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benschwarz, to random
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HTMZ is absurd and clever, I love it


It isn't a framework, there's nothing to include… HTMZ relies on an iFrame in your page that's used to stage content

When you click a link, the link is loaded inside the hidden iframe. When the iFrame calls it's onLoad handler, it inserts it's contents into the target element of your choosing

It's like pjax, but without the P or jax bits

I won't use it, but I love it. 3 points 🙇‍♂️

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@gvwilson it's htm-zee! An american hero Noah Webster fixed lots of spelling for america. Britain and gang are just out of date and haven't installed the latest patch yet.

mcc, to random
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YouTube thumbnails divorced from context continue to be such fascinating artifacts

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Carbon capture isn't real by adam something g on youtube

Daojoan, to random
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Tech workers who make 6-7 figures a year destroyed the income of freelancers earning pennies and we called it progress.

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@Daojoan it's like the luddites.

In an alternate timeline where humanity has its shit together, technological progress is a good thing.

But we don't live in that timeline.

Rather than fighting progress, let's fight for that timeline.

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