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"That woman from Michigan."

I'm passionate about technology and birds. Please think about putting out a feeder to help our feathered friends thrive. Regularly clean and fill!

Profile Pic Alt Text: Retro pixel style of a woman's face wearing a black headband and black heart choker.

Banner Alt Text: Retro 16bit style of a house sparrow flying through downtown Kalamazoo Michigan.

#technology #birds #gaming #nintendo #horror #food #uspolitics #progressive

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Easter is about a bunny who poops out eggs, innit? I'm pretty sure that's why it exists.


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You know that cute little #indie game you purchased a while back? Well today instead of impulsively booting up valorant, league of legends, etc... maybe instead play said indie.

You might be surprised how much you like it, and it might remind you that single player offline games can be better experiences.

#gaming #indiegame #steam #steamdeck #nintendoswitch

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Personally, I’d rather celebrate a day about real living people than a fictitious magic zombie.

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@aral Today is also the transgender day of visibility. Let's just focus on something positive!

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Today is the International Transgender Day of Visibility. A few years ago, my ‘son’ told me that he was in fact she. I love her just the same, she is my child.

She makes me super proud to be her father. I had this done to commemorate it … roses growing from ‘his’ name on my wrist, in to a full bloom (in the correct trans colours) incorporating her new name. I wear this with fucking pride.

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@JamieR Imagine if all parents loved their children unconditionally like this. Bringing life into the world without consent and then shaming said life because it's not exactly how you envisioned is the epitome of selfishness. I am glad you're one of the few good parents out there :catjam:

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Borrowdale Watermill

#Fotografie #photography #silentSunday

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@pgaskell This is one of those photos that makes me want to never take another photo again. You've done it. It's perfection.

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Today in tech history:

The Melissa Virus This infamous computer virus spreads rapidly via email, causing widespread disruption and billions of dollars in damages. It highlights the growing importance of cybersecurity.

#nostalgia #retrotech #retrocomputing #90s #1990s #cybersecurity #virus

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liked the way this looked maybe you will too - have a great day :)

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@lardratboy I do, in fact, enjoy the way this looks!

coolowt, to Sony
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@coolowt there's something endlessly enchanting about this format for me. I never had a MD player but was forever jealous of the one kid that had one in my highschool.

jeze, to Pixelfed
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This is #Pixelix- a drop dead gorgeous #Pixelfed app for #Android by @daniebeler. It's currently only $1.99 USD and more than worth the price of admission for the incredible amount of polish.

If you're on Android and use the Pixelfed platform you owe it to yourself to check this out.

#fediverse #photography

jeze, to android
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I'd like to highlight this incredible app on #Android for #Pixelfed. It's only in beta at the moment but currently @PixelDroid is beautiful and works perfectly. #Pixeldroid even supports Material YOU!

Give it a try and download from over on f-droid: https://f-droid.org/packages/org.pixeldroid.app/

#foss #opensource #fediverse

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I'd like to introduce my #Pixelfed account! It's being hosted over at @jeze if you'd care to follow me over there. I'll be posting the photos I snap with my #Samsung #S24Ultra.

#socialmedia #photography

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@ada oh certainly.

A sleepy sparrow.

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@ada I followed you back. The more birds the better!

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I forgot to post my Indian food I enjoyed today here at Saffron in #kalamazoo. Absolutely delicious.

#indian #food #foodporn #foodphotography #foodie #michigan

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Every time I try corpo social media I remember just how sterile and boring their app ecosystems are. Part of why I love the Fediverse are the vast array of applications I can bounce around to and from. It keeps things so much more interesting even if our userbase is a fraction of the major players.

#fediverse #socialmedia #mastodon #android

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@CWSmith agreed. I spent an abnormal amount of time on the IGN and GameFAQs boards.

dansup, to Pixelfed
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ICYMI: Pixelfed beta is on the Google Play Store.

Join via link on our website!


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@dansup hey Dan! I emailed and DM'd you about an account issue I have on pixelfed.social if you could give me a hand :)

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@dansup I was hoping to reclaim my username taken by that dead account if possible?

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@dansup done! 🤎

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Today in tech history:

March 29th, 1995: Netscape Communications Corporation goes public. Netscape Navigator was a dominant web browser in the early days of the internet. Its IPO was a landmark event, fueling the dot-com boom of the late 1990s.

#tech #technology #netscape #firefox #mozilla #retrocomputing #90s #1990s

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@Shantis this comment made my day! Thank you! Netscape is my favorite browser of all time. So many fond memories.

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People who are surprised to learn Mastodon admin can technically snope on direct messages always need reminders that the same is true everywhere (that doesn't promise direct to recipient encryption). Here's an article about Facebook sharing private messages with Netflix (and Spotify mentioned as well). The access seems to have been from about August 2013 until Facebook turned on encryption in 2018.


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@elithebearded yep. If you don't want anyone snooping you use something like Matrix or Signal.

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If you're not from the US and want to travel here. Don't.

I thought as a (German and white) visitor I'm gonna be fine.

Border and customs protection took my phone, forced me to unlock it and stole god knows what data from it. The agent was powertripping and made sure to let me know that I am powerless and he can just send me home or do godknowswhat to me.

He directly said "if you're annoying I'm just sending you home".

Apparently my trans ass was part of a "random search". Lol.

I'm fine now and with Lexi luckily. I don't know what kind of malware is on my phone, or what they took from it. I've been crying all throughout my connecting flight.

This place is a dystopian shithole. Please don't go here.

​:boost_ok:​ ❤️

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@lea the USA is three third world countries in a trench coat.

rymecity, to random
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I am GOING to grow a mustache

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@rymecity seems like an old cookie. Try signing out and dumping your cache/site data for lethallava.land

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