sit down. This would be like buying a house and expecting neighbours not to sue you if you let it rott around you, never mow the lawn or undertake repairs.

There is a mindset that thinks doing that is unfair. That mindset needs professional and state intervention.

lewiscowles1986, to random
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eaton, to random
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So, if you're a MacOS user and you ever feel the need to get some raw stats about the photos you've taken and stored in your iCloud photo library, there's a (fairly) easy way to dig in.

iPhoto's metadata lives in a giant sqlite database, and you can just… query it. Unless you've moved it, it lives at ~/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary/database/Photos.sqlite, and quite a bit of interesting stuff is in the ZEXTENDEDATTRIBUTES table.

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s/fun facts/crimes against users/gmi

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first they attribute the data locally, unbeknownst to users, then they gradually roll-out more "features".

Apple sells user data, they just publicly make a lot of noise about how they try to stop anyone else doing the same.

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comical, sure; but likely ignoring that they might get location data; interest data, and with interests companies can jack up the cost of the things you like doing.

There are a million ways folks under-estimate the future value of present and historical data

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@dave @eaton

No monopoly on terrible software it seems.

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@jamiemccarthy @eaton

Well they got 15 billion for Google to own your search on your devices.

But they also have a privacy policy full of data they track and use third-parties for.

And this is not about what you can turn off, because you should not have to with your over-priced, engineered by morons device.

I'm not interested in who else does this; or excuses for it.

It's also not a protracted debate I'm going to get into.

nixCraft, to random
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PHP was originally an abbreviation of Personal Home Page 🤔 did you know that?

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I don't think this is true, but I started using PHP in 3, remember 4 being released, then 5, 7 and now 8

Rasmus also was one of a few folks, who like me hacked his Linksys media transmitter WMA11B I think it was

That hacker-mindset was fantastic. Whenever I see the java-isation of PHP; it makes me sad for where it came from.

lewiscowles1986, to random
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Is this true that Gnome only has 4 employees?

https://foundation.gnome.org/team/ seems to disagree with Google; as does https://foundation.gnome.org/ which shows a lot of folks; who I didn't expect all worked full-time on Gnome... But I thought it was more people.

18+ vga256, to tv
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so after watching the first bit of the new Fallout tv series, i'm kinda surprised at how much i deeply dislike the visual style

it's hard to put my finger on what exactly i find so disagreeable, so here are a few bullet points:

  • the costuming and set design is painfully low budget-looking. there was almost no attention paid to texture and grit, and everything has a plastic sheen
  • the colour palette is overly vibrant, like the colourist cranked up the colour values by 200%

i think i understand what they were going for: a witty, pop-culture re-imagining of Fallout 76. there is an extreme discomfort with anything heavy or dark in the visuals and the story

i would have loved to see a Fallout tv series shot in black and white, on 16mm with heavy grain - a lot more like A Boy and his Dog. based on Fallout 1, not the bethesda games.


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@vga256 just keep watching. We finished it last night, it was good. It was faithful and has nods to multiple games in the franchise, not just 76

@lewiscowles1986@phpc.social avatar

Fallout is not exactly known for their strong storylines. Honestly the least faithful thing about it, is lack of clipping through things.

It was a good series IMO; sorry you are not liking the content you skipped.

foone, to random
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I wonder if anyone has made a USB PC speaker.

It'd be one of those 2-3" speakers, only bleeps, and it comes inside a reverberant metal box

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surely it wouldn't be a real PC speaker, any more than a PS2 over usb would not have PS2 properties, because those "standards" were integrated, and mapped via bios to the right place.

It would be an incredible amount of engineering for something that was awful

deirdresm, to ai
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This is the single best explanation (long!) I've read about why LLMs are a con. Great piece from @baldur.


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@YetAnotherGeekGuy @deirdresm @lienrag @baldur

I Disagree with

> if you can’t say WHY you gave the answer you did, it’s not a good answer.

How much information folks can give on why they chose a particular path to action is; I'd say rarely available.

Would it be nice to have it always available, yes. But it's not and the world runs this way, sort-of fine.

donni, to random
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Sharks don’t sleep, but if I was a shark, I would. Who’s going to stop me? I’m a shark

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Hi, that would be me if I were physics, stopping you, because I like to control all things 😉

codepo8, to random
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Did you know that HTML has a translate attribute? You can prevent browsers from automatically translating labels and other text elements by setting it to "no".

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@Landa @codepo8
Agreed that with use-cases outlined this is a very powerful niche tool.

Concern is that folks pick up niche tools and misuse all the time, making accessibility and usability harder than ever.

efi, to random
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@efi if #1 is their mum, run!

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