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Not a company but I make stuff. Mostly strange noises and devices for the proliferation of such. He/him
Open to #remix swaps.
Now with added pupper.
#music #noise #synthesizers #glitchart #DIY #ActuallyAutistic

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limebar, to random
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Here is a musical #ThrowbackThursday

I found this track among dozens of tracks I made from the early 90s. It doesn't have a name so I can't find the DAW work file easily. This was digitized off a four-track. I used hardware synths but I don't recall which ones. (Is there a way to find out the synth model from sysex dump?)

The question is should I try to recover these lost tracks I made and clean up and record them digitally and release them?

#limebar #myMusic

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@limebar @MusicProduction Can second what @elsemusic said about RX, I got a "last year's version" deal at some point and I've been happy with the results on noise reduction tasks. It's also fairly intuitive in that you can pretty much just move sliders around until you like what you hear.

If you're on windows and on a budget, Cockos has a plugin called ReaFIR that can do a good job, but it's a little more fiddly. It's part of their free bundle:


fstateaudio, to fediverse
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Noise Therapy: Session 079

Playing with the NANDulator prototype + software fx in Bespoke Synth. Very bleepy-bloopy.


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fstateaudio, to random
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fstateaudio, to random
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Noise Therapy: Session 077

Keeping it pretty simple this time, kind of a Lunetta-inspired patch. Patch d/l link in video description.


fstateaudio, to Electronics
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I needed an audio probe kind of thing to test other stuff with, so I built this. Nothing really new here, it's essentially just a tweaked datasheet example using common basic concepts, and variations of this circuit can be found all over the place. I figured I'd post this anyway, in case someone else might find it useful.

A page with some notes and stuff can be found here:


#electronics #DIY #schematic #circuit

etherdiver, to random
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I've only dabbled in Hawkwind over the years (I think I've listened to one album all the way thru, and a dozen tracks here and there) so it'd be a lie to call them an influence but I just listened to this song called "It Is the Business of the Future to Be Dangerous" and I'll be damned if we aren't fellow travelers ... Wordy/clever song titles, long, spacey instrumentals full of weird sounds... How much more [Spider-Man pointing at Spider-Man meme] could it be?


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@etherdiver I have also only really dabbled, but I can see how you would identify with them (meant in a good way). :) I've enjoyed much of what I've heard from them, but you know how it is, more music than time.

eniko, to random
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if you ever wanna experience how fragile your existence is and how your happiness is just a teensy little bug that can be crushed at will, try immigration

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@eniko My wife came to the US from NZ. In a lot of ways, the process we're dealing with is the "easy mode" of immigration, and thanks to a payout from an accident, we were able to get an attorney to help. It's still been a painful, scary, bullshit process. I can only imagine what it must be like for those without the privileges we've enjoyed.

fstateaudio, to ElectronicMusic
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It's another #BandcampFriday and tbh times are tough, so support is hugely appreciated. This is the latest full-length from my project Fugue State, which @yoniden described as "A beautiful collection of dark cosmic synthesizer music."

And if you're feeling the squeeze too, please feel free to check out my #Faircamp link in the next post, where everything is pay-what-you-can.

#ElectronicMusic #FediMusic #BonkWave #ambient #electronica #SpaceMusic


atomicpoet, to random
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Released in 2003, Ghost Master is a life simulation as well as a real-time strategy (RTS) game. Put another way, when you combine The Sims with Command & Conquer, then add a spooky twist – you have Ghost Master!

This game is my definition of a hidden gem. While it may not have been a commercial success at the time of release, there’s no doubt that this is one of the most inventive PC games I’ve ever played. It’s also incredibly fun.

Your job is to drive a bunch of repugnant mortals out of your house. As they’re doing their daily activities – eating, sleeping, pooping – you bind your different ghosts to different areas of your house. When those mortals get close to a ghost, you use a wide array of powers to strike terror in them.

The controls take some time to get used to, but there’s a tutorial and it’s quite fun. You start off with a limited amount of points, which also limits your abilities. But as you scare more mortals, you increase your points, which also increases the amount of power yours ghosts are capable of dishing out.

There’s a wide variety of ghosts. There’s some that are bound to electrical appliances, others bound to plants, even some that are bound to toilets. And as you go about haunting your mortals, certain benign ghosts come under your control, and you can start wreaking major havoc.

I had an absolute blast playing Ghost Master, and I wish more games were made like it. There’s a puzzle element to this game as you figure out how each ghost interacts with their environments. Once you figure it all out, the mayhem is a joy.

In terms of graphics, they were spectacular for 2003. It’s nice to zoom through different floors, get a close-up of each mortal and their activities, and view the houses from different perspectives. I love this early 2000s aesthetic in video games – there’s a lot of charm in it.

