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Neurodivergent Manitoba Interlake settler (Zone 3, Treaty One), musician, grower of consumables, parent of felines and canines. He/Him/Goblin.
Pic is a middle aged bearded white dude in a Bill Monroe t-shirt, looking thoughtful.
Banner is #Hellbert
I do mainly two kinds of posts: my animals, and Jalapeno Takes on politics and whatnot.
If you're not into the opinionating, #BoDoodle and #GorgeyTheGolden will get you just my dogs. Mute my boosts, I do too many.

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jpaskaruk, to gardening
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Problem: Blossom end rot ruins your tommytoms
Solution: Calcium via bone meal mixed on in there.

Problem: smells bone and digs up your bin.
Solution: pictured.

Seedlings just went in, they're (supposedly) and pretty sad looking. I sprouted six and only two made it, they're tempermental. As I recall the soil in that region is volcanic, so I plan to look into what sort of amendments will make them most happy.

jpaskaruk, to random
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Today on city boy in the country


CStamp, to random
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Robert Pickton is dead. I don't think even his siblings, who I have a hard time believing didn't know what his was up to, will shed tears.


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@CStamp @msquebanh

I will bet a hundred dollars I can't afford, I'll put it in escrow against the day it becomes publicly available, that there are multiple cases of cops being told about him and doing nothing about it.

Since he's locked up/dead now, they would argue the problem is solved, and yes, the Pickton problem is solved. But what about cops like the ones who ignored Dahmer, for instance?

At victim numbers like this there is absolutely no way police were not tipped off multiple times.

glynmoody, to random
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likens himself to Mother Teresa as jury weighs fate in hush-money case - https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/article/2024/may/29/trump-hush-money-trial-merchan-jury-deliberation
I didn't know he was Albanian...

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Sadistic, not picky about who dictators she hung out with or accepted bribes from, elevated to literal sainthood by morons... actually pretty legit comparison IMSO

ergative, to SF
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Hey, friends, I wrote a review of Foundation (the book--the OG!) for Nerds of a Feather.

(Don't click through if you love this book. I didn't much care for it.)



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@peachfront @ergative @bookstodon

I have never seen anything of a Marxist metaphor in it. Has someone written an explainer of this interpretation?

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@peachfront @ergative @bookstodon

Born when Nixon got re-elected in a landslide, and even raised in red diapers, but that doesn't always guarantee I see what others see. :>

I also have tried three times to get through the whole series and never made it. I have finished many other SF epics, so clearly I just didn't get hooked into the story fully for whatever reason.

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@emeraldzak @bookstodon @peachfront @ergative

This right here is pretty much what I did take away lol

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@karabaic @peachfront @ergative @bookstodon

Determinism is so much fun to play with, even if there is really no way to determine whether determinism has any actual merits.

The recent series Devs is almost kind of a reboot/prequel almost - sort of, "what if psychohistory was developed as a routine on a really big and fast quantum computer?"

jpaskaruk, to animals
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18+ asbestos, to random
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That red stuff is not fucking licorice
It's just not, not any more than a baguette 🥖 is a brownie

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Well liquorice also is not licorice. Checkmate, telf!*

(*Twizzler Exclusionary Licorice Fan)

jpaskaruk, to random
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@lakelaur just sent me this video, we're gonna try it after I get some fresh ice. I'll let yez know.


jpaskaruk, to linux
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If you are attempting to try out a desktop for the first time because you've had enough of Microsoft's shit but are feeling a need to scream in order to express just how frustratingly weird and annoying this operating system is...

I'm here for you. I promise to do my best to both validate your emotions and guide you towards the knowledge you need to be free.

DeliaChristina, to random
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I'm not gonna jump in on that thread about 'all men' but I am gonna say this:

While it's true that not all men do X, it is absolutely more true that patriarchy socializes ALL MEN to accept or be blind to certain truths about their position, importance, and relevance in the world.

Almost everything all men think of as 'natural' about their status in the world is not, in fact, true.
It was crafted through oppression, suppression, and violence.

It is also true that it takes an enormous amount of deliberate de-conditioning to throw off patriarchal thinking and praxis.

Those for whom 'not all men' truly apply (which is a small enough number to be sad and pitiful) know this to be true.

And so do the rest of us.

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@DeliaChristina @tedel

Cause it's totally her job to change men.

