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Love #dogs, #sushi, #xbox, #StarWars, #Hawaii, #sake, #Azure, #Microsoft, #squirrels, #UCLA, #LasVegas, #GalaxysEdge, #Disney, #StarTrek #StrangeNewWorlds, #Andor, #Peacemaker, #Sabacc & family. #Browncoat, #Amity, #Resistance & #Hufflepuff. Be aware that I autoblock trolls, pedants, 'ReplyGuys' & the unkind without notice. I'm a Technology Strategist for Microsoft. My opinion does not necessarily reflect that of MSFT.

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Crossing fingers this is available in my lifetime. Folks, curb your consumption of sugar. Seriously.

"Chinese scientists cure diabetes using stem cells in world first"

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As a UCLA student I was brought in for a test screening of Alien 3 (they got students all the time), which I thought was terrible, and I haven't watched the sequels since.

This I may watch.

#Alien #Scifi #Movie

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@virtualbri Didn't know you're a Bruin. #8clap Did you see Alien 3 at the Student Union? I went to a screening of Jacob's Ladder with Tim Robbins & director Adrian Lyne doing the intro in the Ackerman Ballroom & had NO IDEA what kind of movie I was about to see.

A girl I only casually knew held onto my arm all the way up Bruin Walk back to the dorms. That damned movie still haunts me to this day. 😁

Jacob's Ladder Trailer (1990)

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Windows 11's upcoming "Recall" feature has a policy setting that empowers IT depts to disable the feature across devices. If disabled:
✅ Any existing Recall snapshots are deleted
✅ Users are prevented from manually enabling the Recall feature

Configure Policies for Recall

Control over your Recall Experience

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I visit Twitter maybe once a day & it amazes me that that place is basically one giant YouTube comments section... except that much of its content is absolutely critical to what I do.

There's simply no other place that publishes news & information from millions of sources in the same way. And no other social ecosystem has done ANYTHING to compel corporations & govt entities to contribute in the same way to their networks.

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It frustrates me that no other social network recognizes that they must craft a unique & strong value proposition to content creators to increase network value & establish a virtuous cycle.

The only site that understands this is Threads but they target a lowest common denominator audience - basically creators & followers that appeal to Instagram users. Fashionistas, TikTok addicts, Reality TV fans & WWE/MMA.

BlueSky is phoning it in. And Mastodon, as much as I love it, is hopeless., 😥

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@sysop408 That's hilarious. 😁

I had what I can only describe as a "Wait, how did I get into this conversation?" experience. Twice. Meanwhile, my feed is loaded with nothing but stuff I have negative interest in & I'm not sure how I got here. 😂

But Threads has brands, known figures & ~60M ACTIVE users which is 4x the number of TOTAL registered users Mastodon has. And active usage turns the flywheel.

As much as I dislike Meta, they know engagement far better than BlueSky & Mastodon.

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Hey y'all. So... since I was in Junior High, my fellow nerds were always watching Doctor Who on PBS.

I never got into it but due to the fact that I traveled in D&D, chess, home computer, board games (Diplomacy, anyone?) & other nerd circles, I knew about how the Doctor was a Timelord, changed bodies every season or so & the Cybermen & Daleks & many enemies of the Doctor were legendary.

I'm in my mid-50s now & I've never seen a single episode of . So...

Where should I start? 😁

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@jynersolives Thank you for the very thorough list! Appreciate the thought you out into it!

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How can Lakers management think a podcaster who has never had an assistant or head coaching position at the high school, college or NBA level, is a leading candidate for one of the most storied franchises in hoops history?

And he's openly made a big deal about not taking Asst coaching jobs anywhere choosing instead to coach his son's 6th grade club basketball team?

Latest Lakers intel: Sources view JJ Redick as a leading coaching candidate

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Has anyone watched "The Bear" on FX? Thoughts? I don't know anything about it... haven't even searched/researched it but just saw a TV ad & it intrigued me.

Which is rare for a TV ad for me.

"The Bear" Season 3 Teaser - FXnetworks

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@cstephens2 So... It's about a chef? That's what I assertained from the ad but that it. Seems to get getting a whole lot of attention so I was curious.

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@cstephens2 Appreciate the intro. I'd done a search but everything seemed spoilery so I stopped. I hate having plot turns spoiled by the web.

I'm gonna go search for past seasons on the streaming services. As long as it's not Hulu, I'll be fine cuz that's pretty much the only service I don't have.

kurtsh, to tesla
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Anyone shocked that an Elon Musk company horribly violated their customer's privacy?

"Tesla workers shared sensitive images recorded by customer cars" | Reuters

#tesla #elonmusk #privacy

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My friend told me to look into "Psyllium Fiber" to help manage my blood glucose as a newly anointed diabetic.

