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That’s no moon that’s a space station.

I made a rhyme (lemmy.world)

New to Buddhism trying to learn the things so I made a counting rhyme to the tune of “Let the Bodies Hit The Floor”. I just like that song and needed a good pneumonic to help me remember what I am doing with all my nows… Hope everyone has a good Friday. Of course the 8 fold path is implied at the end. I figure if i keep...


I can vouch for disc golf, me and buddies just started playing a couple summers ago, now we play at least every weekend!


Go is the best 2 player game ever. Fight me!


I’m not that good, but yes

MEGATHREAD for fully FOSS lemmy apps without any ads, tracking or any other anti features.

**>- If any app ( regardless of the platform they are in ) you know of that is fully FOSS and doesn’t have any ads , tracking or any other anti features that didn’t make the list it is a mistake and you can dm me and i will add it. The same goes for apps that are not really FOSS or have anti features , Even though i have...


Yeah, well from my point if view it’s the Jedi who are evil.


I too would recommend her channel! Also there are tons of yoga videos on yt, and Tai chi, qi gong as well.

New to Linux? Ubuntu Isn’t Your Only Option (www.howtogeek.com)

Ubuntu’s popularity often makes it the default choice for new Linux users. But there are tons of other Linux operating systems that deserve your attention. As such, I’ve highlighted some Ubuntu alternatives so you can choose based on your needs and requirements—because conformity is boring.

I've recently turned 20. What highly specific advice you, lemmy users, would offer me?

A lot of people answering this struggle to understand what highly-specific means. I’m looking to, for the sake of experiment, highly-specific advice that gives a reader clear understanding of what they should do. Unlike the vague advice, on the contrary, that may be too abstract to get implementing it right away....


Develop a consistent meditation practice


Thanks for posting! 🙏 It was just what I needed to read today

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