The sound design is a wonderful. Hearing the ghosts do their haunting is entertaining as hell. And the soundtrack reminds me of something out of a Tim Burton film.

To run this game, you need a Pentium III 450Mhz CPU, 128MB of RAM, 16MB of VRAM, and 750MB of space. Ghost Master runs like a charm on my Windows 10 PC, so it’s will probably run well on most modern PCs as well. While this game runs natively on Windows and Mac, it also runs on Linux via Proton – although it somewhat struggles with cutscenes. For this reason, it’s not supported for Steam Deck, though I did get it working.

Ghost Master is a PC exclusive. It has never been released for mobile or console platforms.

This game has no micro-transactions nor DLC.

Sick Puppies Studio made Ghost Master. While they previously made Pipe Dreams 3D, Ghost Master was the last game they made. Because this was not a commercial success, Sick Puppies closed their doors after Ghost Master was considered a flop.

On Steam, Ghost Master has an 89% positive rating. Meanwhile, verified owners on GOG.com give it a 3.9/5. Most people love the concept and feel that this is one of the most unique simulation and strategy games ever made. However, other folks express feel this is too “puzzly” for the their liking.

I think the puzzle aspect of the game is worth embracing, and gives this a substantially different flavour from your basic RTS. What makes Ghost Master so unique is the discovery. It keeps me coming back.

On Steam, Ghost Master sells for C$5.49. While on GOG.com, Ghost Master sells for C$8.19, though it has a current -84% discount, thus on sale for C$1.29. The GOG.com version is the better deal since you get the soundtrack, artworks, avatars, a screensaver, and HD wallpapers.

Without question, I recommend Ghost Master. Even when it’s not on sale, it’s inexpensive. It also delivers you hours upon hours of thrills. And who doesn’t love those early 2000s polygonal graphics with the spooky music?

But more than that, there has never been another game like Ghost Master. It is completely unique. A sequel was never made, and one is not currently planned. I guarantee that you will never experience anything like Ghost Master.

Ghost Master screenshot (RTX 3080 Ti)
Ghost Master screenshot (RTX 3080 Ti)
Ghost Master screenshot (RTX 3080 Ti)

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@atomicpoet I got this for free at some point, I'm thinking it must've been one of those giveaways gog does occasionally, because it's not the kind of thing I'd pick on my own, even with credit or something. I did finally play it a while ago though, and had more fun than I expected to. I'd say your review pretty much nails everything I would say otherwise.

ajsadauskas, (edited ) to climate
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If you care about the planet, please make sure you sit down before you start reading this post about ExxonMobil.


The CEO of ExxonMobil just said this in an interview: "We’ve waited too long to open the aperture on the solution sets in terms of what we need, as a society, to start reducing emissions."


Who's the most influential voice on climate change? Who's to blame for inaction on climate change?

According to the CEO of ExxonMobil, it's environmental activists.

No, really:

"Frankly, society, and the activist—the dominant voice in this discussion—has tried to exclude the industry that has the most capacity and the highest potential for helping with some of the technologies."

Oh, and the CEO of ExxonMobil also apparently thinks consumers are to blame for climate inaction:

"Today we have opportunities to make fuels with lower carbon, but people aren’t willing to spend the money to do that."

Gets better.

He thinks unnamed 'people who generate emissions' should pay for it. (Rather than, say, major transnational oil companies.)

"People who are generating the emissions need to be aware of [it] and pay the price. That’s ultimately how you solve the problem."


Worth including a quick reminder here that Exxon-Mobil made a US$36 billion profit in 2023: https://www.reuters.com/business/energy/exxon-beats-estimates-ends-2023-with-36-billion-profit-2024-02-02/#:~:text=HOUSTON%2C%20Feb%202%20(Reuters),higher%20oil%20and%20gas%20production.

Not gross revenue.


So, remind me again. Who knew about climate change before most of the public?

"Exxon was aware of climate change, as early as 1977, 11 years before it became a public issue... This knowledge did not prevent the company (now ExxonMobil and the world’s largest oil and gas company) from spending decades refusing to publicly acknowledge climate change and even promoting climate misinformation."


And just who, exactly, stood in the way reducing emissions all these years?

"ExxonMobil executives privately sought to undermine climate science even after the oil and gas giant publicly acknowledged the link between fossil fuel emissions and climate change, according to previously unreported documents...

"The new revelations are based on previously unreported documents subpoenaed by New York’s attorney general as part of an investigation into the company announced in 2015. They add to a slew of documents that record a decades-long misinformation campaign waged by Exxon, which are cited in a growing number of state and municipal lawsuits against big oil."



