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MLE_online, to random
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The slime has disappeared from my homemade natto. I didn't even know that could happen.


@MLE_online this is the worst news ive heard all day

nash, to random
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respecting my cats' personal space by not picking them up when they don't want to sit in my lap, but also saying stuff like, "wowww, rude" when they reject me


@nash does that count as catcalling

akareilly, to random
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If you're at #FOSDEM it's likely you've been in a poorly-ventilated, crowded room with someone carrying the flu, RSV, or COVID.

It's not too late to wear a mask to protect yourself.

Please consider wearing a mask on your trip home. Don't attend mass infection events and get into a train with cancer patients, babies, people with asthma, etc.


@tahnok @whitequark @akareilly as far as I know, not as well as a paper n95 mask, since the output is not filtered. probably better than nothing though, and i would guess that it at least reduces the spray range.

maybe you could wear both? not sure if it would hurt the seal though


@freemin7 sure, i didnt mean to imply a value judgement on someone who chooses a respirator and no paper mask, but this person asked a question where the premise is that they are positive and infectious, and (hopefully) want to prevent the spread of the illness, in which case i would tentatively guess that just a paper mask is better for achieving their goals than just a respirator.

I'm very much not suggesting that this is what everyone should do in every situation.

eva, to gamedev
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gifs from my abandoned project lizzi, which there were many iterations of. #gamedev

snippet of an isometric tactics game
gameplay from an isometric multiplayer action game


@eva wow, those environments are lovely, are they fully 3d?

amorphophalex, to random
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I'm trying to remember the last time tech companies became so frenzied into shoving an unpopular thing at people.

On the flipside, maybe there's an opportunity for some smaller platforms to swoop in and deliver nice things?


@amorphophalex 2024 will be the year of the Linux desktop because they <checks notes> didnt change their keyboard


@amorphophalex oh sorry, I assume everyone on Mastodon uses Linux.

The last decade has been pretty great for Linux, imo. There are definitely still some pain points, but at this point, I'm too used to the Linux mindset that I don't think I'd be able to go back to using Windows daily if I had to.

Also, surveillance and unnecessary bloat are the two cardinal sins of Linux, so I'm pretty confident that Linux will be better than Windows on that front for the forseeable future.

d__adee, to gamedev
@d__adee@mastodon.social avatar

Earlier this month, I started working on a new game to refocus on a few things.

It's a chill sandbox gardening game releasing sometime in January or February next year!

#screenshotsaturday #gamedev #gamemaker #pixelart #indiegame



@d__adee the korean looks good to me. the two "을" are a bit cramped, but there isnt reaply a better way to do it at that size, and its pretty easy to understand with context.

what are these fonts called?

TodePond, to random
@TodePond@mas.to avatar

that is a really big tree


@TodePond i thought about alternatives, like maybe multiple trees or longer branches, but within seconds of having the thought, I realized that the one very very tall tree is actually the best option by far

drewdevault, to random
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Kind of want to set up a live streamed race where I compile the Hare toolchain plus literallly all Hare code that exists, including test suites, and race against bootstrapping rust once, on a raspberry pi


@drewdevault is Hare intended to compete against Rust at all? it seemed to me more like its intended to be a C alternative in the same way rust is intended to be a C++ alternative.

gabek, to random

I respond to VCs about Owncast pretty often, and I’ve never been super transparent about it. So here’s a response I just sent.


@gabek wow, an extremely patient and empathetic response to people who definitely don't deserve it. props!

doomy, to bevy
@doomy@mastodon.social avatar

alright we have submitted for the #bevy game jam https://1-doomy.itch.io/bevy-blast-ultra


@doomy congrats on the game jam entry!

I never realized how useful it was to have a level editor until I tried Godot, but I came crawling back to Bevy because GDScript is really painful compared to Rust, and Godot Rust plugin workflow didn't seem to be worth bothering with. I'm looking forward to the Bevy UI if/when they get it to a usable state.

jacqueline, to random
@jacqueline@chaos.social avatar

does rockbox still have a ‘real’ name requirement for contributors?


@jacqueline damn, why do people still do this?

tshirtman, to rust French
@tshirtman@mas.to avatar

So i was happy enough with #rust for #AdventOfCode up to now, even as a beginner, but damn, not only i didn't really expect to be able to build code that stackoverflows, (did i misunderstood what rust promised me?), but debugging that is, as far as i can tell, a very bad experience, i got lucky once fixing my first mistake, but the current one is not obvious, so i'm installing lldb as i read it's one way to go about it, but not very on par with the rest of the (very good) experience so far.


@pervognsen @tshirtman To add on to this, safe Rust also allows for memory leaks, which are a type of memory issue, but not a type of memory safety issue.

GameFromScratch, to godot
@GameFromScratch@mastodon.gamedev.place avatar

The #GodotEngine powered company W4 Games just received a huge $15,000,000 investment.

W4 Games aims to provide console porting and cloud services to the Godot engine, while support ongoing Godot development.

#gamedev #indiedev


@GameFromScratch yikes, github, opensea, and a bunch of venture capital firms? im not super optimistic about how this is gonna turn out; "investment" sounds like they want that money back eventually, and its gotta come from somewhere (probably game developers), but at least its W4 and not whatever entity owns the Godot trademarks

jaxter184, to random

My #DecemberAdventure is off to a good start. Mostly just organized the repository I plan to do stuff in, but it feels so clean now! Ready to fill it up with all sorts of fun stuff.



Still doing prep work! Added a filedump debug output for ↹lature so that I can actually know that my plugins are working when I test them.




> I'm really liking this whole December Adventure thing. The flexibility of being able to explore things at my own pace gives me space to breathe and give this stuff the time it deserves instead of churning out solution after solution.




Made an OSC extension for the CLAP plugin format. That is, I copied a bunch of code and now plugins can communicate to ↹lature via OSC.




It's pretty tough to write these in a way that's approachable to people who know nothing about the software I'm working on, but here's today's log. Hopefully I'll have one with a demo soon, or at least some asciinema recordings or a screenshot.




#DecemberAdventure is hard! It feels good to do stuff, and I like seeing my incremental progress, but I'm starting to realize that it takes deliberate effort to set up an actual "adventure", and not just a Agile sprint (at least it does for me)



Every day we stray further from demoing new features




Just kinda dawdled today, mostly checking out Zellij, but I think it helped with my overall #DecemberAdventure goal?



Demo time! The demo's purpose is to show the exact nature of how something is broken, but we count those as victories during #DecemberAdventure



The broken stuff is now fixed! Now I can hunker down and get my bot working again, and after that, I'll be working on the event processing plugin that I was working on in the beginning. I should map out my #DecemberAdventure progress at the end, because it seems like I'm finishing things in the reverse order that I'm starting them in.


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