Have garlic in my soul. Scrobbling is the hill I will die on. #Frontend dev and CSS whisperer. Newly discovered to be #neurodivergent. He/him.

Love to make #playlists to share all the great music I listen to on #lastfm #tfr #fedi22

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jbwharris, to random

If this is true it’s rather embarrassing that the biggest Canadian Mastodon instance decided for me that I shouldn’t be able to interact with Threads. https://mstdn.ca/@bunnyhero/112185360941965228

jbwharris, to random

Has anyone had any luck with Threads federation? I turned it on in Threads and tried looking for my account, but I don’t see it here on Mastodon. Is this a limitation, or has anyone had luck with it on other instances.

dansup, to random
@dansup@mastodon.social avatar

Imagine writing an open source twitter alternative

One that is federated and built on open protocols

Then having to deal with users who are upset you are working with an established walled garden social platform to support those very open protocols

Girl, you can't have it both ways

We can build better mod/safety tools


You can't moderate who gets to participate in an open protocol

Maybe let's focus on the important aspect, better mod/safety tools

fedi developer


@mohab @dansup I find I’m the inverse of this. I want Threads, and would be aggrieved by having to move instances because my instance decided for me that they wanted to block the platform. I chose my instance based on geography, and there’s only so many Canadian instances.

jake4480, to random
@jake4480@c.im avatar

I've been a big fan of Stone Temple Pilots since the early 90s -- I was 12 when their first record came out. And I loved how psychedelic they got with the next albums.

I saw them BRIEFLY years later at a free secret show on Miami Beach - my friend and I raced there last minute & caught maybe 4 songs. Still one of the greatest shows I've ever seen. BEYOND tight. Effortless.

These are my 24 favorite STP songs. They'd make a killer double album. 12 songs per disc.



@jake4480 STP has long held a spot in my heart. I feel Scott often get disrespected when it comes to retrospective memorializing, seems Cobain, Cornell, Staley and Bennington always seem to get acknowledged, but because Scott was known as an addict, he kinda gets swept under the rug, despite his legacy standing shoulder to shoulder with any of those mentioned.

I like your picks, though I did enjoy their ballad-y stuff too. Atlanta and Sour Girl make my list.

b0rk, (edited ) to random
@b0rk@jvns.ca avatar

let's imagine you're resolving this merge conflict (in screenshot).

You've forgotten which code comes from your current branch and which one comes from the "other" branch. How do you figure it out? Do you:

  1. remember what the "top" and "bottom" parts correspond to from past merge conflicts?
  2. remember what HEAD means?
  3. read the last line of the merge conflict?
  4. run something like git show main or git diff mybranch..main to see the diff?
  5. enable diff3
  6. something else?

@b0rk this is one of the many reasons I use a GUI like Fork for Git.

jonhicks, to random
@jonhicks@mastodon.social avatar

Was wondering if anyone had invented an analog audio scrobbler - e.g something that listens when you play vinyl, recognises it with Shazam, and adds it to your last.fm account.

Turns out, someone has! https://shazamscrobbler.com. Looking forward to trying this out.


@jonhicks There’s something waaaay better than that out there. AirScrobble for iOS is absolutely fantastic for this task. It’ll auto-identify tracks, all while the screen is off and is accessible through the Dynamic Island on newer iPhones. And it can scrobble music while listening on headphones.


There’s also Finale for lastfm as well that fits the bill. Can auto-scrobble stuff it hears and scrobble whole albums with one click.


snarfed.org, to random

Fediverse! I’ve been building a bridge to Bluesky, and they’re turning on federation soon, which means my bridge will be available soon too. You’ll be able to follow people on Bluesky from here in the fediverse, and vice versa.

Bluesky is a broad network with lots of worthwhile people and conversations! I hope you’ll give it a chance. Only fully public content is bridged, not followers-only or otherwise private posts or profiles. Still, if you want to opt out, I understand. Feel free to DM me at @snarfed (different account than this one), email me, file a GitHub issue, or put #nobridge in your profile bio.