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@pedrobizbikedu Why would he give up his position as puppet-master of both parties to be a puppet in just one?

@ajsadauskas @fuck_cars

autism101, to actuallyautistic
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Some autistic people experience meltdowns or shutdowns.

When I get overstimulated I tend to shutdown.

If you experience either of these, or both, which is more prevalent for you?


image: @introvertdoodles
info: Kate Gaster

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@autism101 I experience both, though shutdowns are more prevalent. Unfortunately, I sometimes end up in situations where I can't escape stimuli, and end up having a meltdown instead.


jessica, to random
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No real great updates today

Spent most of last night in the ER waiting to be seen for seizures, left because I never was seen and didn’t want to risk missing morning meds.

Speaking on meds, insurance denied one of the few remaining medicinal options for treating my Bipolar 1

Happy Friday

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@jessica healthcare in this country is a sick fucking joke

amadeus, (edited ) to Software
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On a scale of 1 to 4, how satisfied are you with the #software available for #linux in your particular area of interest? For me it would be somewhere between 2 and 3. #linuxaudio #apps #plugins

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@amadeus I'd say I'm in about the same place as you, though I get much closer to 3 if you count windows stuff that works through wine or whatever.

@fstateaudio@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

@amadeus it's a much better situation than even just a few years ago. I definitely won't be putting windows on my next computer. :)

fstateaudio, to music
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Apparently #BandcampFriday is still going, which makes this an even better-than-usual day to support artists there. If you like electronic music, perhaps you'd like to support the latest full-length release from my project Fugue State, Coming Through.

#music #ElectronicMusic #ambient #techno #electronica #FediMusic #MastoMusic


fstateaudio, to Dog
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Photo of Grendel by @mara, captured at peak shlorp.

#dog #DogsOfMastodon

while1malloc0, to fediverse
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Anyone know of a fedi or at least free-ish alternative to SoundCloud? I like posting my stuff for archival and for whatever folks might enjoy listening to my brand of self indulgent improv, but I just have no desire to engage with that site anymore. What are the cool Indieweb kids using these days?

#fediverse #indieweb #music #synth

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@while1malloc0 There's audio.com, it's part of the Muse Group blob.


fstateaudio, to diy
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One of the benefits of our recent move into a bigger space is that I've been able to set up a workbench for electronics again. My first project has been revitalizing this LM386-based amp that was one of my first builds some years ago. It's based mostly on Beavis Audio's Noisy Cricket, with a few small tweaks.


I'm gonna change the buffer on the input to something with a little boost, because I've noticed it could use it.

#DIY #electronics #guitar #amp #LM386Amp

fstateaudio, to diy
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Yay! New water heater installed and working. Had a bit of a scare as it didn't come on when first hooked up, and it turned out to be a bad fuse. Not sure if it was due to a factory mishap or what, but luckily the closest hardware store had a replacement, and it came on after putting the new one in and didn't blow again.

#DIY #HomeRepair

fstateaudio, to HashtagGames
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Watch the Lightning


fstateaudio, to music
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Fugue State - Deep In (EP)

Companion EP to the album Coming Through, featuring excellent remixes by @controlfreak and @defaultmediatransmitter , and featuring cover art by @yoniden (who also did the album art)!

Also includes my own remix of This Time For Sure, and alternate (shorter) versions of Deep In and Misbehaving, which you may have heard if you listen to @radiofreefedi

#music #remix #ElectronicMusic #BonkWave #techno #ambient


Traiken, to random
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So now that it's daylight where I am, here's some more about my new album, Broken Angels.


It's not a concept album, but I had a sense of what tone I wanted to achieve, what the sound should be, and it started with the phrase "hot metal" as a kind of fake genre.

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@Traiken I'm digging it! I see what you're saying about the genre thing as far as what to call it, but am also with you in not really caring about genre. Industrial metal works, lol. I think the diverse elements give it a kinda soundtracky vibe too. Whatever it is, I like it. :)

fstateaudio, to music
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Getting ready to release the Deep In EP, and I can't wait for you all to hear these awesome remixes by @controlfreak and @defaultmediatransmitter ! Both are so good, and in very different ways.

#music #remix #MastoRemix #radioFreeFedi #ElectronicMusic

fstateaudio, to random
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Over the past week and a half, our water heater has gone out, then the brakes in our vehicle, and then the well pump that supplies the park we're in with water. Only the first two are my problem to have to fix, but still a pretty rough stretch.

On the plus side, we've recently moved into a bigger space, which is nice. Also, the new MIDI controller got here just before all that went down, I just haven't had as much time as I'd have liked to play with it. Impressions coming soon.

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