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The pie story kept getting removed because OP was posting it to irrelevant communities.

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If it was in Out of the Loop, there is only one mod there so that narrows it down pretty neatly.

You’d need to message the admins if you want to appeal.

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There isn’t a single degree of “autism”. Some people have it way worse than others.

One of my good friends has an autistic kid who is just one step away from having to wear a helmet to keep him from banging his head on walls. Pretty much non-verbal. Poor kid, I feel sorry for him and his own family.

My kid is a high functioning computer programmer making more money than I do creating those AI systems everyone is freaking out over. You’d likely never guess he had been diagnosed.

CPAC 2024: Once a Republican bastion, annual gathering brings fringe movement to the mainstream (

As more members of the fringe are accepted, it raises questions about the future of the Republican Party. For many, it highlights a break within the GOP, often highlighted as a rift between those aligned with party leadership and an anti-establishment movement.

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Attitude doesn’t matter unless:

a) We get rid of the electoral college and, man, are we CLOSE…


b) We get rid of first past the post elections and move to ranked choice voting.

That is what will cause change.

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Yeah, but Hillary was an idiot, insulting coal miners which lost her PA, “Son of Scranton” Biden won’t do that.

She also blew off Michigan and Wisconsin, which I doubt Biden will do either.

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Biden has been merely mild, pretty much what he promised the billionaires. “Nothing will fundamentally change.”

He did a good job after Trump shit the bed with Covid.

His big problem is pushing programs that 90% of the country will never see like the Infrastructure and Student Loan plans.

“Oooh, you’re going to forgive the loans of people who borrowed $12,000 or less and have been making payments for 10 years but are still in debt? Yeah, I’m sure both of those people will be very happy.”

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The problem with the criminal prosecution for rape is that he’s LONG past the statute of limitations on that.

The only reason E. Jean Carroll was able to go after him at all is because he won’t shut up about it. The defamation is current and actionable, the rape is from 30 years ago.

That ship sailed before Y2K.

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Cornell West is only on the ballot in 2 states and has no chance in either. Trump will take Alaska and Biden will take Oregon.

He’s not a candidate in any other state and burning resources to get on the ballot instead of campaigning means he’s just another 1 to 2% fringe candidate.

He won’t beat Trump or Biden because he literally can’t.

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Neither Biden nor Trump will be able to stop the genocide in Israel. Only Bibi can do that and Bibi doesn’t care what the US says.

If killing Gazans is your issue, you need to find a different one, because the US isn’t going to stop it.

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Removed for misinformation. Biden is not supporting genocide. Get that bullshit out of here.

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Removed for misinformation. Voting for Biden is not supporting genocide.

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No, it isn’t. Because Biden is not supporting genocide.

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Hey, bullshit lawsuits get filed all the time, then they get laughed out of court. This means nothing.

Put the blame on Bibi where it belongs. Nothing Biden says or does has any impact on what they are doing in the slightest.

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LOL keep telling yourself that ……

This is ALL on Bibi.

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Yes, and Bibi doubles down, will attack during Ramadan.…/israel-hamas-war-live-updates-rcna1…

He does not give two shits what anyone says. The only way the genocide ends is if Bibi is removed or everyone is dead, there is no 3rd option.

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Bibi doesn’t need any weapons or money from Biden, they have a stockpile from all the support we’ve given them for decades. They aren’t waiting on our weapons to show up to kill people.

It literally does not matter what we give them, the genocide will continue until Bibi is removed or everyone is dead.

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LOL - so you admit the genocide has been happening to date without US aid.

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