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affect mapping / psychic plumbing

(#affectiveneuroscience , #neuroeconomics , #neuroforecasting , #neurophenomics , etc.)

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Alexlee, to academicchatter
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Nobody told me about the snakes! @academicchatter

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@Alexlee @academicchatter Now you know…

skykiss, to random
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Dear Citizens,

Christofascist are clowns maybe that is why many overlook them but they have already seized our and Johnson is flying the overthrow the government flag.

Please read this important thread. The NAR, a dominionist (Mike Johnson, Alito, MTG &fellow fascist) movement, took credit for swaying the 2000 presidential election. Former Florida SOS Katherine Harris, who prematurely certified Bush as the “winner,” later called NAR leaders Dutch Sheets & Cindy Jacobs her “godly mentors.


These are the insane fascist. The christofascist and NAR, dominionist plan to take over America and they already have the and MagaMike Johnson in Congress

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skykiss, to random
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Putin and the russian fascist Kremlin are greatly pleased by the fruits of their subversive labor.

They work to destroy America.

Nazi propagandist:

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fkamiah17, to random
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WEEK 33: Full on dystopia at the University of North Carolina's commencement ceremony yesterday.

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@fkamiah17 First Amendment, much?

knutson_brain, to random
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Finally saw "Contagion" last night -- now views more like a documentary than a disaster thriller.
How can we do better next time? ()


skykiss, to ukrainian
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A brave #Ukrainian girl cuddles and consoles her #cat Kasper during a missile attack by genocidal russians. She tells her cat, "Don't be afraid, I'll protect you."

Russians launch dozens of missiles, bombs and drones upon civilians every day, typically while they are sleeping but also during the day.
This genocidal terror kills thousands and takes a huge psychological toll.

When will the democratic world stop endless Russian horror?

#RussiaIsATerroristState #WarCrimes #arrestputin #genocide

A brave #Ukrainian girl consoles her #cat Kasper during a missile attack by genocidal russians. She tells her cat, "Don't be afraid, I'll protect you" The young girl holds and cuddles her cat.

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@skykiss 💔

18+ ai6yr, to random
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Skepticat, to random
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Arizona GOP Chair Kelli Ward said, "I want to see arrests. I want to see perp walks. I want to see people in jail. . ." in January of 2022.

Kelli Ward was just indicted in Arizona.

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@Skepticat OK …

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@Skepticat I’m OK with her doing the perp walk…wonder if she is…

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@Skepticat Need to find the irony emoji…

NicoleCRust, to random
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Sometimes I think that maybe (just maybe) I write well ...

Then I encounter someone who writes REALLY well (sometimes a revising my own text).

Sigh ... focusing on the delta can be hard. But inspiring and motivating too.

The deeper I get into it, the more I realize: writing (compelling nonfiction) is an art form.

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@NicoleCRust But still, you do write well …

skykiss, to DaftPunk
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The republicans blocking aid to will be known in history as traitors. They chose our enemy and left our ally on the front lines, keeping the terrorist russians out of free Europe, to fight alone.

"Propaganda and disinformation is directly coming from Russia" Republican chair of the house intel committee complains his colleagues are repeating Russian GOP Mike Turner: Russian propaganda is 'being uttered on the House floor' by traitor republicans.

☎️ Call 202-224-3121
✍️ To Sign
❗ If already signed - Ask them to reach out colleagues to encourage them to sign.

✅Rep☎️http://bit.ly/discharge815 Please boost

Republican admits that "Propaganda and disinformation is directly coming from Russia" Republican chair of the house intel committee complains his colleagues are repeating Russian GOP Mike Turner: Russian propaganda is 'being uttered on the House floor' by traitor republicans.

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@skykiss “Authoritarian regimes never stop once they start in aggression.” (chilling)

adredish, to random

It's really unfortunate that reviews are seen as competitive and confrontational. I want my reviews to be suggestions to help the authors.

