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Recovering game industry employee now working in music tech

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ilmai, to programming
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Lukewarm take: every supposedly simple solution to a problem just means you’re pushing the complexity somewhere else. There are no simple solutions to complex problems.

ThunderComplex, to bevy
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#Bevy #RustLang I need some help. I'm trying to implement orbiting spaceship movement kinda like Eve Online. It works.. but the positions slowly drift apart as they continue orbiting, instead of remaining stable.
Anyone got any ideas?
I've already exhausted my knowledge by 1) normalizing all vectors and 2) making the actual update code dependent on delta time. This improved things a lot, but it's still an unstable system.

Here's my hacked together code: https://gist.github.com/ThunderComplex/74ddd3549cb71855d0b343d11fe5512a

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@ThunderComplex if you want a halfway solution between “realism” and faking it, I would suggest calculating an ideal orbit and then using each ship’s movement controller to try to follow that.

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@ThunderComplex not having to implement anything is always the best conclusion to reach!

molly0xfff, to random
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it's interesting how the "let the markets decide" guys so often seem to think critics shouldn't factor into that decisionmaking at all

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@molly0xfff from now on, I’m going to use that answer for everything.

“Will you marry me?” “Let the market decide”

teahands, to gamedev
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@teahands you turned people into bees!

teahands, to gamedev
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Last night I, the woman who in four whole years of #GameDev has never even managed to join a team for a game jam, dreamt that I started an indie studio full of grumpy old sarcastic part-time devs and we just churned out really tiny, niche weird games every few months.

You ever wake up from a dream and you're just so sad it wasn't real?


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@teahands I’ll be part of that studio when you start it! My CV: I’m grumpy, sarcastic and I like all the niche things.

timClicks, to random
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"what is your threat model?" is a surprisingly threatening question

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@timClicks it almost implies “…and does it include me?”

teahands, to gamedev
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Yeah so everyone just falls through the floor and hangs about in mid-air now.

What a productive weekend 👍

#GameDev #GodotEngine #FML

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@teahands wroom wroom 🏁

b0rk, (edited ) to random
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poll: do you prefer git fetch or git pull?

(no lectures about why you think git pull is bad please but if you use both I'd be curious to hear in what cases you use fetch!)

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@b0rk …wait they are interchangeable?

ilmai, to programming
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Having now written the same PoC plugin from scratch three times for different APIs:

  • #CLAP is by far my favorite: open, very clean, no bullshit
  • #AUv3 is obtuse in a way APIs / frameworks by big corporations tend to be. Logic / GarageBand being the de facto implementations, their bugs in effect become undocumented parts of the API
  • #VST3... oh boy. Steinberg shot for the moon when a ladder would be enough, as demonstrated by CLAP. Awful experience.

#AU #VST #Programming #MusicTech

ilmai, to apple
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It says a lot about our times that (IMHO) when choosing a phone, #Apple feels like the lesser of the two evils. They at least mostly care about privacy.

#LateStageCapitilism #EatTheRich #PrivacyIsDead

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It also says a lot that I had to use the word “two” there

finalman, to random
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Making audio plugins would be so much easier if it weren't for those goddamn DAWs

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@finalman does it rhyme with Meh L Smudio?

sam, to random
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My favorite thing I've ever done was photoshopping Lakeshore Drive to have no cars on it and then making a couple fake Twitter accounts that posted that it would be closing down permanently

Virtually every Chicago news outlet posted about it. It made it into an article in AP which then got syndicated down to a bunch of local newspapers LOL


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@sam @mattgodbolt the only thing that would make this better is if you caused that decision to be actually made

martijnarts, to rust
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Making errors or faults inexpressible is probably the biggest strength of #rustlang, not just through its borrow checker but as a mentality in its entire ecosystem.

I can't help wondering about other ways that this principle can be applied around software, hardware, and beyond...

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@martijnarts some tools have safety features where for example it’s impossible to place your hand near a moving blade without turning the motor off. #RustLang is the software equivalent of that.

b0rk, (edited ) to random
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let's imagine you're resolving this merge conflict (in screenshot).