I guess fiber is supposed to help block sugar absorption so I found this 360 capsule bottle of the stuff from Costco and SWEET LEAPING JESUS, FIVE CAPSULES BEFORE EVERY MEAL?

God, at that rate, I might as well set up a cot & a blanket near the toilet cuz I'm never leaving the bathroom.


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Attention Mastodon.

These are omg delicious.

That is all.

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@Jerry Was diagnosed last month. CGM, insulin Injector, 2 prescriptions drugs. Happened fast.

Trying to get educated quickly while also throwing out starches, Girl Scout Cookies, Gatorade & other spike inducing foods.

And I seem to spike very easily so I'm trying to figure out what I can snack on while doubling up on exercise. I bought a lot of celery & nuts & these "Munk Pack" bars are 1g sugar, 2g net carbs & 5g protein & seem to be okay but need more testing.


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You can't make this @#$% up.

"WEMATE Password Book with Lock, Password Book with Alphabetical Tabs 600+ Password Spaces, Password Organizer" - Amazon


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One of my greatest regrets about getting old that no one told me about was I can no longer eat spicy foods without paying for it later.

Tapatio & Cholula & Green Jalapeno Tabasco used to be may favorite condiment. Now the bottles collect dust.


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In my early 20s, I watched Star Trek: religiously on my little 15" TV in my studio apt.

UPN then released Star Trek: in '93 & I didn't rly care for it. It just wasn't TOS or TNG.

: was released in '95 & I loved it & remember it fondly as the show I watched when I moved to Los Angeles.

It's 30yrs later now & oddly, I've found myself rly appreciating & rewatching it more than any of the other series.

It gives me the most feels. 😁

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Just a reminder that if you're a fan, you can watch Star Trek episodes for free on just like the old days: Randomly on linear TV!

Yep, none of this B.S. on-demand crap! No sir, you open the PlutoTV app, switch to the "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" channel & watch what's on at that moment. No ffwding or pausing. You go to the bathroom, you miss 5min of the episode & there's no rewinding!

Now suck it up & watch Trek the way it was meant to be watched! 😂


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No one uses CDs. They use Spotify, Apple Music.

No one uses DVDs. They use Netflix, Disney+.

No one backs up their data on physical drives. They use GDrive, OneDrive, iCloud.

No one buys Office. They use online apps like Microsoft 365 Apps or Google Apps.

No one buys datacenters. They migrate to IaaS to modernize to PaaS/SaaS.

But gosh, TELL ME MORE about how the market doesn't prefer the value & convenience of the cloud & it's only BIG CORPORATIONS that are forcing people to use it. 🙄

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Yeah! You go, Captain Ahab!

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@dustinrue Heh, just parodizing some clown's desperate "don't use the cloud" rant.

I rarely see analyses, small biz or enterprise, where it makes more sense to keep things on-prem.

I do however see, everyday, old server huggers that believe their world is crashing down around them as folks transition from DIY hardware to all-inclusive services.

So yeah... yelling into the void a bit, I suppose. 😁

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Just got Chinese spam: "Welcome you to contact us for wholesale purchasing press on nails and other nail productsJ͕̠̦̪͕̓͛̊̾̄ͅw̧̧̳̪̘͊̋͗̾͢͠z̢̘̞͈̺̞̩̓̽̐̋͗̆̋̚͟͜"

The Zalgo means that the only way they got my address was by harvesting it from a Twitter hack.

That's also probably how they learned about my secret sideline as a bulk purchaser of press-on nails and nail products.

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@jwz re: "...press-on nails"
I knew it.

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This is your reminder that the Epoch Times is a trash Chinese rag written by far right, pro-Trump freakshows so vehemently against the PRC govt, that they've decided American fascists are superior to Chinese fascists & advocate for them.

Oh, and they want you to go see their affiliated human circus, Shen Yun, which they want you to know presents free market capitalism, originating from before Communists took over China because MAGA.

#epochtimes #shenyun

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Get to know the Epoch Times - the sham newspaper from far right, extreme capitalist, Chinese conservatives & that - with great irony - promote MAGA politics & all-things-Trump... because they hate PRC's dictatorship. WTAF

"How the conspiracy-fueled Epoch Times went mainstream and made millions:
The conservative news outlet has amassed a fortune, growing its revenue by 685% in two years, according to tax documents." - NBC News

#epochtimes #maga #gop #fascist

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This makes so much sense now. Paper media has struggled this past decade, yet the Epoch Times NEWSPAPER is drowning in cash?

They took out BILLBOARD & PRIME TIME TV ADS to advertise their propaganda rag.

They bought space in the Los Angeles Times paper delivery to be included in weekend subscriptions as an "advertising supplement".


"DOJ Says Epoch Times Newspaper Is an Epic Money-Laundering Operation" - NYMag

#epochtimes #scam #gop #maga #propaganda

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