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tentatively back from hiatus (sorta):

Tylko trochę Polsce.
קצת עברית.

Largely limited to: #Jewdiverse #Mazeldon #Politics #USPolitics #BlackLivesMatter #Disabilities #WheelOfTime #WoT #Pluralism #SFF #Michigan

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tomkindlon, to mecfs
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ash, to Israel
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@ash @russia @mazeldon

Alt Text: A black and white photo of a small protest outside with a few people. There are prominently two signs.

The first sign reads "Aleksej Navalnyj".

The second sign reads "Russia is a terrorist state".

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imstilljeremy, to random
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Today, I found out that we () are part of an ADL conspiracy to fake antisemitism to protect Israel, and that this is proof antizionism is not antisemitism.

Mastodon is a great place for learning!

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In fairness, they explained the conspiracy might be run be Stand With Us instead of the ADL. It's hard to keep straight which Ki-- Zionist organization is which, since they're all the same.

imstilljeremy, to random
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Every time I read the things a Good Jew has to say, I thank Hashem I am lucky enough to be a Bad Jew.

#GoodJew #BadJew #bigotry #antisemitism #racism

literalgrill, to Palestine
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Can I ask an honest question this morning to the "lesser of two evils" crowd?

Where is your line in the sand if genocide isn't it? At what point would you actually refuse to vote for either main party? If we literally had Trump vs. DeSantis on the ballot, where is your vote going?

This is the reality of Trump vs. Biden right now for many people. If you won't stand with people who refuse to allow for genocide to take place now, why do you expect people to have solidarity with you?

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Remember, solidarity is a two way street. You have to give it to receive it.

That's the literal opposite of solidarity. What you described is a transactional relationship in which somebody gets support purely for having given it.

Solidarity extends even to those who haven't "earned" it or otherwise benefited those who would be extending support.

dukepaaron, to random
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"Rosenfeld wants people to tap into “mashiach energy”

Moshiach energy has become a defining theme for Rosenfeld. Although “mashiach” means messiah in Hebrew, the concept holds a non-religious significance for the comedian.

For Rosenfeld, “mashiach energy” represents a belief that one’s actions should be driven by kindness, empathy and love. To tap into this mashiach energy, they must engage in mitzvot (good deeds) and strive to be a positive influence on those around them."


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That sounds suspiciously like my religious meaning... 🤣🤣🤣

BigAngBlack, (edited ) to blackfriday
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Drop some facts!

Feb 2, 2024

Inventor Edmond Berger patented the spark plug.

District of Columbia abolishes slavery

Alfred L Cralle invented Ice Cream scooper| patent ,395

1915 Ernest Just wins 1st Spingarn Medal

Anne Raven Wilkinson 1st African American to receive full time contract with major ballet company

@blackmastodon @BlackMastodon

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@Snowshadow @BigAngBlack @blackmastodon @BlackMastodon

AltText: A faded black-and-white photo of William Hall, captioned "William Hall, VC" with the THG logo.

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dave0, to random
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New Horror Story: “Can the Master’s Tools Dismantle the Master’s House?” https://www.davideriknelson.com/sbsb/index.php/2024/01/new-horror-story-can-the-masters-tools-dismantle-the-masters-house/

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Hey @mazeldon @bookstodon @annarbor check out this book by Ann Arbor resident David Nelson, a horror story that explores racism, COVID, and the personal nature of horror.

#jewdiverse #jewniverse #mazeldon #bookstodon #AnnArbor #Michigan #books #BookRecs #BookRec #story #horror

raf, to random
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Even if you are committed to an Anti-Zionist position and ok sorting people into Good Jew and Bad Jew categoies, I would strongly encourage not using NK as an example of the kind of Jewish people you support


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@dukepaaron @TonyStark @raf

My hot take is that people who post about how much they like NK are doing that because they actually like NK.

Like with all friends, there are things they disagree with them on, but they say they agree with them on a moral dimension because they do.

If it was ignorance, the romance would have been short-lived since those people are very adept at finding reasons to hate Jews and didn't find one for NK.

