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Wizened (and withering) game developer, Monster Hunter and Genshin Impact enjoyer, occasional music maker, and unapologetic leftist.

Games matter. But people matter more. ♥

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How does the Subscribed feed actually work?

I’ve been using the Subscribed feed as my default view for a while. I understand that this is exclusively content from communities I’ve subscribed to, but it also seems to be be some subset of that content. If I go into an individual subscribed community, I almost always see a bunch of posts that I don’t see on the...

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Yeah, this is me. Coming up on two decades in game dev, and I’ve always cared way more about building things that are genuinely robust and also make sense to humans, but everyone just wants “fast and cheap”, thinks documentation is a waste of time (“you can just talk to people”), doesn’t understand “tech debt” as a concept at all, and refuses to prioritize tools work because “it’s not player-facing”.

All software is rushed software.

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Do not, under any circumstances, attach your sense of self-worth to your games.

Never make game development your identity. Let it be a thing you do, not a thing you are.

Build a community outside of game development as soon as possible, even if you’re an introvert. You won’t understand why this is so important until the day you need it and don’t have it.

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This is the first I’ve ever heard of Fossil, and it honestly seems really interesting! Having the executable be both the local CLI for working on the repo and the server for providing the whole GitHub-esque suite of services in a trivially self-hostable fashion is kind of galaxy brain.

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I’ve been out of the loop for the last ~5 weeks. What’s PV?

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omg the absolute v i b e s on that thing 🤩

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Could kill off desktop PCs

Linux has entered the chat.

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Yeah, I see this one happen occasionally, and it makes me marginally less grouchy.

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I'd like to be able to easily keep in touch with friends and family members. Because many of them are less technical, they haven't adopted federated technologies like Mastodon; they either tried it and bounced off, or are so confused/intimidated by the new thing that they refuse to try it at all.

As a result, I either have to make a Facebook account to connect with them, or else be okay with only talking to them in person, SMS, or phone calls. This is not so different from a future world in which Meta is federated, and everyone else blocks them: in that world, I'd still have to make an account on the Meta instance, or else only talk to those folks offline.

So our choices then are either to a) federate and risk the rest of the network, b) defederate but make secondary accounts on their instance to talk to those less tech savvy folks in our lives, or c) cut ourselves off both technically and socially (at least as far as the internet is concerned)... and none of those feel like great choices.

I feel like the only real answer is that we need to get higher quality, more accessible, better polished Fediverse tools into the hands of those people who today only understand Facebook, and that's a really high bar. How do we make it easier for our less techy parents, friends, etc. to join smaller, more privacy-focused instances, or even have their own instances, without having to think about, frankly, much of anything at all? Because that's the proposition of Facebook for them right now: it's easy, it just works, it has all the features they need, and they don't have to think about it or put any work into it at all.

For instance: Mastodon is a good start, but so many people trip over the "pick a server" bit. One suggestion I've seen is to be able to send server invites, so I could click a button on my instance and send an email to my mom with a link inside that takes her straight to account setup on my instance and all she has to do is pick a username and password and install the app. That could still be even simpler (e.g. could there be an app install link that somehow pre-configures the app with a target instance, and sign up takes place within the appln first launch?) but at least it gets past one of the big apparent stumbling blocks of federation right up front.

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I was frustrated by certain aspects of how my team was run, so when that position became available, I applied for and moved into it, thinking I could make some changes that would make the team function better.

I did make some of those changes and they have helped, but I've also found it really challenging to carry responsibility for delivering things that I can't work on directly. I used to solve problems by writing code; it's much different to solve problems by coaching people.

I do have stronger relationships with my colleagues now, since I spend more time communicating with them vs. being head-down in code all the time, and that's kind of nice, but I'm definitely missing the hands-on work

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