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@SwiftOnSecurity I put on my robe and wizard hat

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Founders of OpenAI: "It’s Altman’s belief — along with the belief of Ilya Sutskever, OpenAI’s chief scientist and a co-founder — that AI with intelligence exceeding that of humans could arrive within the decade, and that this AI won’t necessarily be benevolent — necessitating research into ways to limit and restrict it." #Ai #LLMs #AIpocalpyse


@ai6yr regulate it into the dirt

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Things in ascending order of bonkers:

  1. People move horses by plane
  2. People move enough horses often enough that there are dedicated horse transport flights.
  3. There are enough dedicated horse transport flights that there are purpose built horse transport cargo planes with a small amount of passenger space for vets and horse people.
  4. Theres a button that puts these planes into horse mode.

@keelan @foone but what does horse config do?

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This is a subtle math education question.
Consider this sequence of algebra steps:
a+b=c given
a=d given
d+b=c substitute

This is substitution. And feels natural to me. Replace a with d. But, I have many students who write:

a+b=c given
a=d given
b+d=c substitute

Still correct but I don’t understand why they swapped the order. What are they thinking? If it was just one or two students I’d call it “the noise of young minds” but it’s six of them. Why do they write it like this? #mathematic


@futurebird alphabetical order?

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The world's most popular painter — at least, when it comes to TikTok followers — is Devon Rodriguez. He recently held his first solo show, Underground. Artnet's critic, Ben Davis, wrote what he thought was a fair review, but Rodriguez disagreed, leading to a pile-on from his fans. Here, Davis shares further thoughts about the nature of criticism, influencer art and "parasocial aesthetics." What do you think?

#Art #Galleries #Criticism #InternetCulture


@CultureDesk it’s important to note the article itself is more nuanced than that, and even the original isn’t even that harsh, at no point was Ben mean or anything

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Exclusive Washington Post report reveals that Ukrainian spies “drawn from directorates that were formed, trained, and equipped in close partnership with the CIA” are responsible for Daria Dugina’s assassination and other “extreme measures” that predate February 2022.

The extent of the CIA’s involvement with Ukraine’s security services appears to be quite “significant” indeed. It’s even “built new headquarters for departments in Ukraine’s military intelligence agency.” LOL: “GUR was our little baby. We gave them all new equipment and training,” said a former U.S. intelligence official who worked in Ukraine.

In some cases, the CIA has had advance knowledge of Ukrainian “plans for strikes,” including the bombing of the Kerch Bridge. “U.S. officials registered concerns.” But they did it again, months later, so the CIA clearly wasn’t that concerned.


@kevinrothrock what a bizarre article, dozens of current and former officials in the us and Ukraine give an exclusive interview to wapo and then they give quotes like this, it clearly hasn’t caused so much complications that they aren’t coordinating their PR strategies

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Commands to set up your Debian machine to play DVDs. Should be auto-installed, I think, as this is too complex for the average consumer. Then again, what average consumer has a DVD/CD reader in their machine anymore? #debian #dvd #Linux


@ai6yr You should be able to put most of those on one line, what's happening when you run dpkg-reconfigure libdvd-dvd?

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This is pure cultural bias but it is really throwing me that the fair maiden of Das Nibelungenlied is named Kriemhild. That's too many consonants for a fair maid. The moment Siegfried meets a French fair maid named Oisietteaubeaulieu he's gonna lose his mind.


@ZachWeinersmith Judas iscariot

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In about three years companies will realize they are being talked about in the fediverse and ooo gee maybe we should pay attention to that! A lot of professionals here with disposable income. Not a one looking at ads.

That will be a sad day in many ways. But, the attempts to adapt should be an endless source of humor.


@futurebird it’s hard to serve me ads when I own the interface, I’ll just filter the ads, and if they just ban me (a la YouTube and ad blockers) the people on those services can just leave. The skids on this thing are pretty slick I can switch servers no problem

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What is more upsetting Graham's number or UY Scuti?