Not our job to be introspective, examine our assumptions, especially when someone is saying something about the obliviousness of privilege that makes us feel uncomfortable.

Nah, more important by far, to insist on not being made uncomfortable, before we agree to discuss any of that.

Way to put her in her place, brah. You are a beacon of progressive thinking, and no lie.

A coach in a Hockey locker room (from Letterkenny) screaming ITS FUCKING EMBARRASSING

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@RustyBertrand @tedel

Cute animals. Look at them. Loooooook.

(or read the alt-text, I do my best)

celeduc, to random
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US politicians, the courts, the media, and even unions are lining up to knuckle under to another stolen election like 2000. But preparing for a general strike is a way to counteract this seeming near-certainty, to prepare for the worst, and most importantly to change the narrative of helplessness. https://www.hamiltonnolan.com/p/what-will-you-do-if-the-election (via @pluralistic)

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@celeduc @pluralistic

A single general strike would accomplish so much, right now.

Binder, to random
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    Friend of mine in high school was a Froot Loops maniac and had a box from Mexico, the box said Fruti Lupis

    virtualbri, to ai
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    Y'all see that these AI generated "movies", "videos" and "commercials" are straight up garbage, right?

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    There's a scene in the most recent True Detective season where they're in someone's room and there's a couple of posters that are supposed to be metal band posters, but are very obviously GPTshit

    They're jarringly obvious. It's embarrassing. Probably placed there at the insistence of whatever C-level was running it.

    jpaskaruk, to random
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    I know what your least favorite audiobook platform is, but what's your favorite way for [Canadians] to buy audiobooks from you?

    jpaskaruk, to random
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    Section 230 does not protect community on the internet, anymore than electric cars will save the environment.

    #Section230 protects the ability to monetize community through algorithms.

    jpaskaruk, to random
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    Ok so I'm off Starlink now and our fibre works well enough to host a small instance from our place, I'm pretty sure - enough for Laurie and I anyways.

    Default plan is to run Mastodon and see if I can tweak it to my liking, cause boy do I hear a lot of rumours and innuendoes about the various Fedi server projects. This one is run by nazis, that one is dead but still in use, I dunno.

    How does one keep on top of the state of Fedi servers? What should I use for a two-person instance?

    jpaskaruk, to random
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    Has anyone seeing this ever replaced the resin in a water softener?

    Uair, to bookstodon
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    Bookstores should group fantasy with horror instead of scifi. Both fantasy and horror are purely creations of the author's mind; scifi is tethered to factual information.

    If you need to group scifi, I'd put it with mysteries and thrillers.

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    @elysegrasso @deirdrebeth @alexlubertozzi @aprilfollies @_L1vY_ @Uair @bookstodon

    One need not fully understand relativity, though, to play with it as a plot device. I can't claim to understand it completely, but I do understand what it does if people travel at certain speeds.

    So far I have not seen the term "Hard SF" in this thread, and that's the type of SF that concerns itself with scientific accuracy, and that strain appeared after the genre was established, in the golden age.

    jpaskaruk, to random
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    I just adore how the techbro media has started using "activist investor" in the same way christian fascists used to complain about "activist judges" (though they don't seem to be so incensed about judges ruled by some bullshit ideologies).

    The important thing here is that "activist" be associated with "bad people who want to ruin things".

    Call them what they are, @mmasnick - capitalists.

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    Before you get too pissed, there's still the respect of calling you "media" in there. You're one of my daily reads.

    But if you really care that much about this random opinion, you seem to have a fairly rosey view of the modern internet and what it has become, imo, with too much assumption that this is the only way it could have gone or should have gone.

    Yes, 230 is fundamental to everything, and maybe that is not the self-evident win that you and Jack think it is. Look around.

    historyofpunkrock, to punk
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    The Dead Kennedys singles collection from 1979 to 1982.

    Hardly any band has produced more socially relevant songs than the Dead Kennedys

    What is your top single from the band?

    For me it’s definitely “Nazi Punks Fuck Off”

    @jpaskaruk@growers.social avatar


    When I stole my uncle's recorded tape, the first song that came on when I threw it in was Kill The Poor, and I come from a rather black-humoured clan, so that tends to be what bubbles to the top for me.

    That said, it was a combination of reading the titles "Too Drunk To Fuck" and "Nazi Punks Fuck Off" that made me steal the tape in the first place.

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