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karobeccary, (edited )

Awesome, fuck this excellent example of the republican endgame.

January 6th was an attempt at insurrection (republican traitors who have no respect for the county), and I’m glad that Colorado is holding the republican party and the people who support the traitors who comprise the republican party accountable for their hatred of america.

Why won’t any republican take responsibility for this unacceptable abuse of power? Why wont they take personal responsibility?

Edit: clarification

[Saved to Archive.org in case of mod deletion]


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karobeccary, (edited )

I’m glad you got in touch, I wanted to ask you about something from your moderation log.


Why were you sharing links to repositories of simulated images of child sexual abuse?

The “loli” you are referring to is a shortening of the word lolicon to which I’ve linked definition. Long story short, it’s a sexual attraction to underage girls.

How did you know where to find this stuff off the top of your head, and why did you want to share it with other like minded people?

Thanks for the heads up re archive.org, I’ll certainly make sure this conversation is saved :D

edit: there we go: web.archive.org/web/20231221052301/…/6155048

and an imgur link too, just in case: i.imgur.com/RepoYdT.png


Yes words can be difficult, best to keep it to childish comments about pet unicorns, that’s about your level <3


That’s nice honey :D


Just quickly popping in to point out that this is not an innocent question. The OP of this post has been banned and warned repeatedly over several instances for extreme transphobic behaviour, and is now in charge of the conservative community on lemm.ee.

Here is the moderation log on them: a.lemmy.world/lemmy.world/modlog/view?target=1733…

As you can see, this post comes 5 hours before an extremely transphobic post they themselves submitted, was removed by the admins. I complained well prior to that action, on their forums, complete with receipts, and had my comments deleted and was given a one day ban for “harassing the mods”. By posting their history of being banned for the kind of post they had just made.

They were well aware of their actions. They were checking to see if they could get away with it, and were dearly hoping the admins were sleeping.


Three bullshit posts, and the one from wrestlingnews.co stays up. Christ on a crutch. This is embarrassing.

Pornhub pushes gay, transgender videos to ‘convert’ straight men, secret recordings suggest (www.washingtonexaminer.com)

I don’t think this will be an issue with the regulars, but because I’m paranoid about some random users coming in, it’s okay to be gay or transgender or whatever you identify as. Saying otherwise is bigotry, rule 1.


lmao this is fucking insane XD



What does this mean? You are clearly implying that the part you said before mentioning rule 1 was only said because otherwise you would be breaking rule 1.

This article might be silly bullshit, but you are clearly signalling that you are only saying “it’s okay to be gay or transgender or whatever you identify as” because you cannot say what you would like to say as a result of rule 1 (No bigotry) but that the “regulars” will know whats going on. ie, you are saying you’d like to disseminate misinformation implying that trans people are dangerous, but you can’t, so wink wink to the regulars.

What the fuck is this my man? I hope I’m not seeing what I think I am. I seriously thought better of you. Jesus fucking christ.

karobeccary, (edited )

This is pornhub trying to do their version of conversion therapy.

Prove it. Provide a source to prove you are addressing an actual problem, or stop trying to distinguish yourself from that person who “find[s] this post and think[s] he has a new home.”. Otherwise you are actively feeding that person and doing the bare minimum to distance yourself while creating the exact space that kind of person is looking for.

What kind of community are you trying to make?


Thanks for the blistering hot take my man

karobeccary, (edited )

^^^this is the top mod everyone

Don’t you think conversion therapy (which is clearly the intention here) is a bad thing?

It’s not conversion therapy, that’s not what conversion therapy means, that’s not what conversion therapy has EVER meant, you are a credulous idiot. It’s not conversion therapy, that is the stupidest thing anyone has ever said. Fuck me, what do you think conversion therapy is? Fucking PORNHUB? what the fuck are you talking about you fucking clitoris, jesus christ.

Point to the evidence that pornhub is “conversion therapy”.

Show us where it is creating gay or trans people or whatever boogeyman you are causing a panic about today.

You cannot, because no evidence exists.

This is a fiction you are creating in your mind.

You are a fucking mad person, and this is pathetic.

Do a better job, or select someone to do a better job for you.

Top Mod. Fucking Embarrassing.

karobeccary, (edited )

Top Mod of this sub, throwaway/blememeta, his personal moderation log across the fediverse:



Stop this shit right now. This is publicly available information, not personally identifying, not doxxing. Be a reasonable moderator or quit.

EDIT: see below for highlights.

Bottom line, moderate properly, its not like you can stand on your history.

EDIT: link: a.lemmy.world/lemmy.world/modlog/view?target=1733…



Recommending places to find lolicon. Maybe shut the fuck up about trans people, you fucking dipshit.


A fuckin CNN article about kid rock and bud light… fuck me, I honestly thought there was a chance this sub might have some kind of direction. This is just madlibs with vaguely political culture war bullshit in it.

This is garbage and OP is garbage for posting it.


or as the left would say, it’s genocide.

You really enjoy fighting make believe straw people don’t you?

karobeccary, (edited )

People didn’t worship criminals when I lived there.

they didn’t condone criminality.

This is a ridiculous make believe fan fiction and it shows you have no grasp of whats going on in America, and actively reject the idea of trying.

Thank you once again for helping to make the political views you espouse look like xenophobic ravings. You make my life easier.


Bonus points:

A good example is the trans man who was stealing

Why would it matter if they were trans, unless you are engaging in transphobia?

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