(corrected UV to UY)


@futurebird my intuition is that were you to cram grahams number into a space the size of uv scuti it would collapse into a black hole

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Rapidly being further radicalized against AI art.


@futurebird at best it’s a product in search of a use case, and it has a huge number of negative externalities, I thought we figured this out with NFTs

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My job today was to explain to an international audience in <700 words what is happening in the US House of Representatives and why it is significant.


@w7voa you have to imagine this is completely humiliating for Jordan and Matt “She lied about her age” gaetz

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Hello #Fediverse! This is GBH #News bringing you the world from #Boston. It's 57F at Logan Airport and visibility is 10 miles.

🌳 Dense Boston neighborhoods will be getting some trees as #climate mitigation due to an $11.4M grant.

Customers in College Station, TX, can get prescriptions delivered by #drone. It's part of a test by Amazon.

Jacob Lew, a former treasury secretary under President Obama, is likely to be quickly confirmed by the Senate as the new ambassador to Israel.


@gbhnews I was reading about these micro forests in Boston in the #Courant, I wonder if it’s more of those?


@gbhnews thanks! From the courant article I read they sounded super dense

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🌞 Good morning #Fediverse! This is GBH #News bringing you the world from #Boston. It's 57F at Logan Airport and visibility is 10 miles.

Mass. Gov. Maura Healey says the state's emergency shelter system will is reaching capacity and families may be placed on a wait list after Nov. 1.

The National Toy Hall of Fame is letting the public participate more in the induction process - and voting is open on 5 toys.

#Worcester mayoral candidates debated last night at GBH's studio. (Link below)


@gbhnews devistatingly poor answer from colorio, I appreciate the outsider guy saying “we need fresh new ideas” though lol. Doesn’t seem like just hiring people who will quietly get the job done will work, the problem is the trust is gone, so whatever is done to fix things has to be demonstrated to the public

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@ai6yr god help the programmer that's using chatgpt to debug their code holy crap. Who are these people in the comments calling their colleagues about how to do something in a language?? the documentation is right there, 100% reliable, and searchable

ai6yr, to ai avatar

@ai6yr sure, in a world with no resource limitations and where the AI chatbots are free, but it seems to me, especially with the difficulties they’ve had improving their models for the meager improvements we’ve seen, that doing all the tasks is simply far outside anyone’s budget for these things

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If you're in New York, your next 3D printer will come with a nozzle lock and a filament length limit. Straight to jail for assault-size filament spools.


@lcamtuf @rrmutt if gun hobbyists engaged more with what regular people would recognize as “hobbyist” aspects of it instead of trying to flout the spirit, if not the letter, of the law and show how good they can kill people they might get less grief, the entire thesis of 3D printed guns as far as I can tell is “gun laws don’t matter so don’t try” and like, are you really surprised society reacts this way to that?


@lcamtuf @rrmutt idk, I guess I would hold the gun people in higher regard if I felt really any solidarity on, say, book bans, drag bans, family separation etc. Instead it’s freedom for me but not for thee, and I’m just kind of like ok but then why should I care when it’s guns

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Bluesky for Journalists: On Bluesky, journalists and news organizations can self-verify by setting their website directly as their username. For example, some newspapers’ handles that already exist on Bluesky include,, and


@kevinrothrock mastodon has this exact feature, my squarespace website in my bio is verified this way


@kevinrothrock what do you mean? the check in my bio is proof that someone with the ability modify the website at that address also has the ability to edit my bio. This is precisely the proof bluesky offers.


@kevinrothrock @craigbro that’s not true at all, the trends are made by us, following them feeds them, and no one is forced to do so

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  • lampsofgold,

    @catsalad this is why they need to tear down the NSA and rebuild the NSA 2

    futurebird, to keyboard avatar

    Waiting for the moment when I share my cool 40% and someone pops up out of nowhere and is like "a full alphabet? You are like a little baby to me."


    @futurebird no but it's very fun, especially with a small battery radio, you can do NVIS and get contacts for several hundred miles :)

    edit: also it looks like a frog

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