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Remote Operations Specialist, World Synergy
Managing News Editor, Drum Corps Planet
2022 alumni rookout, Bluecoats 50th Anniversary Alumni Corps

Likes: #Beer #Tennis #DrumCorps #MarchingBand #WinterGuard #IndoorDrumline #IndoorWinds #MarchingArts #Baseball #Books #Beer

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glennf, (edited ) to random
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So is DeSantis going to pass an emergency regulation to let felons who haven’t served their time yet vote in Florida?

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@glennf I JUST asked my wife that!

kevingamin, to random
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Is there a Linux equivalent to @FediTips? If not, now is a great time to make one!

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@petrescatraian @FediTips @linux4noobs Just followed the Fediverse group. That's a great find! Thanks!

kevingamin, to random
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Please make sure you are registered to vote, especially in states where voter role purging is taking place.

US Voter Registration Deadlines for All 50 States https://www.newsweek.com/us-voter-registration-deadline-all-50-states-1904415

protonprivacy, to android
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The new #ProtonMail #Android app is now available for everyone!

💬 Easily follow email threads with the new conversation mode
🛠️ Enjoy major stability and performance improvements

Download the app here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ch.protonmail.android

This provides a solid foundation for delivering new features faster in the future.


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@protonprivacy There is still no option to archive an email when viewing the email. I can do that on the iOS app and on the web, but not on the Android app.

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@AutisticallyDriven @protonprivacy Fortunately, Android lets me create a shortcut to the ProtonMail site, and I can use it like an app, but not everybody knows how or wants to do that, so I’d love to see this functionality return to the Android app.

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@protonprivacy These are both true, but my workflow is to archive, so having that one tap option down in the bottom would be nice, especially since I have it elsewhere and since it was in the older version of the Android app. Consider this a feature (return) request.

emarktaylor, to Tennis
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🎾 @tennis

Watching Babs - and the Play-by-Play commentator on our broadcast is completely munting the pronunciation of her surname - which is odd because on the WTA website there's a little button and when you push it Babs says her own name ...


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@emarktaylor @tennis I've heard commentators play those pronunciation clips on air when they're not 100% sure of a player's name pronunciation.

talia_christine, to random
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I have a theory that the men who reply to posts with some version of "not all men" do so because they see some of themselves in whatever statement was made and they don't like it.

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@talia_christine Those who post “not all men” don’t understand that, with men, it only takes one.

rooster, to random
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    purplepadma, to random
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    So anxious about the social worker coming, WHY? She is a very nice woman. She has been twice before. She’s not going to say or do anything distressing (as far as I am aware!). She’s coming at my request. But the brain weasels are churning

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    @purplepadma Brain worms. Brain weasels. This is sounding more and more like a nature documentary for David Attenborough to narrate. 😂

    rjblaskiewicz, to random
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    Put in an offer on a condo today.
    Fingers crossed. Eyes crossed. Legs crossed. Kris Krossed.

    A gif of the child rappers Kris Kross jumping.

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    @rjblaskiewicz This condo makes you JUMP JUMP

    18+ lynnlasabre, to baseball
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    What a great place to be on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. #baseball

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    @lynnlasabre Which game is that? I’m incredibly jealous. #Baseball

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    @lynnlasabre Scanton? I’ve heard of them.

    @kevingamin@twit.social avatar

    @lynnlasabre Yeah, now I remember. I hope you enjoyed the game!

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    @lynnlasabre Speaking of the IronPigs!

    carnage4life, to random
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    Whenever people complain about their favorite intellectual property from their childhood becoming “woke” it’s usually because it simply went over their heads as kids.

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    @LauraJG @carnage4life Not just a Black woman, a Black woman OFFICER.

    Rasta, to music

    Ever since I was a young boy
    I've played the silver ball ♪
    From Soho down to Brighton
    I must have played 'em all ♪

    ♫ Pinball Wizard ♫
    The Who

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    @Rasta But I ain’t seen anything like him in any amusement hall…


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    @Rasta These groups spend an entire month of learning their show before they even perform in public, and that’s after months of auditions.

    BonnettsBooks, to maps
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    2/23/24 — Open 6-9p. Mask recommended. No open drinks, please.

    It's the weekend! Who's going on a trip?
    Be sure to update your maps.

    Be absolutely sure your maps are dated before traveling back in time. If you're going to the future, just go with the flow, like the rest of us. Once the A.I.s figure it out, they'll badly autocorrect your route or dump you in their virtual hallucinations.

    #BonnettsBooks #DaytonOhio #BrickAndMortar #UsedBookStore #Maps #TimeTravel #WritingPrompt

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    @BonnettsBooks @bookstodon If I go to Dayton for WGI Championships this year, I am DEFINITELY finding my way to your shop.

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    @BonnettsBooks @bookstodon I checked and the convention center is one of the venues for color guard championships weekend. I don’t know if that’s the weekend I’ll be going to, but I’ll find my way to your shop regardless.

    leo, to random
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    @leo Be sure to read this post while listening to Pink Floyd!

    Mrfunkedude, to random
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    Girlfriend just walked in cat shit and didn't notice it until she tracked it all over the kitchen floor.

    How are you celebrating YOUR Valentine day?

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    @Mrfunkedude This happens in our house more than average.

    @kevingamin@twit.social avatar

    @LittleTownJane @Mrfunkedude The real fun is waking up to the cat puking on the comforter you're sleeping under and just washed.

    Ashley, to NFL

    Omg they’re going to saw Goodell in half

    #NFL @nfl

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    @Ashley @nfl I might actually watch that.

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