A number of us have thought about this for a while now, we’re committed to making it work well for everyone, and we’re very open to feedback. Thanks for listening. Feel free to share broadly.


@maegul @shlee @snarfed.org@snarfed.org @activitypubblueskybridge @fedidevs @fediversenews Agreed. I just want to actually interact with people I actually know on other platforms from the comfort of Mastodon. I miss people I actually know in real life.

nixCraft, to random
@nixCraft@mastodon.social avatar

Illegal developer life pro tip: Make sure you write your code with tons of regex without any comments, and now the employer can't fire you. They are now stuck with you. muahahaha


@nixCraft Truth be told, the only surefire thing I’ve found ChatGPT useful for is writing regex 😂

SNerd, to NFL
@SNerd@lor.sh avatar

That settles it. The Cowboys are a fraud.


@SNerd @nfl pretty sure the Niners made that obvious a few months ago

ottaross, to random
@ottaross@mastodon.social avatar

So if I've downloaded a 13GB full-install package, why does the install process need two hours of flat-out full network bandwidth to do the install? What was the point of the 13gig download.


@ottaross are they supported versions? Are you using OpenCore Legacy Patcher?

jbwharris, to random
gedeonm, to random
@gedeonm@mastodon.social avatar

John Oliver‘s piece this week on Elon Musk wasn’t nearly as cathartic as I thought it would be. Dissapointing.


@gedeonm It was mostly because he was pretty fair. He acknowledged his accomplishments. I think the thing he didn’t delve into too much was many of the stories of how often he’s a detriment within companies and requires active management of his craziness while the adults take care of the actual business.


@gedeonm It was kind of sad that he got the kid glove treatment, and even mentioned worried about retribution against the press. It seemed like he truly didn’t want to burn him down like many of us would have liked to see.

jbwharris, to random

I want to connect with some Threads accounts on here. Is that possible on ? I hope I don’t have to switch instances to achieve that.


@dharrison @mosseri I guess that’s the question, is it select accounts now? I’ve tried finding any other accounts without luck.

jynersolives, to ama
@jynersolives@mastodon.social avatar

Not sure if this works well on Mastodon but on and let's see how this goes (also, feel free to copy!).


@jynersolives What was your take on the whole Darth Jar Jar concept?


@jynersolives I found I was fascinated by the concept of it. I think George Lucas spent a lot of mental energy trying to manufacture a twist on par with the Luke/Vader reveal, and Jar Jar was it. He just overplayed his hand. He thought Jar Jar was going to be beloved as the first CGI character, but the audience hated him. I envisioned a Kaiser Sozé moment type reveal that never came.

thomasfuchs, to retrocomputing
@thomasfuchs@hachyderm.io avatar

I have the world’s largest collection* of in-box Macintosh DOS Compatibilty cards

*that I know of


@thomasfuchs I have never heard of such a thing before, that’s amazing

janerationx, to NFL

shooting themselves in the foot now.



@janerationx @nfl that penalty was so borderline, when he was still not down. They should have gotten a penalty for Philly, just BS

jbwharris, to appleshortcuts

Was messing around with #AppleShortcuts again tonight and think I really got my head around pulling data from JSON. I’m sure lots of other people were doing the same on a Saturday night 😂


@czottmann I struggled mightily with accessing data that was nested deeply in other Shortcuts and couldn’t seem to find any examples of someone doing it well. Just seems very poorly documented.


@czottmann This was the bit of information I was missing. I’d swear I tried this previously without luck. But this is the first time I’ve seen that spelled out implicitly. Most examples I came across weren’t trying to pull 3-4 levels deep. And this also made me realize if something is shared to RoutineHub doesn’t mean it’s actually well constructed 😂


@czottmann damn, right in front of my face apparently 🤦‍♂️

jbwharris, to random

Things you find on Facebook 😂


The fact that Threepio's eyes aren't lit up somehow makes it worse 😂


@czottmann There's either the implication he's got his eye closed and is enjoying it. Or he's turned himself off and is just letting it happen 😬

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