But I'm cynical.

dukepaaron, to Israel
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“It’s unbelievable that this needs to be said: calls for are monstrous and antithetical to everything we represent as a country. Any statements that advocate for the systematic murder of are dangerous and revolting — and we should all stand firmly against them, on the side of human dignity and the most basic values that unite us as ,” spokesperson Andrew Bates said in a statement Wednesday."


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The UPenn president released a video 100% owning up to having fucked up, walking the statement back, committing to the obvious fact it constitutes a threat and intimidation, and changing whatever policies need to be changed to address this.

It was a genuinely good statement.

theautisticcoach, to mazeldon

My teacher of blessed memory, Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi taught, "every Shabbat is a bit of the future condensed and brought into the present. It is not for living in the past. It calls for seeing differently. One dreams of the future in terms of the trends of today, though some of these have not yet come to discernment. On Shabbat we envision as yet unrealized futures"

I wish all of my #ActuallyAutistic comrades a Shabbat and weekend of possibility, of growth, and a taste of a better future for us and for all of humanity.

@actuallyautistic @mazeldon

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hollie, to mecfs
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So much more energy than normal today, made the lovely dinner and puttered so productively and loved it, and tomorrow we'll see whether I overdid it. I hate that I never know for sure whether the dids were overdone until the next day.

When healthy people irritatingly implore me to pace myself I want to scream that the ability to have energy levels so consistent you can ACCURATELY FORECAST THEM, is EXACTLY THE POINT.

She sighs heavily.


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@hollie @chronicillness

I'm glad you had a good day.

You deserved it!

imstilljeremy, to Israel
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I think most non-Jewish people aren't speaking out because they have no idea the sheer volume, and increasing casualties, of antisemitic attacks around the world.

They are vaguely aware of it, that it is bad, and would admit dangerous. They are also vaguely aware, I would wager, that this is common during conflagrations in I/P, that Jews are especially vulnerable these days.

I believe that those people are trying to, and think they are being, understanding and sensitive to this. As a result of having the correct, sensitive conclusion drawn, have taken a studious lack of interest in the events themselves.

After all, they already:

  • Acknowledged the danger to Jews.
  • Recognized that it is unacceptable.
  • Agreed apologia for this is reprehensible.

What further purpose is there to subjecting themselves to this? What more is there to learn?

The emergent property is even good allies have no idea how bad things have gotten.

dukepaaron, to random
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Narrator: Screaming about Israel or Palestine during the recounting of antisemitic death and rape threats on American college campuses is, in fact, antisemitic.

"As Amanda Silberstein testified to the U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday about how a student at her university had threatened to kill and rape Jewish students, she was interrupted.

“Free Palestine,” a protester shouted from the audience during Silberstein’s testimony at a hearing on free speech and antisemitism on college campuses. “Anti-Zionism is not antisemitism.”


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@timneurodiv @dukepaaron

Not Democrats and Republicans, but the left and right. Most on the left side of this hate Democrats for refusing to tolerate these conspiracy theories. Regarding the left and right, though...

Both spread conspiracy theories about the Zionist-Occupied Government.

Both hold rallies calling Jewish migration to be genocide.

Both have killed people at their rallies.

Both prefer to make peace with those in their "camp" who support violent, genocidal paramilitary groups in the name of solidarity, and expect Jews to just look the other way.

Unlike in many other countries, the United States has a party vigorously in favor of pluralism. For now.

imstilljeremy, to random
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My only contribution to the #RepublicanDebates is that nobody will be asked the most important question: do they endorse the Republican Party platform from 2020 and how would they adjust it as the nominee?

Hint: look up the GOP 2020 Platform.

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It is, genuinely, a complete failure of reporters that nobody is willing to mention the 2020 GOP platform because it is so transparently, outrageously unacceptable.

The more obviously insane something is, the less willing they are to bring it up, no matter how relevant.

#USPol #GOP #Republicans #RepublicanDebates

imstilljeremy, to Israel
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Not to make too big a point of it, but we had Heather Hayer 2.0 and nobody cares because:

  1. He was killed at a rally against "Zionists" but #FromTheLeft; and
  2. The person killed was Jewish

Both were on videotape.
Both had the "protestors" shouting thar Jews won't replace them.
Both were part of a nationwide series of funded protests.
Both were participating in the counterprotests to the above.
Both were killed during ambient violence that had been happening for a while at others and finally escalated into one being killed.

