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jonreed, to random

All the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey. 🍁🍂 #AutumnStatement

jonreed, to ilikthebred

On ,
I really just wanted to say,
Down with the Tories,
Their lies and their stories,
Vote tactically and make them pay.

jonreed, to random

#WATO: Let’s see what John Redwood thinks.
Me: Again, no. click

jonreed, to random

Time to put my Oliver Cromwell bunting away, I suppose. #NotMyKing #AbolishTheMonarchy

jonreed, to random

I remember these coins well from my childhood. The ‘ring of hands’ 50p, introduced 50 years ago today, to commemorate our entry to the EEC. How far we’ve fallen since #Brexit - and how much we’ve lost. 🇪🇺😢 #BrexitReality

jonreed, to random

There once was a spaceman called Musk,
Who hollowed the bird to a husk,
We migrated and flew,
To find friends old and new,
And now we are fans of the tusk 🦣


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