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You def get it Ur blasted, leaving the club at close with yo best bitches, and you’re responsible so you get ya ride. The app says ya ride is a Kia Chevy Juke and y’all’s abs cooked but one of yous is tryin hard cause you n yo best bitches don’t wanna get kidnapped Also you hit the club in March so it’s cold af at 4 am

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abs love I was going for Façade-posting but I actually accidentally created a honey trap for nerds (not derogatory, this time)

glizzyguzzler, (edited )
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I wanted:

Grace: Trip, you said you were going to put that away.

phone rings

thanos: hard melon require throbbing will



Trip: Okay, thanos you need to leave now

I got:

The buff senator from metal gear rising could beat thano, but only when red sun is playing

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joke about this is the phone Biden used to call the Irish pres after they finally knocked off queen Lizzy

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I followed some guide to put Opnsense on Proxmox. I pass through 2 NICs and set the KVM (using the Proxmox make-a-VM GUI) to be the CPU arch it runs on for that extra speed (but that setting precludes easy transfer to a new box with a different arch). Plenty fast and I run another Linux VM on the same box that does stuff I’d want Opnsense to do (DNS, VPN, etc.).

If I did it again I’d prob do LXD (Incus now), Proxmox has a long startup time and is fiddly to use (to me at least). Looks like Incus can do the same KVM thing, just with less steps and stock Debian.

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It was war!

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Gdi how could I let this mistake through, ofc rome didn’t even exist during the Trojan war

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Hot damn I bet they’d go down smooth, also aww :)

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