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They are flameless smoulders that burn slowly below the surface, and are kept alive thanks to an organic soil called peat moss common in North America’s boreal forest and to thick layers of snow that insulate them from the cold.


Not quite all the info here tho, right?

C’mon now. If leftists are gonna be taken seriously we can’t just leave out the stuff that doesn’t back our own confirmation bias.

Do better.

PA seeks probe after Israeli ‘bulldozers crush patients’ at Gaza hospital (

On Saturday, doctors and other witnesses said Israeli forces bulldozed tents housing displaced Palestinians near the hospital – one of the 11 hospitals still functioning inside Gaza since Israel launched its military offensive on October 7 – and crushed them to death....

Minor who died in poultry plant accident got the job with the identity of a 32-year-old (

A 16-year-old employee who died after getting sucked into equipment at a Mississippi poultry plant got the job using the identity of a 32-year-old man, a new revelation that highlights the ease with which migrant children are finding work in a dangerous industry, and the challenges companies face in trying to evaluate their true...

girlfreddy, (edited )

More than 800 child labor investigations in 47 states are ongoing across industries, according to the agency.

So when do the feds say enough is enough and implement severe penalties for all involved; ie: all profits the companies made x number of children working, charges/jail time for those who approved the kids to work? Cause whatever they are doing now obviously isn’t enough.

girlfreddy, (edited )

But, and hear me out here, I’d like to see every employee (involved in the hiring or management) of ALL the companies involved pay a price for employing children in the first place.

That’s not saying that a UBI shouldn’t be enacted as well. I want both done.


Because he was legally underage to work in the plant. And he may not have had ID in the first place.


I have no idea.


There’s never been room at the inn.


Never mind the fact Palestinians haven’t had an election since 2006.


Al Jazeera has reported it here, time stamped 17 Dec 2023 - 09:15 (09:15 GMT)

Main article is here.

Trump to install loyalists to reshape U.S. foreign policy on China, NATO and Ukraine (

The result would enable Trump to make sweeping changes to the U.S. stance on issues ranging from the Ukraine war to trade with China, as well as to the federal institutions that implement - and sometimes constrain - foreign policy, the aides and diplomats said....


Because every poll has him winning. I know it’s 11 months to the election but people have to realize the real danger he poses to America.


Would he even know what a keystone is?


Lol. Not even if my life depended on it.


Neither do I, but I will still politely decline.

Don’t wanna end up in jail. ;)

Body Cameras Were Sold as a Tool of Police Reform. Ten Years Later, Most of the Footage Is Kept From Public View. (

At least 1,201 people were killed in 2022 by law enforcement officers, about 100 deaths a month, according to Mapping Police Violence, a nonprofit research group that tracks police killings. ProPublica examined the 101 deaths that occurred in June 2022, a time frame chosen because enough time had elapsed that investigations...


Your second question solves the first.



Police are purposefully obstructing justice by blocking the footage (making) police cams useless.


The problem is that other nations don’t have a 2nd Amendment that guarantees the right to bear arms.

Afghanistan: 'Tea is sometimes all I have to give my hungry baby' (

Sohaila is a widow. She has six children, her youngest a 15-month-old girl named Husna Fakeeri. The tea that Sohaila refers to is what’s traditionally drunk in Afghanistan, made with green leaves and hot water, without any milk or sugar. It contains nothing that’s of any nutritional value for her baby....


The US spent a very small portion of the $133+ billion dollars on infrastructure (which is not the same as their advertised ‘restructuring’ or ‘reconstruction’).

By some measures, life in Afghanistan has improved markedly since 2001. Infant mortality rates have dropped. The number of children in school has soared. The size of the Afghan economy has nearly quintupled.


… those interviewed said Washington foolishly tried to reinvent Afghanistan in its own image by imposing a centralized democracy and a free-market economy on an ancient, tribal society that was unsuited for either.


Congress and the White House made matters worse by drenching the destitute country with far more money than it could possibly absorb. The flood crested during Obama’s first term as president, as he escalated the number of U.S. troops in the war zone to 100,000.

It all failed because of

haphazard planning, misguided policies, bureaucratic feuding. Many said the overall nation-building strategy was further undermined by hubris, impatience, ignorance and a belief that money can fix anything. Much of the money, they said, ended up in the pockets of overpriced contractors or corrupt Afghan officials, while U.S.-financed schools, clinics and roads fell into disrepair, if they were built at all.



The US was forcing/enforcing its own image on a sovereign nation who didn’t need or want that … just like they had so many times before. And it failed spectacularly like it had before.

Maybe next time they’ll ask what help the people want and provide that instead … but if Biden’s demands on the Palestinian Authority are any indication, America hasn’t learned anything from its failures.


I referenced ‘the people’ not ‘the leadership’.



There are always other ways to get the required info, like asking the tribal leaders what help they and their people wanted and/or needed.

Texas power plants have no responsibility to provide electricity in emergencies, judges rule (

Almost three years since the deadly Texas blackout of 2021, a panel of judges from the First Court of Appeals in Houston has ruled that big power companies cannot be held liable for failure to provide electricity during the crisis. The reason is Texas’ deregulated energy market....

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