You've forgotten which code comes from your current branch and which one comes from the "other" branch. How do you figure it out? Do you:

  1. remember what the "top" and "bottom" parts correspond to from past merge conflicts?
  2. remember what HEAD means?
  3. read the last line of the merge conflict?
  4. run something like git show main or git diff mybranch..main to see the diff?
  5. enable diff3
  6. something else?
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@b0rk 6. Use a GUI, I can’t trust myself not to shoot myself in the foot with git CLI

samvarma, to guitar
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Great article that helped me solidify my understanding of why I might want to record at 24/96 at a minimum. 24/48 is the standard for video, but when recording artistic material I might even go 32/192. Storage/processing isn't as much of a concern these days, and even the baby audio interfaces can do that...

#guitar #recording #MusicProduction #audio

From: @simoncampbell

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@samvarma @simoncampbell these kinds of articles always rely on feelings and frankly placebo. I can guarantee these people couldn’t feel “air” in a double blind test. #MusicProduction

SonnyBonds, to random
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Don't want to start a war but if someone who may or may not be me would hypothetically try out linux, what distro should they try out?

  • Developer workloads, but want the average user desktop experience.
  • Possibly dual boot on a laptop.
  • Bonus points if easy to try out in a VM first.
@ilmai@hachyderm.io avatar

@SonnyBonds since you’re already familiar with Ubuntu, to me it would make the most sense to just try that first. You can always switch to something else later if you’re not liking it.

BrodieOnLinux, to random
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How to piss C developers off 101:

Say that even the greatest programmers in the world make mistakes.
Nobody can always write perfectly memory safe code.

@ilmai@hachyderm.io avatar

@LarsVeldscholte @mo8it looks like someone 🥁 isn’t qualified to comment on Rust

h_thoreson, to rust
@h_thoreson@mastodon.world avatar

Had posted a private reply to @nocoursewalks about the WH directive trying to steer people away from C/C++ and toward #Rust and other memory-safe languages.

I had replied: "I can never tell if Rust is the real deal or if it's another thing like Typescript where it fixes a few things at the expense of being able to get anything done"

@ilmai@hachyderm.io avatar

@nocoursewalks @laund @h_thoreson FWIW we’re using Rust in a bare metal embedded project at work and I don’t remember if we have any unsafe code in our codebase since we’re using the embedded-hal ecosystem. I realize it’s not the same as writing a full OS but the point is that it’s possible to get there. The unsafe layer can and will be quite thin.

fadersolo, to Trains
@fadersolo@sfba.social avatar

All Aboard! I’m riding home on the Coast Starlight today. 🥳 #Amtrak #Trains #SlowTravel

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@fadersolo wow the landscape texture has really low resolution

ourdumbfuture, to random
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Thinking I'd like to learn a new programming language, trying to decide between C++ and Swift. I've been working on C the last few months so C++ seems like a logical next step, but it would be cool to experience a younger language still undergoing a lot of changes (and potentially a younger ecosystem that I could contribute to). No professional goals really, just for fun. Any thoughts on the topic?

@ilmai@hachyderm.io avatar

@jajcus @slamp @ourdumbfuture this categorization feels off. I would definitely put C++ and Rust at the same level of abstraction, above C. Both allow hardware-level access but also provide high-level features like iterators and proper collections.

sramsay, to rust
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I'm not sure the phrase "Rust is faster than C" makes any sense (or that any statements of that general form make any sense).

What is true is that every piece of C code (written by me) that I have personally rewritten in Rust is faster than the C version.


@ilmai@hachyderm.io avatar

@mo8it @sramsay I suspect at least part of it is that since #RustLang has a stronger type system, the compiler can do more aggressive optimizations safely. For example, in Rust iterators are often faster than indexed loops.

glassbottommeg, to investing
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Is there an #investing Masto?

Basically I glanced at CD rates, and, is this normal? I don't get why the return rate on 9 months is so high. Or why the yield actually drops on the longer CD terms. Or why the money market account is higher than all but the 9 month CD. Shouldn't the rates just like, go up the longer the term? And shouldn't the money market account be markedly lower than CDs?

Like, is the US economy just in a fucked up place right now, and the banks are going "yup shit's weird" and this is how it looks when they brace for a shakeup? Or something?

@ilmai@hachyderm.io avatar

@glassbottommeg @grumpygamer as long as you remember to factor in fixed costs (building the traps) and running cost (maintaining the traps)

teahands, to random
@teahands@mastodon.gamedev.place avatar

Live look at me finishing my "work" list for the day and just getting started with my "other work" list.

On second thoughts maybe I'll just eat an icepop and have a nap.

@ilmai@hachyderm.io avatar

@teahands careful, there’s a chance that would become a new job

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