Because of that, I don't want the reviews I write made public. Reviews are for the editor to assess the author's work and for the author to make the work better. They are not commentary for the public to understand the work.

Fixing the paper is the author's job. Not mine. I want to be able to say "There was a paper a long time ago by someone like XYZ who you should go read." Or "There's a whole literature here by people like ABC to go engage with." Finding that literature is the author's job. Not mine. I want to be able to say "what if X is not linear?" or "what if Y happens?". I don't want to have to work out the math myself. That's the author's job. Not mine. None of this should be public.

Moreover, I need a process to say "I have the following concerns with my own review. I have this knowledge and not that. So you can trust me here, but not there." (Which deanonymizes the review, BTW.) I need a process where I can say to the editor, I'm concerned about A, but it's not my knowledge-base, or I think they should fix B, but it's not that important if they don't. Deciding what of that to communicate to the authors is the editor's job. Not mine.

Given the current ecosystem of publishing reviews and of preventing me from providing context to the editors separate from information sent to the authors, I am very seriously considering turning down all review requests from now on. (But it seems unfair to add publications to the ecosystem while not doing my part to review them.)

😠​ Frustrated.

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@neuralreckoning @adredish
: is a cooperative (as well as a competitive) process (and that’s the part I choose to elevate, as a or otherwise)

lakens, to random
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First time I am hearing of the idea of a Research Guarantor - the author who takes responsibility for the integrity of entire project. Seems like a very useful thing to require upon submission, but seems to be underused.


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@lakens Seems like it should be the PI?

JorisMeys, to academia
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I said it before and I'll say it again: scientific journals have hardly any relevance any more, except for academic careers.

AI is just speeding up this evolution. We urgently need to rethink scientific communication!


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skykiss, (edited ) to random
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National Security Threat

Experts Said for Weeks That Trump Might Get Bonded By Kremlin Allies. Now It’s Happening— National Security Threat—So Why Is Media So Silent About the Greenberg Family?

The adjudicated rapist & adjudicated fraud somehow got a bond, and he is a significant national security risk, and we should know who he’s beholden to. Donald has no unencumbered assets, everything has debt and loans. And who owns the criminal?

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@skykiss So, who wants to bet against Russian money? (I’m betting for…)

dangillmor, to random
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The best news I've seen about "AI" lately: People have wisely concluded that these systems are untrustworthy.


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@dangillmor : How much trust would we place in an employee who regularly and confidently hallucinates?

knutson_brain, to random
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Outstanding conversation with @ct_bergstrom on challenges of and potential responses :


knutson_brain, to random
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"It struck me, here was a Russia who had been absent from public view for two years; a Russia which does not support Vladimir Putin, or the war in Ukraine, and wants to be a democratic country."
--Steve Rosenberg


skykiss, to random
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Russia has become such a dark, dark place. Desparately hope that we do not let it happen here.



knutson_brain, (edited )
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@skykiss Listen to Aragorn : We cannot let the orcs win.

tantramar, to random
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people keep mispronouncing “nazi sympathizer”

“sympathizer” is silent

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@tantramar my grandpa used to pronounce it: “traitor”

w7voa, to random
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No American should consider going to Russia under any circumstances. -- State Dept. spokesman Matthew Miller

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@w7voa Except Tucker…he can stay.

UlrikeHahn, to LLMs

I can't help but wonder whether the real implication of #ratgate is the realisation of how much the model of #OpenScience people have been working toward is threatened by the advent of #LLMs -
full #OpenAccess suddenly means not just access for people, but also training machines, and the more those can generate content (including online post-peer review comments!) and flood the ecosystem, the more gate keeping will be required

it feels to me like the implications are profound


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@UlrikeHahn @open_science
Prediction : A wave of -regurgitated is about to hit the literature, and the less-curated outlets (e.g., preprint servers, , , ) are the lowlands …

knutson_brain, to random
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Having encountered nary a , I am forced to conclude that the administrators of .social continue to be awesome stewards of the digital domain...

skykiss, (edited ) to random
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