But his death won't be emblematic of anything because nobody cares enough for us.

#Israel #Zionist #ProPalestineRallies #Jews #violence #bigotry #USPol #USPolitics

elfkin, to random
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The fact that Democrats, even in red states, succeeded last night while Biden’s numbers keep declining seems to me a clear indicator that he’s not the right person for 2024.

There, I said it.

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I'm sorry, are you suggesting Democrats should run somebody like Beshear?

Because most people pushing this are insisting Biden is not far enough left, but in this case you are pointing to the success of Democrats who are more moderate than him.

rameshgupta, to Israel
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Shifting focus to geographically disconnected where are fighting in a separate from conflict, with no or presence.

This area is territory that seized from in 1967 & has militarily occupied since.

By , this area is now split between Palestinian under authority & Israeli under Israeli law.

met leader (continued)…

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@rameshgupta @shepgo @baruch @SteveThompson @baruch

Tlaib is not concerned about the electoral consequences of condemning Hamas. She is representing what she actually believes. This, if anything, provides the best possibility (still very low) of her being successfully primaried (the only way she would be kicked out)

halcionandon, to mecfs
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Does anyone have experience with Buprenorphine?

I’m told it’s a painkiller used to wean off opiates but not for longterm use because it’s addictive in itself & has side effects.
(Must stop fentanyl. Govt policy.)

Never tried it before hoping I could use it with low dose naltrexone if I wasn’t getting enough pain control. The pain specialist wasn’t sure.

#LDN is one of the few things I haven’t tried & works wonders for some people.

@chronicpain #ChronicPain #MECFS #PwME

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@halcionandon @criquaer @chronicpain @mecfs

I was switched to Butrans patches about a year ago, from my 15mg/day Percocet for my spondyloarthropathy.

I found the 15 mcgm/hr patch was almost the same, but the 20mcgm/hr patch was what I needed.

I have trouble getting it to stay on the skin when I move. You will probably have to experiment with how you put it on. Best placement I found was on the shoulder and under the arm on the ribcage. Both expand/contract very little, so you keep maximum contact if you get it attached right.

I recently added 2mg suboxone films as a supplement for acute issues. The patches are good at bringing pain levels down overall, but do nothing for spikes.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

TonyStark, to random
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I’m all out of WaPo gift articles for the month because I try and share so many but it sure is, Mr. Milbank. It sure is.

Most of the Jewish Americans I know have a living memory of relatives or very recent ancestors who suffered unbelievable antisemitic violence in pogroms or in the Shoah. Most are also anti-Netanyahu and for a genuine multi-state solution. Not that it seems to matter.

Opinion | It’s a lonely time to be a Jew in America:

“On Wednesday, at the Cooper Union in New York, pro-Palestinian demonstrators menaced Jewish students, identifiable by their yarmulkes, by pounding on doors in the library where the Jews had locked themselves in for safety. At George Washington University on Tuesday night, just a few blocks from the White House, students projected messages onto Gelman Library for more than two hours brazenly celebrating the murderers: ‘Glory to our martyrs.’l
“Jews as a group are among the most progressive in the United States. The orthodox and the right-wing zealots (which the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC - the American Israel Public Affairs Committee - has become are in the minority. Jews have a long and deep history of involvement in civil rights, migrant rights and the left's many campaigns for justice. But in our moment of need, Jews feel alone. Social media has become even more hate-filled than before. Our kids are being called murderers, colonizers and oppressors on campuses. After the recent attacks and confrontations, Jews increasingly fear for their safety. (It's a fear that American Muslims have long felt and feel acutely now after the appalling killing of a 6-year-old Palestinian boy outside Chicago by his landlord in an apparent hate crime.)”
“It's well past time for the long-suffering Palestinians to have their own state. But what we are hearing from the far left - in rallies, online and on campuses - is something else entirely. They are attacking the Jewish state's very existence. They are celebrating the mass murder of Jewish people. And they have, predictably, set off an orgy of violence and harassment directed at American Jews.”

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@imstilljeremy@babka.social avatar

@TonyStark @peterbrown @dukepaaron

Just revolting. The conversational equivalent of rotting chicken.

I can't imagine talking about human beings like that and not feeling the need to scrub my skin.

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