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kolev, to Israel
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#Jews who live out in the sticks: How much #kosher #wine do you order at a time? #Mazeldon

shekinahcancook, (edited ) to random
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I haven't tried it. Anyone have any thoughts on why it's crashing and burning? Is it too expensive? Does it taste weird? Did some bad news come out in 4Q 2021 that I don't remember? Anyone?

#Mazeldon #BeyondMeat

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@shekinahcancook i miss Beyond Jerky

rochelle, to food
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What's for dinner tonight?


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@rochelle Leftovers. Spanish rice with Tunisian sweet potato stew, a pickle, and some grapefruit. #vegan #wfpb #vegetarian @wfpb @vegancooking #plantbased @plantbased

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@goodthinking We have an Instant Pot, but we only use it to make plain rice. @shekinahcancook @rochelle @wfpb @vegancooking @plantbased

kolev, to homebrewing
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Had to resort to Manischewitz #wine because this small town doesn't have Barkan. #Jewish #Mazeldon

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@shekinahcancook I don't like Manischewitz. I want real wine, a cabernet sauvignon.

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kolev, to food
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kolev, to food
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tonight: Split pea soup and tofu dumplings, with Irish breakfast . @vegancooking

carlile, to food
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Hi again. It's me. Reminding you that #veganism is not a diet. It's a commitment to nonviolence and the abolition of animal exploitation.

One cannot be "mostly vegan", "partly vegan", or "vegan except for the holidays". You're either intentionally participating in the exploitation of animals, or rejecting it. You're either #vegan or you're not.

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@carlile Since I'm not vegan, should I just abandon my plant based diet I've maintained for ten years? This "you're with us or against us" is overly simplistic and doesn't encourage people to make positive steps. It just puts people off.

kolev, to hebrew
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Is there a word for "high on " that is not ? I try to avoid .

kolev, to food Ladino
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kolev, to food Ladino
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#Dinner tonight is just tofu and veg, with rice. #vegan #vegetarian #cooking #wfpb @wfpb @vegancooking

kolev, to food Ladino
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Having tofu noodle soup for #dinner. #vegan #cooking #wfpb @wfpb @vegancooking #vegetarian

kolev, to Yiddish Yiddish
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היינט איך האב געגעסן באטאטעס. גוט וואך! #yiddish @Yiddish

kolev, to Yiddish Yiddish
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װאָס מאַכט איר הײַנט?

#Yiddish @Yiddish

kolev, to Yiddish Yiddish
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איך קען נישט שלאפן...
@Yiddish #yiddish

miss_s_b, to animals
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Ridley is strenuously protesting the lack of fire, he keeps lying down by the fireplace, crying, looking at me, looking at @MatGB, crying some more. Mat keeps pretending he doesn't know what Ridley wants and taking him outside. Who will win this war of attrition?

#DogsOfMastodon #MastoDogs #Lurcher

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@miss_s_b @MatGB I miss fireplaces. Our house is all electric.

kolev, to tea Yiddish
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גוט-טאג! היינט איך האב געמאכט ווייסע כינעזישע טיי. ס'איז זיס און געשמאק.
#tea #yiddish @Yiddish

kolev, to Yiddish Yiddish
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מיר איז לאנגװײַליק. װאָס קען איך טאָן? #yiddish @Yiddish

kolev, to vegan
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@wfpb I need to stop eating #vegan junk. Meal ideas?

  • whole wheat spaghetti
  • mashed potatoes and gravy
  • stir "fry"
  • sushi
  • bean burritos
  • whole wheat macaroni and peas
  • chili
  • vegetable soup
  • beans and cornbread
  • sweet potatoes and broccoli
  • oatmeal


unsweetened black tea,
sparkling water,
Baked tortillas and salsa

emilyk, to mazeldon
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@sefariaproject is begging for donations and they still haven't banned this man from the site. His last proselytizing sheet was made this past November.


His sheet labeled "Jewish Studies" makes a direct attack on Rabbinical Judaism itself:

"See how man-made tradition blurs the prophecies of יהוה of His servant. משיח is here in the text, dear friends."

It's not a "study sheet," it's an evangelizing assault.

@mazeldon #Mazeldon

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@emilyk Ew, his whole account is missionary propaganda! @sefariaproject @mazeldon

larsfrommars, to random
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school technology restrictions are so awesome. like wow ur really just coming out here and saying it huh

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Teacher: "Condoms don't prevent pregnancy or disease. It says so on the packaging."

Me: "Show us a photo of packaging that says that."

Teacher: "School policy forbids showing information about condoms. This school teaches that condoms do not prevent pregnancy or disease."

To make matters worse, this was a science teacher.

hundertsieben, to random
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So. I wrote an e-mail to the hasidic-liberal synagogue two weeks ago. They didn't answer so far.

They have no public phone number (anymore), but active social media accounts, which I could contact.
Should I wait? Or not?

This might have been easier two months ago, and I'm afraid something might happen and it will become much harder. I could also send them a membership application, since they offer this publicly. I think it's weird though.

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@shekinahcancook @terryb @hundertsieben I know this all too well. I have to do monthly runs to the city to get wine.

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